Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fourth Blog this weekend

Hmm.. Nobody seem to be updating their blog this weekend, except for me. Haha. This is my fourth entry this weekend.

Me so much want to watch Ray that I planned to go and watch it myself this afternoon. But instead, I got hijacked by Miss E and we went jalan jalan (walk walk) in Bugis instead.

Went to this place called Terra at Bugis Junction for a drink. They got this drink called the Green Tea Shake, which is like green tea milk shake kinda drink. Quite a nice drink except it gets a bit bland towards the end. The service was damn slow though. So slow, in fact, that I make sure I dun leave any tips for the waiter at the end of it.

Went guitar googling after that with Miss E following. Finally! I got back the guitar which I sent for repair 4 weeks ago. Cos me $140 for the job but I decide to sell another guitar to the shop (they do trading of 2nd hand guitars also) which I got $150 for. So I got my guitar back without paying a cent. In fact, I got $10 back from the shop! Ha!

Am so happy to get back my guitar. I played until my mother cannot take it and told me to stop. So now there nothing I can do except to blog about it!

So in the end I did not manage to catch Ray at all. Hopefully, I will be able to catch the Million Dollar Baby tomorrow evening with some friends.


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