Monday, May 01, 2006


Someone said that she dreamt about me a couple of nights back...

On the msn:

TS: i dreamt of you driving a lot of sm2s
TS: to this place called stansfield
TS: and you said it's in america
TS: and 2 of the sm2s i remembered in the car were wenhao, and ouyang shixiao
TS: the 2 peeps who went with lijiang with us
GJ: stanfield is not in US meh??
TS: i don't know where's that place but in the dream, you said it's in america
GJ: ok....
TS: is it true
GJ: i dunno.... sounds amex to me
TS: anyways, it's a cute dream because some parts are in cartoon
TS: and i dreamt of many others like SA, Liz etc.

GJ: must be a very long dream...
TS: yes it is. some parts i can't remember
TS: anyways, you're going to have sm2s to drive around soon!
TS: btw i dreamt of you and the other guys in your cell one day too.. together with SA too
TS: i dreamt that you, LK, SO and JC died in a fire in an attap house

GJ: wah.....
TS: then SA picked up a cola glass bottle (those kampong bottles)
TS: and said, "JC used to love to drink coke when he's alive!"

GJ: eh.....
TS: then suddenly, everything became bright, and you appeared! and i said, "aren't you dead"
TS: and you said, "No, look at me! I'm alive! - with somewhat inspiration from that of Jesus appearing to his discples"
TS: I thnk you did say something like "touch my flesh or something"
TS: then i was very happy for you cos i know you're not dead
TS: then after that, there was a loud alarm, and the starbucks-like armchairs we're sitting in starting moving..... towards a door
TS: then i met a lot of people in armchairs as well and everyone was happy
TS: and i woke up

GJ: hmm.....
GJ: ok....
GJ: quite scary... dunno wat it means

TS: why scary???
TS: actually, tell you the truth, i often pray that God will speak to me in dreams?

GJ: dun u think all these dreams mean something?
TS: you make it sound like they mean something bad?
GJ: scary as in i dunno wat will happen
GJ: and how it is connected to the dream

TS: oh but my dreams usually have positive feelings in it
TS: as i don't wake up feeling scared. unless it's disturbed dreams- i will wake up feeling terrible

GJ: thats a relief to hear
TS: the death dream came before the driving dream
TS: eh, don't be frightened by my sharing.
TS: i thought it's interesting to let you know?

GJ: hmm.........
GJ: i dunno how to feel

TS: maybe you should pray about it now that i've shared
TS: i pray that if God willing, He will reveal the meaning of my dreams to you

GJ: yeah
TS: amen
TS: to add, it's very glorious when you appeared and i know that you're not dead

GJ: wahaha
TS: to be honest, it felt semi heaven. and with the loud alarm bell ringing , and everyone approaching a door
TS: it's really quite bright

(continue chattering...)

How ah? Anybody can interpret dreams?


Blogger 12mustardseeds said...

For one, it's not a nightmare. God loves you.

10:49 pm  

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