Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More birthday pictures...

These are from the celebration with my SM2 at East Coast Park on Sunday evening...

This is the Awfully Chocolate that they bought for me.. looks super chocolatey.. and it is... looking at it makes me feel hungry again...

This are the guys that are present... actually most of them are still not back in spore yet... plus Ps Jeff is there as well... Oh ya, and one more girl who is suppose to be not in the picture... cos it's guy's picture mah...

These are the girls from my group. Same, most of them are not back yet... Ps Rachael is there as well.. All very pretty right? Wahaha..

That's all for now... still waiting for my Ukulele, which somebody has already promised me... heehee

Monday, June 26, 2006

My 28th birthday...

As promised, I will record my birthday weekendweek today.

The 1st to celebrate for me is the cell group on Tuesday. Was totally surprised as I did not expect for it to be so early. Had my 1st cake and my 1st 2 presents. Both are on my wish list. The Casio watch and the Chinese Audio Bible. Thanks guys.



My next cake was on Wednesday, baked by my mother. The normal stuff: Sing song, cut cake. Ang Bao.

Oh ya, my house tenant, Melissa bought me a nice t shirt and gave it to me after the cake cutting.. Thanks! No photo of it though.. Cos I wore it to church yesterday and its now in the wash.

Nothing much on Thursday..

Friday was the actual day, but it was spent working late.. But the office bought a cake (number 3) and celebrated for me as well. I did not expect for it either. No ang bao or pressies though... Wahaha..

Saturday was a bit more happening. After working for half a day, I met Jade for lunch, as well as exchanging of presents. Her birthday is actually 26th, which is today. Happy birthday babe!! (this morning she complain I never wish her...) She got me a cool but evil looking t-shirt... which I'm not sure if I can wear to church... Wahaha.

After that I went for a meeting with some of my friends, where Ze Jun got me a frame with my name written in ancient Chinese calligraphy, all the way from China. This is one of my favourite present.. =)


In the evening, I met FF for dinner and movie. She bought me a thumb drive, as I predicted.. But I never expect it to be 1GB so much... Heehee... Thanks babe!! We watched Scary Movie 4, which was like darn lame. Please dun waste your money watching it...


Sunday was spend in church, as usual, followed by dinner with my SM2 kids.. They just came back the day before (on Saturday) and they came all the way to Expo to celebrate my birthday with me. Never expect the cake too... They got me this chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate.. or something like that...

Oh ya, met Jiahui in church, where she got me a Christian book on BGR issues, titled "When God Writes My Love Story". Heehee. Thank you too!!


So total I got 4 cakes.. and many presents.. (I know some people still got present for me but haven't pass to me yet.. Wahaha.. Thanks in advance!) The only thing that I wanted very much but did not get is the Ukulele.. Oh well...

That's basically is my 28th birthday in June 2006. I felt very loved, and had a lot of fun. Haha! Practically everybody's birthday wish for me is to get a girlfriend this year.. Wahaha. Eh... I try my best lor...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

birthday greetings

Last year, I noted down all the sms messages that wished my happy birthday during that period. This year, I am going to do the same...

