Sunday, March 27, 2005

Nice Long Weekend

Had a wonderful long weekend this week. As you all know, on friday I went to Pulau Ubin and after that watched Swing Girls. Saturday was slow and uneventful. I have little to report except that I felt very restless that day and I could not focus on anything that I was doing. As a result, I had a very hard time praying during my fast. Felt a bit better after church service but at the end of the day I still feel lethargic. Very bad fast-day.

Sunday wise, I had a very hectic day today. At or about 1000 hrs, a certain Mr. LWK from my office called me and told me that I need to submit 02 x passport size photos by 1200hrs TODAY! Talk about last minute screw ups! I was told to meet him at Bugis to pass him the photos and since I have not taken the photos, I decided to take the required instant photos in the area which I was suppose to meet him. But alas! For some unknown reason, all the photo shops there are closed on sundays and I could not submit the photo graphs.

In addition, I was suppose to be at Plaza Sing at 1330hrs to collect the movie tickets I have booked earlier. So, after convincing him to let me hand in the photos later, I rushed to P.S to collect the tickets. And as I almost could not make it on time, I parked by the road illegally and flew up to get the tickets. The plan is to get the tickets 1st and settle the car parking later. I must say that I was very lucky today as 1. I managed to get the movie tickets 2 minutes before I was too late and they decide to release them to the other people, and 2. when I went back to the car, I saw a policeman walking towards my car to write a ticket for me. Thank God I went back in time! If I was 2 minutes later, I would have gotten the ticket. The tracffic ticket, not the movie ticket.

Watched Miss Congeniality 2 with a couple of friends. I think it was a light movie which does not require much brain juice. Pretty light hearted and funny. If you liked Miss Con1, you will enjoy Miss Con2 as well.

Back to the photo issue. After the movie, I met Mr. LWK to pass him the photos, afterwhich he proceed to return home, which got me freaking pissed. I mean, if you are going to just take my photo and go home, why can't you take it from me tomorrow instead? Why do you have to make me rush everywhere to get the photos for you when it was really not that urgent? Y'know what I mean? Argh!!!

In the mist of all that, I also managed to catch up with an old friend (whom I met for the movie) and talked about some things back in the old ministry. Well, not all is bad today.

I am still freaking inspired by Swing Girls! I wanna buy a saxophone!


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