Sunday, May 28, 2006

The usual stuff...

Was thinking hard about what I did yesterday.

Yes, I watched X men in the evening. Overall ok lah. I give it 3.5 stars. I did not expect the movie to deviate from the comic so much. I'm not a hard core hard of X Men but I thought it's a little different from what I had remembered. And the movie is a little too short for a blockbuster.

Wolverine and Storm ruled the show this time round, while Cyclops died shortly after the movie started. Dun expect X Men 4 to be coming out anytime soon... since almost all of them died in the movie... Haha.

Played pool with my pastor after that. This is the 1st time I played pool with him. He was good. It was fun. We played until 1am, so pastor cannot scold me for sleeping in church today. Haha. Hopefully there is more chance to play next time.

Sunday is spent mostly in church.. as usual...

Oh ya, just a note: often times, when you do your part to help other people, and you do it long enough and constantly enough, people will tend to take you for granted. But once in a while, somebody will remember and say a 'thank you'.

Hee, not sure if you understand what I'm talking about. But it's ok. I understand can liao.

Sometimes I blogged to 'you', meaning 'you' who read my blog... not sure if anybody blog like that also... Maybe I should start blogging more for myself? Maybe...


Blogger MongooseFighter said...

Sir, I totally understand what you meant. We do the grunt work, and get little thanks. But some do recognise our efforts.

11:34 am  

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