Friday, March 31, 2006

Good Bye, COL Bernard

A couple of entries ago, I wrote about an ex-Brigade Commander who passed away during the biathlon last Sunday. Today I attended COL Bernard's funeral at Mandai Crematorium.

This is the 3rd military funeral I have attended in my short career. 2 of them was in early 2003, where 2SG Hu En Huai was drowned during the Combat Survival Training and 1SG Kumar collapsed after a 5km run for his Ranger course selection. Then the 3rd is COL Bernard from the biathlon.

Looks like Guardsman cannot do running or water... or both together...

Okay, just joking... Sorry. Maybe this post is a bit heavy for jokes.

Military weddings and funerals I have attended both. Both are privileges reserved for the uniformed only. Both events are one of the most important in our lives, but we view these 2 ceremonies very differently. We tend to take the military weddings less seriously, and view military funerals more, well, gravely. Anybody can opt for a military wedding as long as you are in service, but only the selected few who died in duty can have a military funeral.

But that's not my point here.

I do not have the exact words with me now, but I remember distinctly that C.S. Lewis once said something like this: Our reaction towards death is most evident for theology. In other words, our very view of death suggests that there is something more to this life then to eat, drink and be merry... and then wait to die.

There will always be arguments for and against Theism. Until the day Jesus comes back to us, the debate will never end. But the death of a friend wakes up the eternity in our hearts and force us to look further than what our eyes can see.

This is something science cannot explain away, for who can measure the longing of the hearts?

By the way, it was Albert Einstein who said, "Science without religion is lame." But... again that's not my point here. Who is Albert Einstein anyway?

If nothing else, death reminds us that something is not right. How can something so natural feels... so unnatural? May I, then, suggest to you that death is NOT natural. It is a direct product of something gone terribly wrong. If you have lost a loved one, you will understand what I am talking about. You cannot help but think: THIS IS NOT RIGHT!

Well, the fact is, every ONE in ONE person die. That's the statistic of death. Some of us face death in fear, lost and grieve, while some of us can face death in hope. Hope that the person is in a better place and one day we will meet him again.

This is the hope of a believer, a Christian. I'm sorry if you find this post preachy, but this is the voice of my heart now. COL Bernard is a believer and one day I will see him again (and not have to call him Sir!) He has touched many lives, including mine.

Once again, I would like to say: Thank you Sir!

And till we meet again.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Of Female Friends

The problem about having many good female friends, is that once they got attached or married, they have much less time for you.


Am quite bored and restless today, so I sms-ed a few of my friends and ask to go out, but as I scroll down the list, I realised that I have not gone out with many of my good friends since they got attached/ married.

Platonic friendships. I do believe in them and I had made quite a few good female friends over the past many years of my life. Especially last time when I had problems communicating with guys and most of the friends I had were girls.

But it gets more difficult after they got attached. Since now they have to spend more time with their boyfriends. And not many reason justify her spending her evening with another guy instead of her boyfriend. And also if there are any good movies, they would rather watch it with their boyfriends than with me...

So in the end, I sms-ed a few of my single friends but nobody was free tonight. So in the end, I decide to go home and spend the evening with my wife aka guitar instead.

Which was not so bad after all... except that I still haven't watch V for Vendetta yet...

Monday, March 27, 2006

A Short Tribute to COL Bernard Tan

COL Bernard Tan passed away yesterday. It was reported in the papers today. Front page. I was informed of the news yesterday afternoon as I made my way back from Muar.

Indeed, I was with a heavy heart.

COL Bernard was an ex Brigade Commander in 7 SIB when I was there. He was well remembered by the people there as a hard worker but also cared extremely for his people. An iron fist in a velvet glove, he was often described.

COL Bernard was a master with words. Quotes were his favourite forms of expressions. "Let a thousand flowers bloom", "the beauty of the AND" and many others were phrases he came up and used so effortlessly.

Many of you have heard "Give the man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and you feed him for life." But COL Bernard took it, added to it, and made it his own:

"Now, teach him to love the sea, and he will teach his children to love the same. They will build ships and vessels, and they will conquer the ocean."

Not exactly the exact words, but more or less.

Quotes like these often left us lost in its meanings but nevertheless, inspired us tremendously. Such is the legacy of him.

During his COC last year, I had the privilege of doing the tribute video for him, chronicling his achievements in the Brigade and how he touched the lives of the people who worked for him. What I see is this: Everyone who worked with him never fail to be touched by him.

