Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Good Friday.

Maybe I will start with a bit of the origin of Good Friday. Everybody heard of Jesus Christ? The story goes that Adam and Eve sinned against God by eating the apple and ever since then, Mankind had fallen from the grace of God. That was where death and sickness and all that stuff come into the world. Then some 5 or 6 thousand years later, Jesus Christ (who was the incarnation of God), came to earth to die for us so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. And Good Friday is supposed to be the day He was crucified and died. Then, 3 days after that, Jesus Christ resurrected from the grave and that's where we get Easter Sunday.

Well, that's the gist of it. I'm not such a good story teller as Maximus with his Hou Yi and Slutty Chang e.

I started the day by meeting the cell groups (there were 4 cell groups there I think) in Pulau Ubin - an off shore island on the south of Singapore - and have a half day guided tour there. It was for cohesion more than anything else. The down part was that the weather was so hot and humid. The interesting part was that I got to learn about all the medical properties of the herbs and plants in P. Ubin. Not something you get to do everyday. Then again, given the chance, I would not want to do it again. Haha. In addition, there was only 2 guys there as compared to 13 girls. (Not that I'm complaining) Too bad they are not very photo enthusiastic so I dun have any photos to show you all. Then we have some extended Worship and Word session before we left the island.

Then in the evening, I went to The Hereen to have Sakae Sushi for dinner before proceeding to watch Swing Girls at Orchard Cineleisure. I must say that Swing Girls was a very fun movie to watch. For those who like to watch funny + inspirational + music stuff, this is a must-see for you. I really enjoyed the show very very much. Very very funny. And I learnt to appreciated jazz a little more after the movie. And I feel like going out to buy a saxophone... Haha.

Update on my fast... Eh, nothing much to update. Still enduring... Hope I dun get gastric pain after this...


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