Ding Zejun@ 0003hrs: Guo Jun, Happy Birthday! Best wishes to you! =) Ada@ 0020hrs: Happy Birthday!!! Sherry Tay@ 0058hrs: Morning birthday guy! Haha.. Happy birthday! God bless u! Gan Jiahui@ 0125hrs: Tis is e day, this is e day, tat e Lord has make. Let us rejoice, let us rejoice n b glad in it. Hi bro. This e day that God created u! Amen for His great work! :) i bless u w fruitfulness. Everywhere u go, u'll shine for Him w great joy n love! =) CPT Gan Eng Seng@ 0209hrs: Happy birthday. Xie Wei@ 0822: Hey hey. Buddy, my friend... What ever,... Happy birthday to you ha, and I saw your blog, you looks so greedy ha :-D Serena@ 0831hrs: It's 23rd june, guojun's birthday! Happy birthday! You have a nice day! And may all your dreams and wishes come true! Melissa@ 0835hrs: happy birthday to u =] Lynette Wan@ 0846hrs: Happy blessed birthday brother Juni@ 0901hrs: Happy birthday Wee Lyn @ 0910hrs: Happy birthday dear! May u have a blessed year ahead n may God work miracles and magic in ur life. May your faith grow like the mustard seed tree Faye@ 1026hrs: Heya, happy birthday! Another year older, another year wiser! Have fun! :-D Charles Phoon@ 1032hrs: Happy birthday sir another year older liao. Time to find gf liao Li Jun Hua@ 1045hrs: Happy birthday! Joshua Chu@ 1146hrs: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Kelly Low@ 1355hrs: happy bday brother. :-) Yue Her@ 1549hrs: Yo today is your birthday right? Have a blessed and fruitful year ahead! Gail@ 1735hrs: Happy birthday to you :) Sophia Yap@ 1827hrs: Hey Guo Jun, blessed birthday to you! Mayyou be filled with our Father's love to you come to the knowledge of His grace and mercy for you. God bless you! Wei Xin@ 1905hrs: Oh, it's ur bday today. Happy birthday! Noel@ 1935hrs: Happy birthday! Ben Ang@ 2019hrs: Chew sir... Ben here... HAPPY BIRTHDAY... Sing Ai@ 2122hrs: Happy bday today! What r u doing to celebrate? Celebrate w u when e (SM2) kids come back. Liting@ 2130hrs: Dear bro, is it ur bday today? Happy Birthday! May e Lord bless u n Enlarge ur territory! May His hand b upon u n keep u from harm, so u'll b free frm pain! I pray tt u'll grow closer2Him! Theresa Seetoh@ 2250hrs: happy 29th birthday! (<=I'm 28 only lor...) Jen Lee@ 2255hrs: Happy birthday guojun! I Thank God for all the many ways tat you'r a blessing. Have a wonderful year ahead! Cherie Ho@ 2257hrs: Hey happy birthday! May God shower u with his blessings n give u wisdom and insights as u do his work. may he enlarge ur territory n protect u! :) Rensheng@ 2324hrs: Hi Guo Jun, realise it's your Bday today... Happy Birthday...hope u had fun... Sophia Tan@ 2347hrs: Jus before e stroke of midnight... Happy Birthday! 24th June - Elisabeth@ 1025hrs: Happy birthday! Pee Lay@ 1252hrs: Hey bro, belated hapi bday =) Kelvin Poh@ 1748hrs: Happy belated birthday Cindy sent me an sms on 1900hrs but I accidentally deleted it... =( Lien Wei Jie@ 2238hrs: Hey happy belated birthday!hope u enjoyd!may ur wishes come true!

In addition, there are also an E card from Sing Ai, and blog comments from Wai Leong, Wai Kian, FF, veii and Sherry to send their birthday greetings.. I just compared with the greetings and wishes I got last year... And the difference is so much!! Thanks everybody!!! Will blog on the happenings of my birthday tomorrow... I think...
Added: Sorry, I forgot to put Siwei's name in. He wished me well via blog comments as well.. Thanks man.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy 28th Birthday to me.

Just a quick update for my birthday...

Thanks to everybody who, in one way or another, made the effort to remember my birthday. I had received a lot of SMS-es, E cards, blog comments... etc wishing me happy birthdays. Also not forgetting all whom I had met, and will meet, in person over the weekend.

I got so many SMS-es that I have to clear my inbox 3 times today, otherwise I have no more space for new messages.

Will make a consolidation of all the stuff I got.. by Sunday night...

Thanks again!!! Those still holding on to my presents please pass to me soon!! Haha.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!!!

1 more hour...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One more thing...

I want....

Slimming pills!!!


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Attention Attention!!!

Update on birthday pressie status...

Now I've got the ear phone (though I haven't really used it yet). And today I got a Chinese Audio Bible from the cell (I expected it already... Haha.) plus a digital watch from Kenneth (which I did not expect, So.. Thanks very much Kenneth!!). So please take note when you are buying me present hor....

I know a lot of people love me and want to get me nice gifts for my birthday.. Heehee.

Other things still available for grabs... (as in you grab and give to me...)

Ukulele!! (I dun mind a few of these actually..)

Motor cycle helmet (motivation for me to complete my bike course.. kinda losing the drive now...)

Thumb drive (this has become an essential part of our lives.. yet I am lacking it)

DVD player (I want I want!!!)

and other stuff I have blogged before... like shirts, shoes, Christian books (I have quite a lot of those already.. except maybe books on BGR.. Heehee...) guitar stuff (except a tuner hor... I got like 3 or 4 of those already..) and even generally music related stuff is great.
Oh ya!! Anybody got Masked Rider 555 VCD? I wanna watch...

3 more days to my birthday....
birthday06-1This is took during the cell's surprise birthday celebration for me just now..

Monday, June 19, 2006

quickie updaty

I spent the last Saturday in rest + a little shopping therapy. Think the rest was much needed, but then I haven't rested enough I think. Went to Bugis Junction in the afternoon with Jade for some shopping therapy. Usually, she is the one who shops, but today it was me. I discovered an addition 200+ in my bank but I did not know where it come from. But that doesn't stop me from spending it happily.

