Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Blogroll updates.

I have finally decided to take out all the links of the blogs that I dun read. Such as Cowboy Caleb, Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi, as well as XiaXue's blog. Maybe I'm jealous that so much more people read their blog then mine.. Wahaha.

I still keep Kenny Sia's though. I still enjoy reading his entries once in a while.

Added is Joshua Chu's blog, though I doubt he will update it often. Teresa re-started her blog with a new address, so I linked her up also. Youthnet blog belongs to the youth group of my church, but its not updated often also..

My favourite new link belongs to Stickgirl. I think she is really good. It was introduced to me by veii, who said that Stickgirl's blog is like mine, except it is in pictures... Personally, I think she has much more interesting blog than mine. And it gives new meaning to "Picture paints a thousand words".


Blogger serendipity said...

wow i think stickgal is really cool.

she has her own theme and is able to stick with it. And that's really cool.

See the number of coments flow with just one pic?


10:19 am  

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