Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wake up call..

I sort of screwed up at work for the last 2 weeks. Sigh... Really dunno what I am doing.. Very distracted for the last 2 weeks. Issit because of my $$$ issues? Well, maybe yes, for that has been taking up a lot of my attention. But I dun want to to find excuses. Really must buck up...

Dunno why, I get distracted from work every once in a while. Why can't I give 100% to my work like everybody else? Maybe I need a vacation? I dunno. Kinda restless also, and can't concentrate at work.

Maybe its because I haven't been sleeping much? Weekend been burnt for the past 2 weeks.. But that's no excuse too.

Woke up at 4am on monday to send LT off at the airport.. Very tired.. but I had a good time chatting with her before she flew off.

I went for Project S.M.I.L.E yesterday. SMILE stands for Sharing Magic In Love Everywhere, and it is part of my church's program to bring smile to people's face using magic tricks. Learnt quite a number of tricks and had a lot of fun, but really need a lot of practise.

I must become a better guitarist! I must! I must!


Blogger veii said...


Maybe it's just that you have not figured out whether you like your job or not. Maybe you already know that you don't quite like your work, and that you'd much rather be somewhere else doing something else, and yet maybe, out of responsiblity, you cannot just say 'sod it', even if you'd really like to..

2:05 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

No lah. I like my job. Just that I tend to get distracted from time to time....

12:17 am  

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