Saturday, May 06, 2006

Early Saturday Morning

Today is Election Day!

Of which I am not involved.

I am suppose to go for my motorbike Lesson 3 today again. But as I was getting out of bed and getting ready, lightning flashed and thunder roared. And rain started to pour. Sian Half! At that very moment, I decided that I will forfeit my 23 dollars lesson fee and not waste my time braving the rain for my lesson. Dun think it's worth it.

I decided that it is better that I get some rest in the morning before I embark to another busy weekend. Today's program starts from 1400hrs all the way to 2200hrs at night. And tomorrow will start at 0930hrs all the way to 2200hrs also. So is better that I get some rest now.

About last night, I was so so so pissed angry with the management of the hostel which my SM2s are staying in. The story is this:

As you all know, the movie of the week is the long awaited Mission: Impossible 3. And I planned to watch, together with some other people, some of my SM2 kids. Because the movie starts at 7pm (plus 20minutes of commercials, knowing GV's style) they will probably reach home at about 10pm after the movie. So we have the get permission from the hostel's management to stay out late, as their curfew is 8pm on Sundays.

After talking to their management, they say no problem, just fill up the application form for extension of curfew. So we did that and on my way to get the tickets. I got the tickets shortly after that. 14 in all, including 6 from my SM2 group.

But at about 1 hour later, one of the guys call me and told me that the management rejected their application and they cannot go for the movie. I was like "what happen?!" And they say it was too late. I asked to talk to the guy in charge, explaining to him that when I talked to lady in charge earlier she says no problem, and that I have bought the tickets. But that dogmatic old man refused to listen, and refuse to accept anything I say.

I was so pissed angry with that old man! He thinks he is right just because he is the management and he is old and so he doesn't have to listen to a young punk like me. I was so terribly upset by his attitude.

A few reaction came to my mind. I could communicate to him my displeasure by pronouncing on him all the curses I have grown accustomed to in the army.

"'Those words' have power!" my Sergeant used to tell me when I was still a chao recruit in BMT.

Indeed, power to bring down and break the human spirit, power to destroy and darken the soul, and power conjure up hell for both the curser and the accursed.

Anyway, my other reaction was to write a 'polite' email to MOE and tell them what kind of bad management they have at the hostel, with testimonies from my SM2 kids as well.

But I did neither of that. Firstly, because I have a more pressing issue at hand, which is how to get rid of the 6 extra tickets. (at press time, all the tickets have been claimed) and also, I did not want to create any trouble which will result in the management making things more difficult for my SM2s. So I left it at that... and went to pray that God will release me from my anger.

So there, I can't remember a time which I am more pissed angry in my life. But I feel much better now. And everything is more or less settled, except maybe I need to find some time for the 6 guys and gals to watch M:I 3 together.


Blogger Jia-Ee, Ricky said...

Yo bro ... I know which man you are referring to in the hostel bcos I had an unpleasant experience too (but no need to get rid of movie tickets lar...)

I wanted to visit my SM2s in hostel and wrote in an email... but the 'man' said that it was too late.. need to be one day b4, blah blah blah... haiz, what to do? In Romans, listen to the Romans lor ... (The Romans didn't survive... Christianity did!!)

Anyway, will just need to pray that things will change for the better... Keep trying bro!!

8:08 am  

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