Saturday, March 05, 2005

Second Chances.

My life is a life of Second Chances. I do not know why but I never never got it right the first time. I always have to fail the first time round. Like a Pheonix, I have to crash and burn the first time round, then I will rise from the ashes before I can make it to anything. And I'm not talking about minor failures of small issues, its more like major failures of big issues. The only consolation is that there are not major consequences for all the major failures I have committed. For example:

1. In secondary school (which is a screw up secondary school btw), I failed my English when I was in Sec 2. As a result, I was not eligible to be promoted to Sec 3. Finally, I was given a 2nd chance and was promoted to Sec 3 because the results of the rest of my subjects were fairly decent.

2. After my O-levels, I wanted to go to Victoria Junior College. But I screwed up my English Literature paper and I got 14 points for my aggregate. The cut off points for VJC was 10 points at my time. I was given a 2nd chance when the principle, Mrs Lee Pui Mun, allowed me to stay in VJ on account of my persistence and sincerity.

3. In army, I went to OCS after my BMT. But my performance was so bad I could have failed the course. I got my 2nd chance on virtue of my Commander's kindness (I believe), I passed the course as the last in the batch.

4. I wanted to apply for the NUS Engineering course but my A level grades cannot make it. I got NTU Engin instead. My 2nd chance came the next year when I re-applied for NUS. This time I got in cos the average scores of the A level results were lower than the previous year.

5. In my 2nd year in NUS, I was supposed to do this stupid amplifier project, which in the end everybody copies the previous year's work. The only problem is that I was stupid enough to be caught by the supervisor. (Whom we call Dr. Evil) To cut the long story short, I was almost expelled from NUS for plagiarism but was given a 2nd chance by the board of HOD (Head of Department).

6. On my 3rd year, I risked expulsion again for failing too many subjects in my course. 2 warning letters later, I finally woke up my idea and put in more effort in my studies. The light of 2nd Chance shone on me again as I managed to clear my modules at the end of it.

7. In army is the same thing. I just came out of a crisis of Armageddonic proportion. Pardon me for not elaborating. I am just thankful that the God of 2nd Chance bestowed his favour on me again.

Hmm... From the outside, my life looks pretty good. I mean I studied in a good Sec school, a top Junior College and the distinguished NUS, Engin Faculty. I went to OCS and am a Captain in the army now. But without the mercy of God and the kindness of people, I would never have made it. I want to take this chance to thank the people who have helped me much in this chaotic journey called my life. I have a great knack for screwing up the things that I do. But thanks to be God, I also have a redeeming attribute in my character which makes everybody wants to help me when I am down. Well, almost everybody...

I do foresee that I will have more screw ups in my life on the future, but I know that there will be people there for me whenever things go wrong. People like my friends and family and I know that no matter what goes wrong, as long as you guys are there for me, I will be fine.


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dude, when i was in sec 2.. i failed every damn single subject except math and english.. and because of this.. i was allowed promotion.. heh,.

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