Heavy hearted as I am, I know that I can take consolation that he is now in a better place. A devout and fervent Christian when he was alive, I believe that now his spirit is with at rest with the LORD.

God bless you, COL Bernard Sir. Although I did not have the honour to work closely under you, it was still an honour and privilege to be in the Brigade under your command for a year. May God bless your soul and may He continue to watch over your family.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back from Muar

Me is back!

On friday, I went back to work despite my unhealed illness. It was a bad choice. After spending half a day under the hot sun, I felt worst than ever before.

By the time I left office, I could feel my temperature on the rise again.

Met my cell group at 1900hrs before we proceed to the 2nd link at Tuas..

Had a good time at Muar. Will blog more tomorrow, maybe.

Now I need my rest....

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sit Rep...

Finally, after 4 days, I am sober enough to write on my blog...

Been sick since monday, after a spiritually climatic weekend. Monday was still not so bad, it got worse on Tuesday and I hit rock bottom on Wednesday. Fever reached a high of 39.1 degrees. I think the last time I had such high fever was when I was in Primary school...

It was terrible. All I did was lie in bed whole day, getting up only for meals and medicine, and also going to the toilet. I was so weak and in a daze I could not do anything else..

Thank God I felt so much better today, though still a bit weak. I am able to move about and even type this entry. Yesterday, I couldn't even sit up for 2 minutes.

Tomorrow, me and my cell group will be going to Muar for a retreat. I will go regardless of my health, but most certainly I would like to go there in good health.

Can't wait for tomorrow... can't wait for the retreat.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Sick Man.

I have fallen...
sick that is...

Think I have over exerted myself over the last weekend, with the G12 conference, church and guitar lessons, leaving me little time to rest. All these, plus a lot of shouting and singing and screaming at the conference, left me with a bad sore throat and a slight case of flu.

As a result, I practically stoned in office the whole day... Not that there is much work to be done at the kantor anyway...

Kantor means office in Indonesia... Heehee

My mother saw me popping 02 x Panadol Cold Relief and she got all worried and stuff, and her over-protective maternal instinct sprang into action. You know, she like: You must drink lotsa water... you must more rest... you dunno how to take care of yourself... blah blah blah....

MOMMY!!!! I going to be 28 years old already! I'm suppose to be oozing with the charms of a mature man. How can I ooze charms of a mature man if you keep treating me like a 8 year old kid?

Mommies... you love them, you hate them... but you can't live without them... Haha...

Just finish watching So You Think You Could Dance? Not too bad, I think. I like dancing. Maybe that's why I can appreciate this show better than I do American Idol.. Not that I am good at judging who are good dancers and who are not lah.. I just like to see people dance more than I like to see people sing...

I love to dance! I think dancers are so cool... and sexy... Oh So Sexy... I always wanted to find a girlfriend who can dance, and play the piano, and play the guitar.... who loves God and is not afraid to live her dream for Him.

Heehee.. I think is hard to find such a girl... Right now, I think I will just focus on the last point ba...

One who loves God and is not afraid to live her dream for Him.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

ZZZ zzz ...

This has indeed been a long and tiring weekend. Having spend almost my whole day in church, everything has finally ended.

Am so tired... Think I'm just going to bath and sleep...

Note: I've got a guy student to learn guitar today!!!! YEAH!!!

The best G 12 conference ever

I think we just had the best G12 conference ever.

Just a quick background. 5 years ago, my church adopted the "G12 Vision", where G12 stands for "Government of 12". In short, each person is to find 12 person whom he will lead and disciple, and together they will reach the world for Christ. In very short lah...

And every year we have a G12 conference, where we re-align our selves to the vision and refresh our spirits for the race.

The conference started on Thursday evening (where Jayaxe saw me in Yishun mrt, waiting to pick up my friends to go to church together... and they were all late!!! Haha) until Saturday night. It was rather tiring I must say, where I had to wake up by 7am in the morning and I dun reach home until after 12 midnight after the conference. But I must say, the conference has been fruitful and up-lifting, to say the least.

Many things to take home from this conference. There is a new refreshment from the Revelation of the Cross, where He died for our sins and gave us victory. A renewal in the Heart to serve God and the authority that comes from servant-hood. There is the recollection of the 12 values of the vision, where actually we only talked about 7 of them Haha. We re-looked into the concept of 3 Generational Ministry and the issue of loyalty, and affirmed that we will give our best as long as we believe that this is what God has called the church to do.

