Friday, May 12, 2006

M:I 3 2

Had an interesting day today.

For one, I took the MRT again. Today I decide to ditch my car and use the Mass Rapid Transit again. Save money mah! Haha. It's nice to be taking the MRT again. But this time I forgot to bring a book or my ipod, cos I always read and listen to music when I take public transport. Wahaha. Kinda fun to be taking public transport again.

The destination is Orchard MRT where I met my SM2s for lunch. After that we watched Mission Impposible 3. Wahaha. This is the group that missed it the 1st time I watched it because of their curfew. I'm so happy that I can watch together with them this time.

We went to Lido for our movie and this is their 1st time there. A lot of eyebrows were raised when they saw Jade, who joined us for the movie, for the 1st time. Wahaha. Probably will explain to them later.

Everybody liked the movie very much. Yeah!


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