Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wake up call..

I sort of screwed up at work for the last 2 weeks. Sigh... Really dunno what I am doing.. Very distracted for the last 2 weeks. Issit because of my $$$ issues? Well, maybe yes, for that has been taking up a lot of my attention. But I dun want to to find excuses. Really must buck up...

Dunno why, I get distracted from work every once in a while. Why can't I give 100% to my work like everybody else? Maybe I need a vacation? I dunno. Kinda restless also, and can't concentrate at work.

Maybe its because I haven't been sleeping much? Weekend been burnt for the past 2 weeks.. But that's no excuse too.

Woke up at 4am on monday to send LT off at the airport.. Very tired.. but I had a good time chatting with her before she flew off.

I went for Project S.M.I.L.E yesterday. SMILE stands for Sharing Magic In Love Everywhere, and it is part of my church's program to bring smile to people's face using magic tricks. Learnt quite a number of tricks and had a lot of fun, but really need a lot of practise.

I must become a better guitarist! I must! I must!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The usual stuff...

Was thinking hard about what I did yesterday.

Yes, I watched X men in the evening. Overall ok lah. I give it 3.5 stars. I did not expect the movie to deviate from the comic so much. I'm not a hard core hard of X Men but I thought it's a little different from what I had remembered. And the movie is a little too short for a blockbuster.

Wolverine and Storm ruled the show this time round, while Cyclops died shortly after the movie started. Dun expect X Men 4 to be coming out anytime soon... since almost all of them died in the movie... Haha.

Played pool with my pastor after that. This is the 1st time I played pool with him. He was good. It was fun. We played until 1am, so pastor cannot scold me for sleeping in church today. Haha. Hopefully there is more chance to play next time.

Sunday is spent mostly in church.. as usual...

Oh ya, just a note: often times, when you do your part to help other people, and you do it long enough and constantly enough, people will tend to take you for granted. But once in a while, somebody will remember and say a 'thank you'.

Hee, not sure if you understand what I'm talking about. But it's ok. I understand can liao.

Sometimes I blogged to 'you', meaning 'you' who read my blog... not sure if anybody blog like that also... Maybe I should start blogging more for myself? Maybe...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

My top 10 + 1(birthday) list

In view that my birthday is coming up in one month's time, I'm sure many of my friends are very eager to know what I want for my birthday. So I'm doing a birthday wish list here... Heehee. So you all know what to give for my birthday. And you all got approximately 3 weeks to hunt for them.

1. Taylor 914ce acoustic guitar ~ $7,000
Hee! I can dream, can't I? I touched one earlier this week.. And thought to myself: Wow!! How can a guitar sound so good?

2. Paul Reed Smith Single Cut electric guitar ~ $4,000
One of the best electric guitar around... Another dream. Oh well.... I can dream on....

3. Fender Standard Stratocaster ~ $2,000
One of the most converted guitars of all time, used by musicians throughout electric guitar history. So I want one too.

Ok ok, I admit. The 1st 3 are an impossibility. But you'll never know. Maybe a senile old woman decide to give me one of these for no reason? Like I said, one can dream mah...

Now for more practical stuff....

4. Ukulele ~ $50 - $100
Small guitar like instrument. Small and cute. Thought of expanding my musical repertoire. Better if you get a ukulele chord book as well.. Hee! A lot of music shops got sell... except Yamaha la...

5. Motorcycle Helmet ~ $80
If I die in a motor cycle accident without a helmet, it's your fault! Hee. Btw, I still stuck at the stupid lesson 3 for my bike course... =(

6. Thumb drive ~ < $100
My thumb drive spoilt the last time... Still haven't got time to buy one... I got a suspicion a certain Feline will buy me this... Heehee.

7. Pair of ear phones ~ $5 - $100
Actually my Ipod earphone spoilt liao. That was quite long ago also. But I haven't decide if I should buy a good earphone or a cheap one. Maybe somebody can decide for me.

8. A good keyboard ~ $1000
This is another impossibility, which I forgot to put just now. Been looking at one of these for very long also.. Also no money to buy..

9. Casio digital watch ~ $70
My watch has been with me for quite a while now, and it's spoiling also (I cannot read the last digit now) I dun need a G-shock or what. As long as it can i) tell time, ii) got alarm, iii) got stop watch (important cos I need to time my run during my trainings), iv) a count down timer and of course, v) lighting.

10. DVD player ~ $100
A cheap one will do. So that I can watch my Led Zeppelin concert in the comfort of my own room.

10. Chinese Audio Bible ~ $50
Not sure of the actual price. But I think can get it in Trumpet Praise. Heehee

11. Reverse Sensor for my car!!!!

Ok. That's my top ten list. I may update and change if I thought of new stuff.

