Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I getting very lazy (or as my fren say 'lacy') to blog nowadays...

I got arrowed to organise my company's Chinese New Year celebration for next year. Big arrow. Anybody got any lobang to help?

Got a sweet Christmas present from Kelly today! Actually I got it last Sunday. But I wasn't home and she passed it to my sister, and my sister only informed me today.


Really SWEET right? Looks kinda girly though. I'm sure it's a "girl" teddy bear cos it got a purple ribbon on its head.

Having a bit of fun with my new Canon IXUS 40, but haven't got much chance to take pictures though. (The teddy bear is the only decent one I have taken)

Think I wun write so much today. Have been staring at computer screen the whole day already.


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