Sunday, June 25, 2006

birthday greetings

Last year, I noted down all the sms messages that wished my happy birthday during that period. This year, I am going to do the same...

Ding Zejun@ 0003hrs: Guo Jun, Happy Birthday! Best wishes to you! =) Ada@ 0020hrs: Happy Birthday!!! Sherry Tay@ 0058hrs: Morning birthday guy! Haha.. Happy birthday! God bless u! Gan Jiahui@ 0125hrs: Tis is e day, this is e day, tat e Lord has make. Let us rejoice, let us rejoice n b glad in it. Hi bro. This e day that God created u! Amen for His great work! :) i bless u w fruitfulness. Everywhere u go, u'll shine for Him w great joy n love! =) CPT Gan Eng Seng@ 0209hrs: Happy birthday. Xie Wei@ 0822: Hey hey. Buddy, my friend... What ever,... Happy birthday to you ha, and I saw your blog, you looks so greedy ha :-D Serena@ 0831hrs: It's 23rd june, guojun's birthday! Happy birthday! You have a nice day! And may all your dreams and wishes come true! Melissa@ 0835hrs: happy birthday to u =] Lynette Wan@ 0846hrs: Happy blessed birthday brother Juni@ 0901hrs: Happy birthday Wee Lyn @ 0910hrs: Happy birthday dear! May u have a blessed year ahead n may God work miracles and magic in ur life. May your faith grow like the mustard seed tree Faye@ 1026hrs: Heya, happy birthday! Another year older, another year wiser! Have fun! :-D Charles Phoon@ 1032hrs: Happy birthday sir another year older liao. Time to find gf liao Li Jun Hua@ 1045hrs: Happy birthday! Joshua Chu@ 1146hrs: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Kelly Low@ 1355hrs: happy bday brother. :-) Yue Her@ 1549hrs: Yo today is your birthday right? Have a blessed and fruitful year ahead! Gail@ 1735hrs: Happy birthday to you :) Sophia Yap@ 1827hrs: Hey Guo Jun, blessed birthday to you! Mayyou be filled with our Father's love to you come to the knowledge of His grace and mercy for you. God bless you! Wei Xin@ 1905hrs: Oh, it's ur bday today. Happy birthday! Noel@ 1935hrs: Happy birthday! Ben Ang@ 2019hrs: Chew sir... Ben here... HAPPY BIRTHDAY... Sing Ai@ 2122hrs: Happy bday today! What r u doing to celebrate? Celebrate w u when e (SM2) kids come back. Liting@ 2130hrs: Dear bro, is it ur bday today? Happy Birthday! May e Lord bless u n Enlarge ur territory! May His hand b upon u n keep u from harm, so u'll b free frm pain! I pray tt u'll grow closer2Him! Theresa Seetoh@ 2250hrs: happy 29th birthday! (<=I'm 28 only lor...) Jen Lee@ 2255hrs: Happy birthday guojun! I Thank God for all the many ways tat you'r a blessing. Have a wonderful year ahead! Cherie Ho@ 2257hrs: Hey happy birthday! May God shower u with his blessings n give u wisdom and insights as u do his work. may he enlarge ur territory n protect u! :) Rensheng@ 2324hrs: Hi Guo Jun, realise it's your Bday today... Happy Birthday...hope u had fun... Sophia Tan@ 2347hrs: Jus before e stroke of midnight... Happy Birthday! 24th June - Elisabeth@ 1025hrs: Happy birthday! Pee Lay@ 1252hrs: Hey bro, belated hapi bday =) Kelvin Poh@ 1748hrs: Happy belated birthday Cindy sent me an sms on 1900hrs but I accidentally deleted it... =( Lien Wei Jie@ 2238hrs: Hey happy belated birthday!hope u enjoyd!may ur wishes come true!

In addition, there are also an E card from Sing Ai, and blog comments from Wai Leong, Wai Kian, FF, veii and Sherry to send their birthday greetings.. I just compared with the greetings and wishes I got last year... And the difference is so much!! Thanks everybody!!! Will blog on the happenings of my birthday tomorrow... I think...
Added: Sorry, I forgot to put Siwei's name in. He wished me well via blog comments as well.. Thanks man.


Blogger vandice said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bro... May the coming better the going...


11:37 am  
Blogger Guojun said...


9:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pal!

So sorry this came a little late too! =((((

Happy birthday!

Maybe we should really meet up soon.

Date me?



11:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very good..delete my sms accidentally. I thought I was the last one to msg you. Turns out Kpoh was just before me and I was 2nd last. I msged you immediately when my handphone caught signal.

8:07 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Slow> Thot you forget my birthday liao... haha.. date you? dun want lah.. scary... how abt we just go for a drink or something?

Cindy> I am so sorry.. can send me the greeting again? or just greet me happy belated birthday again...

11:13 pm  

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