Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sick Day #3

Went to work today and reported sick... Heehee. But Stupid Doctor never give me MC, instead gave me normal duites. Wahaha. No lah, actually he is a good Doctor... and he's my friend. He just gave me tons of medicine and ask me to go and rest. Officers no need MC wan... Wahaha

Took the day off after lunch and went back. But instead of going home to rest, I went to play mahjong instead. Wahaha. Bad eye deer cos the medicine made me so drowsy I can hardly think straight. Lost close to $200 by the end of second round. Thank God won back in the third round... In the end lost $10 only.

I am such a mahjong addict. I rather play mahjong than go home and rest when I am sick. Can play until no need to eat or sleep wan. Think I will die playing mahjong. Wahaha.. Whereas my boss is a toy (how to do the strike-off-word thingy?), I mean action figure addict. He got an army of those things at home and in the office.

The medicine is making me drowsy again... Sorry if I am not writing sense...

Going to KO liao...


Blogger Von said...

Mahjong is always a force to be contended with whenever I'm in chatlets. My friends will be busying themselves with the tiles, leaving me like a sore thumb sitting around 'cause I don't play mahjong.


11:34 am  
Blogger Jayaxe said...

Hope you recover soon, dude. Chinese New Year coming and that couldn't be a better time to play mahjong!

11:38 am  

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