Saturday, May 27, 2006

My top 10 + 1(birthday) list

In view that my birthday is coming up in one month's time, I'm sure many of my friends are very eager to know what I want for my birthday. So I'm doing a birthday wish list here... Heehee. So you all know what to give for my birthday. And you all got approximately 3 weeks to hunt for them.

1. Taylor 914ce acoustic guitar ~ $7,000
Hee! I can dream, can't I? I touched one earlier this week.. And thought to myself: Wow!! How can a guitar sound so good?

2. Paul Reed Smith Single Cut electric guitar ~ $4,000
One of the best electric guitar around... Another dream. Oh well.... I can dream on....

3. Fender Standard Stratocaster ~ $2,000
One of the most converted guitars of all time, used by musicians throughout electric guitar history. So I want one too.

Ok ok, I admit. The 1st 3 are an impossibility. But you'll never know. Maybe a senile old woman decide to give me one of these for no reason? Like I said, one can dream mah...

Now for more practical stuff....

4. Ukulele ~ $50 - $100
Small guitar like instrument. Small and cute. Thought of expanding my musical repertoire. Better if you get a ukulele chord book as well.. Hee! A lot of music shops got sell... except Yamaha la...

5. Motorcycle Helmet ~ $80
If I die in a motor cycle accident without a helmet, it's your fault! Hee. Btw, I still stuck at the stupid lesson 3 for my bike course... =(

6. Thumb drive ~ < $100
My thumb drive spoilt the last time... Still haven't got time to buy one... I got a suspicion a certain Feline will buy me this... Heehee.

7. Pair of ear phones ~ $5 - $100
Actually my Ipod earphone spoilt liao. That was quite long ago also. But I haven't decide if I should buy a good earphone or a cheap one. Maybe somebody can decide for me.

8. A good keyboard ~ $1000
This is another impossibility, which I forgot to put just now. Been looking at one of these for very long also.. Also no money to buy..

9. Casio digital watch ~ $70
My watch has been with me for quite a while now, and it's spoiling also (I cannot read the last digit now) I dun need a G-shock or what. As long as it can i) tell time, ii) got alarm, iii) got stop watch (important cos I need to time my run during my trainings), iv) a count down timer and of course, v) lighting.

10. DVD player ~ $100
A cheap one will do. So that I can watch my Led Zeppelin concert in the comfort of my own room.

10. Chinese Audio Bible ~ $50
Not sure of the actual price. But I think can get it in Trumpet Praise. Heehee

11. Reverse Sensor for my car!!!!

Ok. That's my top ten list. I may update and change if I thought of new stuff.

Many times, my gal pals come and ask me what to buy for a guy friend's birthday. Actually, its not very difficult, if you know what he likes. Boys will always like toys. If he like guitars, then get him some guitar stuff.. like guitar picks or a metronome. If he likes football then get him a Liverpool/ Arsenal/ Man Utd jersey. If he like cars get him something to put on the dashboard. If he like gadgets stuff then get him something to enhance his toys... Like for me, I like guitars and comics.. so you can think along these lines also.

It's not hard right? Now you know what I want, you can go hunt for my birthday present now. Haha.


Blogger FF said...

Fuck, I looked down the list and when I saw thumb drive I thought to myself "I'm getting him that!!" and then I saw what you wrote.

Hahaha! I love buying stuff like that for guys. :D

6:20 pm  

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