Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Attention Attention!!!

Update on birthday pressie status...

Now I've got the ear phone (though I haven't really used it yet). And today I got a Chinese Audio Bible from the cell (I expected it already... Haha.) plus a digital watch from Kenneth (which I did not expect, So.. Thanks very much Kenneth!!). So please take note when you are buying me present hor....

I know a lot of people love me and want to get me nice gifts for my birthday.. Heehee.

Other things still available for grabs... (as in you grab and give to me...)

Ukulele!! (I dun mind a few of these actually..)

Motor cycle helmet (motivation for me to complete my bike course.. kinda losing the drive now...)

Thumb drive (this has become an essential part of our lives.. yet I am lacking it)

DVD player (I want I want!!!)

and other stuff I have blogged before... like shirts, shoes, Christian books (I have quite a lot of those already.. except maybe books on BGR.. Heehee...) guitar stuff (except a tuner hor... I got like 3 or 4 of those already..) and even generally music related stuff is great.
Oh ya!! Anybody got Masked Rider 555 VCD? I wanna watch...

3 more days to my birthday....
birthday06-1This is took during the cell's surprise birthday celebration for me just now..


Blogger sherr said...

hey.. thumb drive very cheap in malaysia.. haha.. and.. DVD player now aso very affordable.. Ha ha.. :D

11:44 pm  

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