But most importantly, there is a revival in my heart for the fulfillment of the vision within my own life, to seek my 12 disciple and go do mission work in China. Yeah. Have already signed up for the Thousand Linking Hands project. (I talked to Ps Jeffery immediately after Ps Eugene's message) Pray that I can get through the selection, cos place are limited actually.

I believed that all who went has been blessed by the conference. Personally, I have the privilige to go for all 3 days, because my boss has granted me leave for this event. I cannot help but think that those who did not manage to come for all the sessions has missed out much of what God has done in the church in the past 3 days. Much more so for those who did not manage to come at all. (I know some of you who read my blog did not go for the conference. Please understand that this is not to make you feel guilty or what, but just that I feel a bit sorry for those who missed it.)

As always, the conference ended in exuberant worship at the last message of the last day. But I wonder how many walked out of the conference really touched and changed? Yes, I believe there are many who has re-affirmed their commitment to the vision, but I fear that there will be people who, once returned to the busyness of their routine, forgot about the Lord's destiny for them.

Today is Sunday.

Tomorrow I go back to the office.

Will I forget my convictions then?

I dunno. I pray not...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Musings on a lazy Thursday afternoon...

The time now is 1625hrs, 160306. I am alone in my office's internet computer, while the rest of my Branch mates are playing pool in the Crew Lounge, aka Mess.

Life is indeed very slow here. I have yet to get into the flow of my job yet, partly because I'm still learning the ropes and also partly because there are some administration hiccups and I can't get myself settled into the professional aspect of my job.

That's why I can be blogging here at 4pm in the afternoon and nobody cares about it. Haha. My new camp, or Squadron as they call it, is a very small and cosy place. Boss is still boss of course, but they are not so much rank consicious as compared to where I come from previously.

I noticed that most of the time, I blogged about what went on in my life, the daily routines and the "not so daily" sub-routines, not unlike a diary. What I hope to blog more in the future, though, are my thoughts on things that are happening, instead of just reporting the things happening around me.

Today, I received a sms from a friend, waking me up from my afterlunch nap. The message goes like this: Hi, can I invite you to my Church wedding at XX (date)? blah blah... Hope you can come. :) XXX(name)

Looks to me like a mass sms.

Anyway, the friend was an ex friend/ crush of mine, whom I had forfeited the friendship because I had feelings for her. We were from the same church and got quite friendly for a while but things did not work out. To keep the long story short, I had not spoken to her for a long while after that, and it is only in the recent that we start to exchange occassional greetings when we ran into each other in church.

So, I am deciding that I will not be attending her wedding. Seriously, I think her wedding got nothing to do with me. And I dun even like the guy!

Or maybe I'm just a sore loser. Haha.

Oh ya, this is her first (and probably last) appearance on my blog. Had never mentioned her before in any of my entries....

Ok, I'm sure now you guys are thinking like "how many girls does this guy like man!?" Haha. I have liked a few, at different times of my life, but not more than 1 at the same time lah... Haha. I'm not so bad...

Well, if you have been following my blog for a while, you would have known a certain "her" (Nope, this "her" is not the girl that sms me earlier) which I blogged extensively about until the later half of 2005. And I have not talked about her for a while... (ran a quick check, the last entry on her was 21 June 2005, I think)

Anyway, think it's about time I put a closure on this. In fact, I think the closure is is slightly overdue. (which reminds me, FF, have you paid the overdue fines which you owe the library? Fines for the books you borrowed using MY library card? Haha.)

She ("her", not FF) had got a steady boyfriend for more than half a year now... and that's all I know about her now actually... I had not spoken to her or had anybody talked to me about her for a very loong time. I still feel very sad whenever I see her in church, but much less so recently. I think God has healed me a lot of the hurts and the heart-brokenness (spelling?) that I went through. I think about 2 weeks ago, I came face to face with her, and I said "hi". (I got it down in blog somewhere)

Now, and only now, I can say that I thank God for putting me through this episode in my life, for it really has caused me to grow a lot. Sometimes I still sad that she is with somebody else, but now I know that during that time, I was not ready for a relationship and I would experience more hurts and heart breaks if I had gotten together with her then. And worse, I would cause her a lot of hurts and pains as well.

Well, that's that. It certainly pains me that things had to turn out this way, but I know that all things work for the good of those who loved Him. And I think now, I am ready to move on with my life and hopefully find somebody better. Heehee

Hmm... Probably I will not attend her wedding if she invites me also... Wahaha.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cell surprise

Had my first CO Parade in my new unit yesterday. And I was the Parade Commander! Ha! This is the first time I took the role of a Parade Commander in a parade. Previously, I had just been marching inside the ranks (when I was still in BMT and OCS) and once asa Contingent Commander for Guards Contingent during NDP 2004.