Many times, my gal pals come and ask me what to buy for a guy friend's birthday. Actually, its not very difficult, if you know what he likes. Boys will always like toys. If he like guitars, then get him some guitar stuff.. like guitar picks or a metronome. If he likes football then get him a Liverpool/ Arsenal/ Man Utd jersey. If he like cars get him something to put on the dashboard. If he like gadgets stuff then get him something to enhance his toys... Like for me, I like guitars and comics.. so you can think along these lines also.

It's not hard right? Now you know what I want, you can go hunt for my birthday present now. Haha.

Friday, May 26, 2006

I am back.

Finally, I am back. Sorry for not updating much for the last two weeks.

After my IPPT, my past 2 weeks has been a sort of daze. No matter how much I sleep, I just dun seem to have enought rest.

Can't seem to remember the major events for the past 2 weeks....

Last weekend was Encounter Weekend. Which was good. For once, I do not have to think about God having to deal with this or that part of my life. And I am able to go there and just enjoy the pressence of God. And for that I give thanks.

Attended a 2 days WITs course, which is a good break from work. Otherwise, I would be busy preparing the Road Show for my Squadron.

Watched Over the Hedge and Davinci Code too. Over the Hedge was great. I really enjoyed myself, as well as my little sisters and her 2 friends. Davinci Code was ok. Not fantastic. Going to watch X-Men this Sat. Hope it will be good.

That's all for now. Will update more tomorrow.. or later...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I am still very tired...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I am tired.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Update?? ?? ??

Eh... People complain I very long never update blog... So I update lor...

Not much to update really, I have some ideas in my mind but have no mood to develop it.

Oh ya, Cleared my IPPT yesterday, Sliver and improved somemore. Happy, but not entirely satisfied. I had hoped to do better. So probably I will try again the next time round. But now, my body is aching all over.

Many people never update their blog also... Like the person who complain that I never update blog, also never update blog....

No motivation to work this week. Maybe cos I just come back from a wonderful long weekend, or maybe it's I just had my last public holiday for a long time to come... Haha..

I'm just blogging for the sake of blogging... I dun really have anything that I want to say.... Wahaha...

Me am very very poor now. Only left with 30 dollars in my bank. Saw 2 new comic books in Junction 8 today, which I wanted to buy. But cannot. This is the first time I had this feeling... I'm slightly worried, but not very. Still am going to watch Davinci Code and Over the Hedge this weekend. Wahaha.

Yesterday I tried to organise a cell outing.. Which only 3 of us turned up. The cell leader said he would come but in the end fly aeroplane. 3 out of 8 is about... 40%? Ok lah... We had Carl's Jr for dinner followed by an hour of pool at Marina Square. Haha... We still had fun without all those people...

Wed night... 2 more days of work before Encounter Weekend... Jia You ba...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Me and my comic books

I started reading comic books when I was in Sec 2. I still remember my the very 1st books that I bought. It was Dragonball Z book 31, 32 and 33.

This is a classic Dragonball picture.


Dragonball is really a classic comic to read. I still remember that time I was thinking I must preserve my collection so that I can pass down to my descendents generations to come. Wahaha. So funny now that I've come to think of it. I still have the entire series in my storeroom somewhere, or is it in my brother's room now?

Comic books has been greatly influential in my growing up years. As I have practically no friends during my secondary school days, I seek comfort, laughter and even some form of existence in the stories that I read. They greatly affect the way I think and act and the way I behave. That's why I've got such a silly face in my profile pic.

I have since read many many many comic books, from Slamdunk to 3x3 Eyes to the current Naruto and Bleach. Although now I have read much much less than before. I used to read many titles at one go, spending up to $50 a week on the new comic books. Now I just spend maybe $5-$10 per month.

And like most comic enthusiasts, I dreamt of drawing comics myself one day. And I took some lesson during my Uni days for it. Real fun. Here are some of the "better" creations I have come up with:

1st, some full body pictures..

This is based on the the comic Captain Tsubasa.

I drew this by copying the action of Akari Sendoh of Slamdunk. Btw, my very 1st email address is a.sendoh@pac. But that is not working anymore.

Then some headshots...

This is based on the popular DNA2 (DNA Square) The lead character.

And these 2 will give you an idea of what my dream girl will look like.... Haha.



Friday, May 12, 2006

M:I 3 2

Had an interesting day today.

