Friday, May 12, 2006

Me and my guitars

You have heard of my passion for guitars. Many many times I have talked about them. I started with learning to play for cell group about 5-6 years ago and it developed from there.

The gears I have acquired:
Telecaster 52' reissue - This is the original electric guitar. In 1952, Leo Fender designed and produced the 1st successful electric guitar and changed the entire music history. Details and pictures here.
I got this via the internet from an expat staying in 6th Ave. Its a real bargain. The listed price in shops is SGD$3,500. I got it for less than half of that. It's in very good condition when I got it, but now its a little scratched.

Epiphone Flying V (Red) - I fell in love with the Flying V immediately after I watched School of Rock. (The little kid played a white Gibson's Flying V in the movie). I got the guitar shortly after the movie, at a second hand guitar shop, for the price of $400. (listed price is $950). Had to fix a few bugs before I got it singing, but it was worth it. Something like this, but red in colour.

Epiphone Casino - I blogged this before here. This is my latest addition and I have not bought another guitar for a long time. Made famous by John Lennon of The Beatles, it is my most beautiful guitar. And its a dream to play. I got it for $650, from $1,000. Specs and pics here, though the colour is different.

Variax Acoustic - I got this of a second hand shop also, Cash Converters, for half its original price of $2,400. It's an acoustic guitar but it can only be played plugged in. The magic of this guitar is that it can "imitate" the sounds of 16 different sounds, including that of a 12-string, nylon, Jazz guitar and even banjo. More of it here.

Taylor Baby- Having a baby is a most troublesome thing. And it is so for this guitar. It is one of my favourite to play cos it sings like no other and I brought it almost wherever I go, even to Lijiang in Dec 2005. But it is a nightmare to maintain. The humidity of Singapore is just too high for her. The top has since cracked, but I managed to glue the thing together with an additional pick-guard added. Super ugly now, but it still sings beautifully, and I still love it. That's true love, I guess. Listed price is $480 but I doubt anybody will pay $50 for what I'm having now.

Picture 005

Takamine Hirade Classical - This is my only classical guitar now. It's one of Takamine's best in it's time, though I dun think they produce it anymore, and I can't find the website for this model. The wood combination is perfect, with the solid Indian Rosewood back and solid Spruce top, it's voice is rich, deep and resonant. Though I'm not much of a classical player, I used it to learn some finger picking songs.

Then I have my Yamaha FG-411VS, and Grand YSC 45-E. These are the very very 1st guitars that I got. Although they are budget guitars with no fancy pansy stuffs, I love them because they are the ones that grew together with me in my formative years. I have since modified them to better and more playable states, and usually they are the ones I pick up and play when I get into the mood to. In fact, the FG-411VS stands waiting beside my bed, ready to be played anytime.

Heehee, dun ask me why they are the same colour. It just happens.. Now they are a couple guitar!

In addition to guitars, I need stuff like amplifiers, effects and loads of other stuff. I got a Marshall JCM 2000 - DSL 401 as my main amp and what can I say? It rocks! And it keeps the neighbaours up all night. I also got a Ibanez acoustic amp, a Beringer V-amp, Dunlop Crybaby, Boss' DS2, and CH1.

Of course, having all these guitars and stuff doesn't make me a good player. And I dare not say that I am. I still have a lot of training and practising to do, but I do dare say that I am having fun and will be having fun in a long time to come.


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