Super nervous and excited, to say the least. But overall, things went well. Had a good 1st experience, with no screw-ups on the Parade Square and everything went smoothly. Heehee.

Then in the evening, I had a great time at cell group as well. Got 2 really great surprises turn up in the middle of the cell.

In the middle of cell, when our cell leader was "scolding" us for not spending enough time on praying, the girls from the other cell came over and surprised us with food! And I mean FOOD!! Wahaha. There was cake and brownies and nachos and fruits of every kind. And my favourite Almond Jelly too! Wahaha.

BTW, for those who didn't know, in our church, the guys and the girls go to seperate cell groups.

Then the girls took turns to encourage each and every guy by saying all the nice things they think about us. Followed by the presentation of card to the guy. Gals, you have really out done yourselves this time. I must say that I am really touched and impressed. Never expect anybody to pull such a stunt. (Though the execution is a bit messy, but its ok. Can refine the process next time. Haha!)

Oh ya, here's my card:

And the 2nd surprise: Jonathan came back from China!! Wahaha. Jonathan is a fellow Christian brother who went to China a couple of months back to start his own food business there. Have been praying regularly for him, but never expect him to come back so soon. Turns out that there some things cropped up at his home and he had to come back for 2 weeks. Nevertheless, the cell was so happy to see him!!!

Welcome back Jon.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday monday...

Today is another happy but tired day.

Took half day off from work, because nobody is working again, and brought my new guitar student to buy guitar. Turns out this new student is a very experienced and talented pipa player back in China, and she picks up the new instrument very quickly. And she has perfect pitch! that means if you are playing a note, she can tell the note you are playing is Do, Re or Mi, or whatever. She is really good.

After we bought the guitar, this student, another girl and myself went to the beach at Labordor Park and play guitar until sun-set.

Then I went over to Plaza Sing to watch Nannay McPhee with 2 other girls from my cell. The show is rather typical and predictable, but nevertheless, fun to watch.

That was my day. How's yours?

I realised that nowadays my eyes get tired very easily. Not sure if it is because I stared the the computer screen too much or what. Need to let my eyes rest now.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Of leaders and guitars

Happy day this is. Not sure why I'm so happy though. Maybe I had a good session at SOL; maybe it's because I had a good time in church, maybe it's because I had 2 new students in my guitar class today.

Or maybe it's all of them added together. Wahaha!

The common theme in church and SOL is the same today. Well, not actually. But it speaks a message in unison, and that is in regards to being a leader. A leader is to shepherd, to manage and to lead a cell group. A person can be strong in one of these 3 (and usually is) but a leader needs to exercise all. A leader must possess dreams and visions, or else there is no direction to lead the people to, and the people will end up doing whatever they want.

The military has taught me much about leadership and being a leader. Such like a leader has to have a purpose and goal in mind; a leader must plan and consider all possibilities; and most of all, a leader must care for his people and be there for them regardless.

A Leader motivate and inspire. He gives faith to the faithless and brings love to the winter heart.


And regarding my guitar class, progress is a little slow, I think. But it can't be help, cos some are slower learner than others. Some more today 2 more new students joined in (girls again!), so I have to start teaching all over again. Realised the expectations of my students are actually quite high. Cos I have been going there without any plans of curricullum, and just teaching them some simple stuff. Probably I have to come up with more of a concrete lesson plan soon.

I WANT MALES STUDENTS LEH!! Hopefully next week got males students coming in...

Oh ya, I added another couple of blogs to my blogroll. Welcome Serene and Ah Lang. Serene is a link's link who came to read my blog. And Ah Lang was one of my ex trooper in the army. I'm really impressed with Ah Lang's blog. I din know a Maths teacher (to-be) can have such refined lingustics. Heehee. Added a few others as well, but they are not as important. Haha!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

D.I.S.C. weekend.

There are times when I, or anyone of us, was faced with intense adversity and overwhelmed by anxiety. True? There are times when frustration got the better of us and we lost sight of everything logical. No?

Had one of those times yesterday. Was totally frustrated... but suddenly God said, "Do you think I have forgotten you?" Then things started to change. 1st my heart started to change, then followed by the thing itself. With a little faith, everything is restored again. In the end, I came out victorious.

