Saturday, June 17, 2006

busy busy week...

Another busy busy week has gone past. Which explains why I haven't been updating my blog again. I am very sorry, especially to my friends and readers. And neither have I been reading much of your blogs, other then the daily essentials like Finicky Feline's.

So what have been happening this week? Sunday was a busy day, starting from 7.45am at Expo Hall 8 selling all the cookies I have baked. Sales was great and we managed to sell all the cookies, brownies and all the other stuff that we had made. And we made a profit of 2,000+ in total. Yeah!

After church in the afternoon, we went to celebrate Pastor Eugene's 50th birthday. It was quite touching to see all his friends and family giving testimonies of how Ps Eugene had touched their lives in so many ways.

If I have one word to describe Ps Eugene, it would be this: Ps Eugene is Inspirational.

The weekdays were pretty occupied to the max. Woke up at 7am for work, until 6pm before going for other activities, which include Kenneth's wedding planning, church activities and a movie on Wednesday night.

I watched 'Cars' on Wednesday night with Daniel and Elisabeth. I thought it was a great movie, and I can't decide Cars or Over the Hedge was better. Really enjoyed myself. Has lunch with 12MS on friday at North Point Sakae followed by Ben and Jerry's ice cream at the zoo. Haha. Quite fun.

Boss was not around the whole week because he took leave to watch the World Cup. Which means office was not too busy for the past 5 days. But come next week will be more busy, because the reservist are coming in for training for one week.

Next week is also my birthday.. But I will spend it working late cos we got a lot of training that day. Oh well, life is like that.

Oh ya, an update on my birthday list. I got a ear phone from Sherry already. So I dun need one.. Haha. Other than that, the rest are still the same... Ukulele, Casio watch, Chinese audio Bible, Thumb drive, motor cycle helmet, a few guitars and guitar accessories, a DVD player, a good pair of running shoes, some nice shirts... etc...

Notice I added a few things.. Haha.


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