Saturday, March 05, 2005

I need a date doctor...

Was in a super "thinking of Her" mood yesterday. I hate it when that happens, cos I would get all depressed and dejected. Sigh... Sometimes I think I would give anything to be with her, like the guy in Bedazzled who sold his soul to the Devil, or the guy who hired Hitch to help him get the girl.

Speaking of which, Me and FF went to watch Hitch at Lido yesterday. AS ALWAYS, I was late for the movie. No wonder FF says I was a perfect match with her buddy E. (E, if you are reading this, dun take it seriously, we are only joiking. ) FF also said that if I am late again for the next movie, she will NEVER watch another movie with me again. (BTW babe, I think the sessions at the gym is beginning to show results already)

Hitch was a great date movie. Romantic, heart-warming, funny. And for nerds/dorks guys who are still single, its got great tips on how to get the date with the dream girl you always wanted. And nothing is impossible if she is really the one you love and you really set your heart to it.
Man! I desperately seriously need a date doctor!


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