Monday, June 19, 2006

quickie updaty

I spent the last Saturday in rest + a little shopping therapy. Think the rest was much needed, but then I haven't rested enough I think. Went to Bugis Junction in the afternoon with Jade for some shopping therapy. Usually, she is the one who shops, but today it was me. I discovered an addition 200+ in my bank but I did not know where it come from. But that doesn't stop me from spending it happily.

Sunday was spent full in church as usual, and the rest I had on Sat was totally nulified.

Work is slightly busy today cos reservist come in liao.

Met up with FF and E after work. Had the best time with them. Dinner was at Asian Kitchen at City link followed by dessert at Hagendaz at Raffles City. *fat*fat*. I think the last time we met was in last Oct. Cos someone got (<- notice the past tense) boy friend so very busy mah...

So tired.. going to sleep.. tomorrow another long day...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaz.ur extra $200 came from the IPPT Silver u got.Remember? =)

7:35 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

But I thot IPPT for Regulars Silver is only $100? $200 is for NSmen right?

11:54 pm  

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