Thursday, March 24, 2005

Clean teeth and other things...

Went to the dentist today. He cleaned the crap out of my teeth. Literally. There was like 9 years worth of dirt and tartar stuck in my teeth. He took like half an hour to completely clean my teeth. Boy was it painful! I was clenching my fist all the way! Halfway through the procedure he asked me if everything was ok. I wanted to tell him it was bloody painful, but just kept quiet and endured the pain instead. It was my fault for not taking care of my teeth in the 1st place. But it was worth it. My teeth feels so clean now!

Today my OC, CSM and 2IC went swimming at Bedok Swimming Complex. All 3 came back with 1 handphone less. Apparently they left it in their bags before they went swimming and somebody stole it from them. The only thing I can say is thank God I did not join them. I know how it feels to lost a handphone. Believe me, I have lost 8!

Another bad news. I had just been arrowed to go Taiwan. Eh... That's all I can say about my arrow. (If not the Military Police is going to knock on my door already.) The bad thing is that I can no longer go for the church conference I talked about earlier. Was quite looking forward to it. Was fasting and praying about it even. Oh well. On the other hand, I got an (almost) all expense paid trip to Taiwan and it includes a 3 day 2 night R&R time. I will be gone for 14 days from 2nd to 16th April so I will not be able to blog during that period. I think my fast will be affected as well.

Speaking of my fast, I think today has been the hardest so far. Maybe because I had too early a breakfast which results in me feeling very hungry towards the late afternoon. In addition, my struggle is especially difficult today. I will not elaborate what my struggle is, except that its a guy thing. Also, my fitness is also affected cos I got not much energy to train for my fitness. I think I need to exercise more will power and also pray for strength from God.


Excuse me, I am going to brush my teeth now.


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