I will not elaborate what frustrations I experience, but I think I learnt somethinhg yesterday. Grace from God allows us to change our circumstances. Change starts from the heart, and a little faith goes a long way.

Oh ya, And dun expect God to give you too much of a good thing. He will give just enough.


Spend the whole day at NTU again today. Today we did DISC with the SM2 students. Last week was MI (Multiply Intelligence) and we continued with DISC this week. For the uninitiated, DISC stands for each of the characteristic traits a person posses. D - Domineering, I - Influential, S - Steadiness, C - Competency. I will not go into detail of each characteristic, if you want to know can attend the workshop next time. Haha.

I just confirmed that I am a S (super high) followed by a C. My D is practically non-existent. Haha. Had a good time with my group as usual, learning about one another's DISC and just getting to know one another better.

After the event, which ends about 4pm, I went down to Jurong Point to meet Miss E for dinner. Haha, suppose to give her her birthday present which I owe her since a million years ago. Wahaha. We arranged to meet at 6pm but she arrived almost at 6.45. Quite frustrated by the time she arrived... but then again, I'm used to it liao.

In the end I din buy her anything for her birthday, but treated her Fish & Co instead. (Heehee, saved money!)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The best thing, or one of the best thing, I like about my current posting is that it has returned me the luxury of blogging again on week day nights. Something I missed when things got a little busy @ Bedok Camp.

For now, after a hard day at the office, I still have the energy to gather my thoughts and write them down on this blog. In addition, my new boss is a easy going guy who is easy to work with. The camp is much near to my house and the cook house food is way much better than that in Bedok Camp.

But thes best of all, I got my own parking lot. A lot that says TO in BIG, RED, BLOCK letters. YEAH! (my appointment is Training Officer)

On the down side, sometimes things get really very slow.... and I missed my guys back in Bedok Camp.

And there are no pretty girls in the Air Base (How can right!?!?)

Dear all, in regards to the previous post, thanks for your concern. I'm fine. Just reminiscing a forgotton memory...

Monday, March 06, 2006

One of those times

Just feel a sudden urge to write this... a little love story of mine when I was in Uni.

Actually, I don't think anybody knows about this. Not that its a BIG secret or anything, but just that I never had the chance to.. I'm not going to put her real name here, but if you had known me back then, you'd probably know who I'm talking about.

Let's start from the top. In the 1st year of Uni, me and my buds were contemplating what ECAs we should join. There were 3 of us in the gang. Myself, Kpoh and Des. (so if both of you are reading this, you will know who I am talking about) And under the influence of Kpoh, we went on to join CACS, which is one of the bigger ECA in NUS at that time. We join the Community Service (Children) part of the organisation, which is good because there are a lot of pretty girls there. Of course that was not our primary motivation for joining that ECA.

Actually, to tell the truth, I wasn't really impressed by the girls there at that time. Not that there were no pretty and nice girls over there, but rather at that time, I did not know how to appreciate them.

I got to know this girl, lets call her FL, there. She was not bad looking, with rather unique features. (sometimes people asked if she was Korean) And she had very fair and beautiful skin. She is very very nice and was the most acommodating girl I know to date (it's last time that date lah)

We got along rather well, together with Kpoh and Des, and we become very close. In Uni year 2, she got interested in ballroom dancing, like Tango and Cha-Cha all that stuff and she was looking for people to join with her and be her dance partner. So, in the end I became her dance partner.

Because of that, we spent a lot of time together, 1st for CACS and after that for ballroom dancing. I guessed the feelings developed from there. Des and Kpoh had long suspected that I had a crush on her, but I never admitted it. Even until now, I have never made that official "I liked FL" statement before.

And there was a very good reason for that. FL had a boyfriend then. She got attached to this guy shortly before I got to know her, and they were together until towards the end of their Uni days.

But still, we continue to grow close, this time without Kpoh and Des. I think one of the most memorable time in my life is when I danced with her every week, learning Cha-Cha, Waltz, Tango and what nots. I like the feeling of holding her in my arms and both of us moving together with the music.

We were the best of friends for a long time, going out, talking and studying together. But only when her boyfriend was not around lah. For the record, that guy had a face that everybody wants to punch and nobody liked him. I never understand what FL saw in him that time.

We were so close that sometimes I would sleep over at her hostel if I was too tired and did not want to go home. Of course, we did not do a Tammy do anything. I just slept on the floor while she sleeps on the bed. Or sometimes she will sleep over at the boyfriend's room. Yup, we were very close, but I never got to the point of telling my feelings for her.

