Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Nowadays got not much desire to blog. Nothing much to blog also. (See, I have a very boring life.) Work is quite slow this couple of weeks and I'm getting bored in the office also. After FF declared that she doesn't want to watch movies with me any more, I could not get anybody else to watch movies with me also....

Anybody interested in watching Lord of the Dance? The good seats cost $110 dollars. (Good as in decent good. The really good good cost $130+) Date is 29 April, 8pm.


Blogger 12mustardseeds said...

I'm a poor little taxpayer =(

11:39 pm  
Blogger TriplePeriod said...

Its tough to fork out a hundred bucks if I cannot even see their legs. So fast... put Ronaldo's to shame.

11:33 am  

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