Sunday, March 06, 2005

1st Cell Group Celebration...

Yesterday marks my 1st celebration with my new cell group. Hope I will get more comfortable with them in time to come. And that I really can settle down there. Am making the effort to contribute more than what I did in my previous cell group and getting to know the members there better. Hopefully, this cell group will become a close family. Maybe the previous members are already quite close, so I might need to make the extra effort to form the bond with them.

Here's some pictures of the celebration last night...


First up is the picture of the guys + the birthday girl. The one in the yellow shirt is me (duh!) and the one in red is called Munic. Quite a unique name. Hey! Unique Munic! Haha. Sorry, a bit the lame today. And the guy in beige is call Adrian. Adrian what I also dunno. I have so many Adrians in my phonebook already... Haha! But got 1 guy at the background. Dunno who issit... ruin the picture...


This is the cake that my mother baked for the birthday. Looks much better in real life (and taste much better too!) The people were very impressed by the cake but to me, its the same old cake I eat every week. =)


And here are the three pretty girls from my cell group! Heehee. The one at the centre is the birthday girl, Jiahui, who claims she is the prettiest girl around. The present that she was holding was a framed picture of the cell group + Spiderman. Spiderman is suppose to be her dream guy. The one on the left is call Yihui and she is Munic's girlfriend. She is the one who made the photo frame. The one on the right side is call Lynette and she is the cell leader, whom from now on I will refer to as Princess. Cos she carries an aura of elegance around her wherever she goes, like a real princess like that.

Well, thats all the cell update for now. I know not all my blogders dig this aspect of my life. Then again, got chio bu to see what!


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