Saturday, June 03, 2006


Went out with Xiao Bai today. He is called Xiao Bai because he used to be very fair... And he is one of favourite Sergeants in BRC because we share the same passion for guitars.. He is such a good player and he taught me a lot of things when we were still in BRC.

Aiyo... I developing double chin...

Had a good time catching up with him over lunch at Plaza Sing before we proceed to Le Meridian for a guitar clinic.

This is the 1st time I attended a guitar clinic by Yamaha. The clinician today is George Lynch, who is a world renowed heavy metal guitarist, but the clinic itself is on acoustic guitars. Check out the set up of the set before the whole thing started.


Quite cool. He can play really well and he is also very warm and friendly to the floor. We were totally impressed with his playing! Even though it was about one and half hours long, it felt like time is too short there... Managed to get a picture of him on the set.


Overall, it was quite fun. Oh ya, must thank Kelly for letting me know about this so that I can attend this clinic. Thanks babe!

Ran into an old classmate in Le Meridian after the thing, and he was having his wedding there! Haha! And I accidentally stepped on his bride's gown... Congrats Alexis!

And I had something new today:

WinterRock Melon flavour Kit Kat, courtesy of Hokkaido. So er... cute right? Haha. Really taste like winterrock melon...


Blogger FF said...

That looks suspiciously like rockmelon and not wintermelon. :)

12:51 am  
Blogger Guojun said...

Oh ya! You are right!!! No wonder I keep thinking something is wrong....

7:07 am  

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