Friday, June 09, 2006

I want a miracle

Finally, I got some time for a proper update.

But I dunno what to write... Ha!

Think I got about 800 cookies in the jar now... Plus the ones my friends have made we should have about 3000. Then tomorrow we will pack the thing. Plus tomorrow we will make some more to top up. Hopefully we can have a good sale on Sunday.

This week has been another hectic week, with magic class on Monday, cell group on Tuesday and church leader's meeting on Wednesday. Tired, but am still excited. Probably is the on coming Shanghai trip and Miracle Weekend at the end of this month. But most importantly, my birthday is coming!! Heehee.

I know what I want for my birthday already! I want a miracle!

Yes Lord, for my birthday present this year, I want a miracle. For everything else, there's MasterCard.

No kidding. Money can buy everything I have stated before, but there are some things nobody can give me, except God Himself. So God, please grant me my wish:

A miracle catch on the Miracle Weekend itself.

Thank You.


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