Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Blues

I can't remember the last time I suffered from Monday blues. But today was just terrible.

I think I enjoyed myself too much over the weekend. That's why I feel so drained today.

Blue Blue Monday Blues...

But thank God I still manage to get some work done.

Anyway, last night, before I went to sleep, I wrote an email to the hostel management regarding the movie outing we were suppose to have with my SM2s. It goes something like this:

I'm sorry for the mis-comm about the movie. We will take note the next time we organise an activity. We should all follow the hostel rules.


Something like that. As you can see from my previous posts, I was very upset about the incident. So why did I initiate the apology? Well, the reason is a little complicated to explain. Maybe it's suffice to say that sometimes proving you are right isn't everything. There are other things to consider, like the hostel-student relationship, hostel-befriender (that would be me) relationship and the befriender-student relationship.

Like a lot of times when a couple quarrels but in the end one of them gave in because they know that some things, being right is not the most important. the relationship is.

Not sure if the analogy fits.

And I believe it takes greater strength to initiate the reconciliation.

Anywayz, as I was saying, super Monday Blues today. can't wait to get out the office the whole day. and I rushed to go home the minute I am able.

Spend most of the night watching So You Think You Can Dance again. Was quite surprised that Craig got eliminated. He is one of my favourite male dancers in the show.


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