Sunday was spent full in church as usual, and the rest I had on Sat was totally nulified.

Work is slightly busy today cos reservist come in liao.

Met up with FF and E after work. Had the best time with them. Dinner was at Asian Kitchen at City link followed by dessert at Hagendaz at Raffles City. *fat*fat*. I think the last time we met was in last Oct. Cos someone got (<- notice the past tense) boy friend so very busy mah...

So tired.. going to sleep.. tomorrow another long day...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

busy busy week...

Another busy busy week has gone past. Which explains why I haven't been updating my blog again. I am very sorry, especially to my friends and readers. And neither have I been reading much of your blogs, other then the daily essentials like Finicky Feline's.

So what have been happening this week? Sunday was a busy day, starting from 7.45am at Expo Hall 8 selling all the cookies I have baked. Sales was great and we managed to sell all the cookies, brownies and all the other stuff that we had made. And we made a profit of 2,000+ in total. Yeah!

After church in the afternoon, we went to celebrate Pastor Eugene's 50th birthday. It was quite touching to see all his friends and family giving testimonies of how Ps Eugene had touched their lives in so many ways.

If I have one word to describe Ps Eugene, it would be this: Ps Eugene is Inspirational.

The weekdays were pretty occupied to the max. Woke up at 7am for work, until 6pm before going for other activities, which include Kenneth's wedding planning, church activities and a movie on Wednesday night.

I watched 'Cars' on Wednesday night with Daniel and Elisabeth. I thought it was a great movie, and I can't decide Cars or Over the Hedge was better. Really enjoyed myself. Has lunch with 12MS on friday at North Point Sakae followed by Ben and Jerry's ice cream at the zoo. Haha. Quite fun.

Boss was not around the whole week because he took leave to watch the World Cup. Which means office was not too busy for the past 5 days. But come next week will be more busy, because the reservist are coming in for training for one week.

Next week is also my birthday.. But I will spend it working late cos we got a lot of training that day. Oh well, life is like that.

Oh ya, an update on my birthday list. I got a ear phone from Sherry already. So I dun need one.. Haha. Other than that, the rest are still the same... Ukulele, Casio watch, Chinese audio Bible, Thumb drive, motor cycle helmet, a few guitars and guitar accessories, a DVD player, a good pair of running shoes, some nice shirts... etc...

Notice I added a few things.. Haha.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Of striking of cheeks

9 am Saturday morning, and no one is on Msn...

Did I wake up too early? Oh wait, I forgot. Last night was the opening match for World Cup. Everybody should be still sleeping now. I suppose Germany won? I dunno, it's just not my "cup" of tea.

2 weeks ago, a dear friend of mine had her wisdom tooth extracted. And she came to church with a left side of her face more swollen than Moses Lim's tummy after a buffet dinner. And in jest I told her "The Bible tells us that if someone strikes you know your right cheek, you must let him strike your left cheek also!" (see Matthew 5:39)


Almost everybody knows that phase from the Bible. Even non-Christians knows of it. But few, very few people practice it, except maybe when they are the one doing the striking of cheeks. My personal conviction is that I am to follow it to the best I can. Of course I am not perfect. I often have the urge to defend myself, to retaliate, to strike back, even harder.

Mahatma Gandhi led India in numerous social and economical reforms solely on that principle. Though he was not a Christian (he was barred from entering the church), he read the Bible religiously and followed many of the teachings Jesus taught. He led the Indians in rebel against their British colonial masters, he tried to reform the Chaste system and prevent bloodshed between the Moslem and Hindu community.

Gandhi had very strict instruction against his followers fighting back against their attackers whenever he led a demonstration. He rather take all the beating, or call off the demonstration, then have his conviction revolted.

In his own words, he interprets the words of Jesus, "I suspect he meant you must show courage - be willing to take a blow, several blows, to show you will not strike back nor will you be turned aside. And when you do that it calls on something in human nature, something that makes his hatred decrease and his respect increase."

Martin Luther King Jr. He took over this principle from Gandhi and led America in social transformation in the 1960s. Using the same non-violence ideology and convictions, he destroyed the racial discrimination in America. In the process, his churches were burnt, he himself beaten and thrown to jail and many times threatened with death, so were many of his African-American brothers. But he never return so much as a finger to his attackers. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated and killed in the process of his fight. But now I'm sure everyone can see the fruits of his labour the US.

Not sure how this entry developed to here... or why. Maybe I'm in a mood for a better world... or something...

