Thursday, June 08, 2006

Virgin Cookie Baker

Updated @ 2338hrs....
Hi... sorry for the lack of updates these past few days... Am still coming home close to midnight everyday. Am so tired... So I decide to take a break today and not go to work.

I took leave lah..

Thought I could have a restful day today, but turns out I will be spending the whole day baking cookies. Wahaha. The story is this:

As some of you all know, I am going for a Shanghai trip with my church in July, and we need to raise funds for the trip. So one of the fund raising activities is cookie baking... My initial item was actually playing the guitar and singing to get people to donate and somebody else is suppose to make the cookies. But after some mis-comm and a lot of discussion later, there is not enough people to help make cookies, so I have to offer my services..

The best thing is I have never baked a cookie before!! Wahaha. So fun. Hopefully everything will turn out well..... Oh Lord bless me! The 1st batch of dough is already made and put into the freezer...

Will update more later...
Done for the day... should have about 500 cookies I think... Special thanks to Lily, Melissa and my baby sister Guo Min for helping out. Heehee.
Here is the "secret" recipe that I got from my mom. (who is in Thailand, by the way):
Picture 035
Looks pretty simple enough...
And this is the dough before it is send to the furance:
Picture 036
This is the end product:
Picture 037
part of it anyway. The bottle contains exactly 150 cookies. I ate 3, I think. Not bad lah... for 1st timer...
YEAH!! So proud of myself!!! Heehee...


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Not furnace right? - I'm sure you meant oven ;-)

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