Monday, June 26, 2006

My 28th birthday...

As promised, I will record my birthday weekendweek today.

The 1st to celebrate for me is the cell group on Tuesday. Was totally surprised as I did not expect for it to be so early. Had my 1st cake and my 1st 2 presents. Both are on my wish list. The Casio watch and the Chinese Audio Bible. Thanks guys.



My next cake was on Wednesday, baked by my mother. The normal stuff: Sing song, cut cake. Ang Bao.

Oh ya, my house tenant, Melissa bought me a nice t shirt and gave it to me after the cake cutting.. Thanks! No photo of it though.. Cos I wore it to church yesterday and its now in the wash.

Nothing much on Thursday..

Friday was the actual day, but it was spent working late.. But the office bought a cake (number 3) and celebrated for me as well. I did not expect for it either. No ang bao or pressies though... Wahaha..

Saturday was a bit more happening. After working for half a day, I met Jade for lunch, as well as exchanging of presents. Her birthday is actually 26th, which is today. Happy birthday babe!! (this morning she complain I never wish her...) She got me a cool but evil looking t-shirt... which I'm not sure if I can wear to church... Wahaha.

After that I went for a meeting with some of my friends, where Ze Jun got me a frame with my name written in ancient Chinese calligraphy, all the way from China. This is one of my favourite present.. =)


In the evening, I met FF for dinner and movie. She bought me a thumb drive, as I predicted.. But I never expect it to be 1GB so much... Heehee... Thanks babe!! We watched Scary Movie 4, which was like darn lame. Please dun waste your money watching it...


Sunday was spend in church, as usual, followed by dinner with my SM2 kids.. They just came back the day before (on Saturday) and they came all the way to Expo to celebrate my birthday with me. Never expect the cake too... They got me this chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate.. or something like that...

Oh ya, met Jiahui in church, where she got me a Christian book on BGR issues, titled "When God Writes My Love Story". Heehee. Thank you too!!


So total I got 4 cakes.. and many presents.. (I know some people still got present for me but haven't pass to me yet.. Wahaha.. Thanks in advance!) The only thing that I wanted very much but did not get is the Ukulele.. Oh well...

That's basically is my 28th birthday in June 2006. I felt very loved, and had a lot of fun. Haha! Practically everybody's birthday wish for me is to get a girlfriend this year.. Wahaha. Eh... I try my best lor...


Blogger sherr said...

you are one lucky guy.. haha..

11:21 pm  
Blogger veii said...

Jia You!

7:49 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Sherry> Thanks...

veii> I try lor...

11:14 pm  

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