For one, I took the MRT again. Today I decide to ditch my car and use the Mass Rapid Transit again. Save money mah! Haha. It's nice to be taking the MRT again. But this time I forgot to bring a book or my ipod, cos I always read and listen to music when I take public transport. Wahaha. Kinda fun to be taking public transport again.

The destination is Orchard MRT where I met my SM2s for lunch. After that we watched Mission Impposible 3. Wahaha. This is the group that missed it the 1st time I watched it because of their curfew. I'm so happy that I can watch together with them this time.

We went to Lido for our movie and this is their 1st time there. A lot of eyebrows were raised when they saw Jade, who joined us for the movie, for the 1st time. Wahaha. Probably will explain to them later.

Everybody liked the movie very much. Yeah!

Me and my guitars

You have heard of my passion for guitars. Many many times I have talked about them. I started with learning to play for cell group about 5-6 years ago and it developed from there.

The gears I have acquired:
Telecaster 52' reissue - This is the original electric guitar. In 1952, Leo Fender designed and produced the 1st successful electric guitar and changed the entire music history. Details and pictures here.
I got this via the internet from an expat staying in 6th Ave. Its a real bargain. The listed price in shops is SGD$3,500. I got it for less than half of that. It's in very good condition when I got it, but now its a little scratched.

Epiphone Flying V (Red) - I fell in love with the Flying V immediately after I watched School of Rock. (The little kid played a white Gibson's Flying V in the movie). I got the guitar shortly after the movie, at a second hand guitar shop, for the price of $400. (listed price is $950). Had to fix a few bugs before I got it singing, but it was worth it. Something like this, but red in colour.

Epiphone Casino - I blogged this before here. This is my latest addition and I have not bought another guitar for a long time. Made famous by John Lennon of The Beatles, it is my most beautiful guitar. And its a dream to play. I got it for $650, from $1,000. Specs and pics here, though the colour is different.

Variax Acoustic - I got this of a second hand shop also, Cash Converters, for half its original price of $2,400. It's an acoustic guitar but it can only be played plugged in. The magic of this guitar is that it can "imitate" the sounds of 16 different sounds, including that of a 12-string, nylon, Jazz guitar and even banjo. More of it here.

Taylor Baby- Having a baby is a most troublesome thing. And it is so for this guitar. It is one of my favourite to play cos it sings like no other and I brought it almost wherever I go, even to Lijiang in Dec 2005. But it is a nightmare to maintain. The humidity of Singapore is just too high for her. The top has since cracked, but I managed to glue the thing together with an additional pick-guard added. Super ugly now, but it still sings beautifully, and I still love it. That's true love, I guess. Listed price is $480 but I doubt anybody will pay $50 for what I'm having now.

Picture 005

Takamine Hirade Classical - This is my only classical guitar now. It's one of Takamine's best in it's time, though I dun think they produce it anymore, and I can't find the website for this model. The wood combination is perfect, with the solid Indian Rosewood back and solid Spruce top, it's voice is rich, deep and resonant. Though I'm not much of a classical player, I used it to learn some finger picking songs.

Then I have my Yamaha FG-411VS, and Grand YSC 45-E. These are the very very 1st guitars that I got. Although they are budget guitars with no fancy pansy stuffs, I love them because they are the ones that grew together with me in my formative years. I have since modified them to better and more playable states, and usually they are the ones I pick up and play when I get into the mood to. In fact, the FG-411VS stands waiting beside my bed, ready to be played anytime.

Heehee, dun ask me why they are the same colour. It just happens.. Now they are a couple guitar!

In addition to guitars, I need stuff like amplifiers, effects and loads of other stuff. I got a Marshall JCM 2000 - DSL 401 as my main amp and what can I say? It rocks! And it keeps the neighbaours up all night. I also got a Ibanez acoustic amp, a Beringer V-amp, Dunlop Crybaby, Boss' DS2, and CH1.

Of course, having all these guitars and stuff doesn't make me a good player. And I dare not say that I am. I still have a lot of training and practising to do, but I do dare say that I am having fun and will be having fun in a long time to come.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

3 days worth of blog...

3 days worth of blog?

Well, maybe... These 3 days a lot of things went through my mind and heart... Not sure what to blog actually.

On the happier side of things, I attended the BRC ORD BBQ yesterday. It's good to be back to the company again. Seeing the old faces and talking about the good o' times together. I'm sorry I had to leave earlier and cannot stay for the whole thing.

See Giles' little tribute to the commanders of BRC.


Right now, I am in a very "I hate myself" mood. I hate myself because I cannot say "no" to some things or some people.