She broke off with her boyfriend during their last year in Uni (without any help from my part). But still I did not tell her. She had a lot of issues to sort out that time and I did not want to add stress to her.

Well, that was that. After Uni, we started to drift apart. She got her own issuses to settle and I got mine. And work got the better of us. She met other guys and me, other girls. We are still friends and meet up once in a while, together with Des and Kpoh. The last I saw her, she was together with a nice looking guy from her ex-company.

I did got to telling her my feelings once, that I "once" had feelings for her. But that was more like a casual remark. Sometimes I wondered how things would be like if it were... you know.. different.. and we could be together...

Well... sometimes...


Work is totally slow....

When I 1st came in last week and this Encik tells me to get used to the culture here, which is much slower than what I had when I was in Guards.

Haha.. Yup. Ve... ry... slow...

Its like waiting and waiting for 1730... and... wai... ting...

Oh ya, Had this safety forum this morning, which we have every quarter of a year. Saw a lot of dead people from scenes of accidents... With their faces in a bloody mess, arms flown off and everything.

Makes me think twice about getting a motorcycle twice ...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

2 Movies and 1 ... something...

Had a very full and filling (hence fulfiling.. keke) weekend again. A quick run through of the events...

Saturday morning started with a SM2 event, where they come and learn about the 8 Multiply Intelligence people have. Logical, Musical, Lingustics, Inter-personal... etc.. Had a great time learning about each other, as well as my own Intelligence inclination. Haha! Anyway, the test shows that I am more musically inclined (not surprised!!) followed by good intra-personal (2nd) and lingustic (3rd) skills.

After that, we did a little fun exercise where we wrote on a piece of card words of encouragement for one another.

Here's mine:

Picture 007

Picture 008

After that, I went to watch Munich at Plaza Sing with some of my cell mates and friends. I think Munich was quite well done, although some of the scenes are a bit graphics and not really necessary. It's a bit long (2 and half hours) but totally engaging throughout.

In my humble opinion,

Based on true story + Steven Spielberg = very good movie.

The movie lasted from 6pm to almost 9pm. Then I took a little break before I went in again for Underworld 2: Evolution. I enjoyed Underworld 1 very much, and that why I wanted to watch this also.
Not bad overall, although the storyline thins out towards the end and it was reduced to glorification of gore, gross and gruesome killings.

Its a miracle I did not fall asleep and managed to sit through the entire 2 movies.

Its also nice to note that I met 2 friends (Jiahui & Elisabeth from my Uni) who watch in the same theatre for Munich and another 2 friends (Cherlene and BF) in the same theatre for Underworld. Haha.

On Sunday, I had the usual SOL -> church -> guitar lesson -> go home and rest after dinner.

Quite tired already. Tomorrow is monday again. At least I like my new office and it has shorter working hours than before. Hee.

Friday, March 03, 2006

New base, new place

Today is the 3rd day in my new unit. Still nothing much to do.

Maybe I should start from Day 1...

Reported at Sembawang Air Base on 1st March, 0800hrs. My new appointment is to be the Training Officer of SBAB, aka DyS3.

The RPs are very thorough in their check of my vehicle, so much so that I reported a little late for work. Met my 2 immediate boss, CO and S3. I think that they are very nice guys people.

The HQ went out for breakfast for prata in one of the housing estate nearby. Seems like this is a daily routine. Present that day was CO, S3 RSM and myself. Seems like they like to er... look at the people around them when they have breakfast....

Din do anything much really, except to get some administrative matters sorted out.

CO say that I should learn to play golf if I want to go far in the SAF, and there is no better place to learn than here in SBAB.

Day 2, I did not report for work. Haha. Instead I went back to Bedok Camp to settle some stuff. And to take my Bahasa Indonesia test. Haha, I was top 5 in class, of about 20 poeple.. I think... Haha. Apa Kabar?

Also had a very good talk with my OC before I left. Think its very good to be able to have this talk, cos we were friends before he become my OC, then the relationship got a bit weird. But now everything is back to the way before, I think. Then I spend the evening playing DotA with the guys, one last time, before I leave.

Something the guys did for me before I leave... This is a comic impression CPL Mark drew of me. Mark is a very good artiste, as you can see your yourself. I am both heartened and honoured to have this picture. Thanks, Mark.

sir chewy1

So... back to the 3rd day of work... today... nothing much.. except I did some understudy with my upper study. Ha!