Monday, May 01, 2006

Down and upper

This morning I talked about my struggle with self esteem and acceptance from friends... and immediately after that I went out and was tested again...

I dunno, maybe I am over sensitive, or my expectation is too high. There is this girl I was teaching guitar to. Today I met her she like she dunno me like that. Did not even say "hi". Dunno. Maybe she dun like me... or maybe she thinks I'm weird....

Maybe I am....

The afternoon was a lot better. I met up with Xie Wei to watch The Sentinel at Lido. It's been a long time aince I came to Lido. Ever since I was able to get $8.00 tickets at Golden Village Cinemas, I have ceased to visit Lido. I think it's been one and half years since then.

The Sentinel was not bad. Plot and pace is good and lets me oogle at Eva Longoria for a while. I thought she was quite pretty, although my friend says she's got a CFM look.

Realised they changed So You Think You Can Dance for Harry Potter. Sianz!! How can they do that? What's so good about Harry Potter anyway? Bleah!

I learnt the word "bleah" from Sharon Low.

Oh ya. Something to cheer me up. I got an e-card from Jen Lee today. At first I thought it was a mass email thingy, but it turns out she sends to me only. Because she found out I was the one co-ordinating her birthday party on friday and she wanted to thank me for it. Actually I wasn't the one suppose to co-ordinate, but I decide to take over in the mist of it cause things were getting... er... not neat... Haha.

Thanks Jen.

TV is showing GE stuff and GE stuff and GE stuff everywhere.. except Channel 5 which is showing Harry Potter now.

Going to start work again tomorrow... this long weekend passed so fast! Wahaha....


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