Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Typical Day

06.39am - Woke up. Woke up rather early today. Dunno why.

07.15am - Have breakfast. The usual: 2 slices of bread with chocolate rice inside. Plus tea with milk.

07.31am - Left for Work.

07.55am - Reach office. As usual, I start my work by checking some meals mails.

09.12am - Second breakfast. Another sandwich. Another cup of tea.

09.35am - Return to office for more work. Dun feel like working. Start sms-ing people to watch M:I 3 with me for this sunday evening. (anybody else interested?)

11.54am - Change to my running gear. Time for my run. 4km around the camp. I am trying to develop a discipline to pray as I run. I thought its a good idea, except that sometimes I get out of breath from all the running + praying together.

12.30pm - Finished my run and cooled down. Picked up a book (A Year With CS Lewis) and read for a while.

01.30pm - In army terms, its 1330 hrs (thirteen thirty). My boss came over and informed me that he is taking the rest of the day off to see a doctor for his knee. So I'm in charge for the rest of the day.

02.55pm - "Official" tea break time. Am hungry cos I ran skipped lunch. One of my guys suggested KFC so I got him to drive there to buy for everybody.

03.30pm - KFC came back. And so begins our Tunch.

03.45pm - Finished tunch. Went back to work.. Boss not around so not much motivation to work hard...

05.00pm - Half an hour more to closing time. Nobody has anymore mood to work and start playing games on the computer.

05.20pm - Had enough of games. All went up to change and get ready to book out.

05.29pm - All in my car, ready to book out.

05.30pm - Book out loh!

06.01pm - Reached home. Happy that I do not have any night appointments today. Watched a re-run of the series Holland V, followed by dinner and just basically lazing around the house.

07.30pm - Start playing guitar. Turn up to maximum volume and waiting for people to complain.

09.00pm - Nobody complained. So I stopped playing and start writing this blog... ...


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