Whatever! I'm going to bake cookies again now!

Friday, June 09, 2006

I want a miracle

Finally, I got some time for a proper update.

But I dunno what to write... Ha!

Think I got about 800 cookies in the jar now... Plus the ones my friends have made we should have about 3000. Then tomorrow we will pack the thing. Plus tomorrow we will make some more to top up. Hopefully we can have a good sale on Sunday.

This week has been another hectic week, with magic class on Monday, cell group on Tuesday and church leader's meeting on Wednesday. Tired, but am still excited. Probably is the on coming Shanghai trip and Miracle Weekend at the end of this month. But most importantly, my birthday is coming!! Heehee.

I know what I want for my birthday already! I want a miracle!

Yes Lord, for my birthday present this year, I want a miracle. For everything else, there's MasterCard.

No kidding. Money can buy everything I have stated before, but there are some things nobody can give me, except God Himself. So God, please grant me my wish:

A miracle catch on the Miracle Weekend itself.

Thank You.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Virgin Cookie Baker

Updated @ 2338hrs....
Hi... sorry for the lack of updates these past few days... Am still coming home close to midnight everyday. Am so tired... So I decide to take a break today and not go to work.

I took leave lah..

Thought I could have a restful day today, but turns out I will be spending the whole day baking cookies. Wahaha. The story is this:

As some of you all know, I am going for a Shanghai trip with my church in July, and we need to raise funds for the trip. So one of the fund raising activities is cookie baking... My initial item was actually playing the guitar and singing to get people to donate and somebody else is suppose to make the cookies. But after some mis-comm and a lot of discussion later, there is not enough people to help make cookies, so I have to offer my services..

The best thing is I have never baked a cookie before!! Wahaha. So fun. Hopefully everything will turn out well..... Oh Lord bless me! The 1st batch of dough is already made and put into the freezer...

Will update more later...
Done for the day... should have about 500 cookies I think... Special thanks to Lily, Melissa and my baby sister Guo Min for helping out. Heehee.
Here is the "secret" recipe that I got from my mom. (who is in Thailand, by the way):
Picture 035
Looks pretty simple enough...
And this is the dough before it is send to the furance:
Picture 036
This is the end product:
Picture 037
part of it anyway. The bottle contains exactly 150 cookies. I ate 3, I think. Not bad lah... for 1st timer...
YEAH!! So proud of myself!!! Heehee...

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Went out with Xiao Bai today. He is called Xiao Bai because he used to be very fair... And he is one of favourite Sergeants in BRC because we share the same passion for guitars.. He is such a good player and he taught me a lot of things when we were still in BRC.

Aiyo... I developing double chin...

Had a good time catching up with him over lunch at Plaza Sing before we proceed to Le Meridian for a guitar clinic.

This is the 1st time I attended a guitar clinic by Yamaha. The clinician today is George Lynch, who is a world renowed heavy metal guitarist, but the clinic itself is on acoustic guitars. Check out the set up of the set before the whole thing started.


Quite cool. He can play really well and he is also very warm and friendly to the floor. We were totally impressed with his playing! Even though it was about one and half hours long, it felt like time is too short there... Managed to get a picture of him on the set.


Overall, it was quite fun. Oh ya, must thank Kelly for letting me know about this so that I can attend this clinic. Thanks babe!

Ran into an old classmate in Le Meridian after the thing, and he was having his wedding there! Haha! And I accidentally stepped on his bride's gown... Congrats Alexis!

And I had something new today:

WinterRock Melon flavour Kit Kat, courtesy of Hokkaido. So er... cute right? Haha. Really taste like winterrock melon...

Heavy week...

The week so far has been tiring, with everyday ending close to midnight, except for Tuesday.

Monday was project SMILE. Thursday was for the SM2 open cell, with Wednesday preparing for it. And Friday was cell group itself. (just note that cell group and open cell is 2 different things..)

So I slept in a bit today... until 9am then I wake up. Usually I'm up by 7am.. Heehee.. but still slightly tired... Not much to do in the morning.. Just playing guitar and blog.. Which is good...

It's been not a very good week... Got scolded quite a few times, at work and outside; for valid reasons and unjustified ones... Guess life is like that, I just have to take it in my stride. The saddest part of the week is when I backed my car into the pillar when I was parking (AGAIN!!!) and broke the brake lights cover... Sigh...

Eyes getting tired.. Guess I'm still not 100% rested yet... Will go look for breakfast and maybe somemore rest... Hope I will be back tonight...

Friday, June 02, 2006

Added something to my top 10 list..

Today is our 1st open cell.... Yeah!! So exciting!!!