Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Movies Movies Movies!!!

Watched Howl's Moving Castle today. Me thinks it was a great show. Din intend to watch it at 1st, but Miss K asked me to watch the movie with her. Me is lazy to describe the movie except to say that I enjoyed it very much, despite having to fight gastric pains from the lack of dinner.

I have watched Team America last week also. Pirated, fully uncensored, DVD version. Its like South Park with puppets. What else can I say?

Speaking of movies, the Million Dollar Baby won like what? 4 Oscars? I hope I can find time to watch that show also. Jamie Foxx for best actor for his role in Ray also right? Now I really want to watch that show as well.

What are the shows openning this week? FF says she wants to watch Hitch with me (then again, she said she wanted to close down her blog also.. Haha! Sorry babe, just kidding) I also can't wait to watch Son Of The Mask and Lemony Snickit's Series Of Unfortunate Events.

Anybody want to watch any movies with me?


Blogger TriplePeriod said...

I cannot believe that there is another movie junkyard just like me. Only I believe I am more hardcore. At times, I have to watch movies solo just so that I can manage to catch movies before screening ends. I refuse to accept the conventional one movie/week end limit. How can that be enough??! Those unappreciative public, unlike us.

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