Like for example, yesterday a colleague came and look for me, and asked to borrow some money. Because he needs to redeem his wife's gold necklace by the end of the day or else she will divorce him.

How can I say 'no' to a request like that? Maybe some people can think that his marriage or divorce is his own business, not mine, or anybody else's. But I cannot ignore a pled for help like that. Although he has borrowed money from me before and not returned still, I cannot find the heart to turn him away just like that.

So in the end I lent him the whole of my this month's pay for him to redeem his wife's necklace. He has promised to return the money (the amount he used to redeem the necklace, not the sum he had borrowed from me before) by the end of this week but I have yet seen the money. And the truth is, I am not very optimistic about getting back my money.

Did I do right or did I do wrong? I really dunno. I know many people reading this must be thinking I am very stupid. Now I got problem surviving for the rest of the month cos I got less than $100 left in my account.

God, please tell me, what am I to do? Did I do right or did I do wrong? And why me? Why Why Why? Is it because I am stupid? Issit because I need to learn to be more prudent with my money? Issit because I had been proud and careless in my spending? Please teach me!!!

One more thing, I really hate myself for always striving for acceptance from other people. No matter how much I try, I cannot run away from this. Almost everything and anything I do is to make people happy, so that they will like me.

Love. It is the one thing I had longed for as long as I remember. I know God loves me, but only in my mind. Sometimes my heart feels it, but everyday, my spirit and my soul seems to be thirsty without end, a thirst that cannot be quenched. God loves me. I know, but I do not know. What is this love that most of the time I cannot feel? And where do I go to seek it? My soul cannot find rest.

Unable to fully understand God's love for me, I turn to other people for love. But I cannot find one that can love me as much as I desire. So I turn back to God. Where am I to go? Lord! God! Help me!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Blues

I can't remember the last time I suffered from Monday blues. But today was just terrible.

I think I enjoyed myself too much over the weekend. That's why I feel so drained today.

Blue Blue Monday Blues...

But thank God I still manage to get some work done.

Anyway, last night, before I went to sleep, I wrote an email to the hostel management regarding the movie outing we were suppose to have with my SM2s. It goes something like this:

I'm sorry for the mis-comm about the movie. We will take note the next time we organise an activity. We should all follow the hostel rules.


Something like that. As you can see from my previous posts, I was very upset about the incident. So why did I initiate the apology? Well, the reason is a little complicated to explain. Maybe it's suffice to say that sometimes proving you are right isn't everything. There are other things to consider, like the hostel-student relationship, hostel-befriender (that would be me) relationship and the befriender-student relationship.

Like a lot of times when a couple quarrels but in the end one of them gave in because they know that some things, being right is not the most important. the relationship is.

Not sure if the analogy fits.

And I believe it takes greater strength to initiate the reconciliation.

Anywayz, as I was saying, super Monday Blues today. can't wait to get out the office the whole day. and I rushed to go home the minute I am able.

Spend most of the night watching So You Think You Can Dance again. Was quite surprised that Craig got eliminated. He is one of my favourite male dancers in the show.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

End of Weekend...

M:I 3 was great!!!

At least me and the people I watched with think so...

Other things I did this weekend:
Celebrate SM2 birthday
QQS initial meeting
SM2 Karaoke Competition
Biblilogy and Christology class
SM2 guitar lesson

Tired... am just going to sleep now...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Early Saturday Morning

Today is Election Day!

Of which I am not involved.

I am suppose to go for my motorbike Lesson 3 today again. But as I was getting out of bed and getting ready, lightning flashed and thunder roared. And rain started to pour. Sian Half! At that very moment, I decided that I will forfeit my 23 dollars lesson fee and not waste my time braving the rain for my lesson. Dun think it's worth it.

I decided that it is better that I get some rest in the morning before I embark to another busy weekend. Today's program starts from 1400hrs all the way to 2200hrs at night. And tomorrow will start at 0930hrs all the way to 2200hrs also. So is better that I get some rest now.

About last night, I was so so so pissed angry with the management of the hostel which my SM2s are staying in. The story is this:

As you all know, the movie of the week is the long awaited Mission: Impossible 3. And I planned to watch, together with some other people, some of my SM2 kids. Because the movie starts at 7pm (plus 20minutes of commercials, knowing GV's style) they will probably reach home at about 10pm after the movie. So we have the get permission from the hostel's management to stay out late, as their curfew is 8pm on Sundays.

After talking to their management, they say no problem, just fill up the application form for extension of curfew. So we did that and on my way to get the tickets. I got the tickets shortly after that. 14 in all, including 6 from my SM2 group.

But at about 1 hour later, one of the guys call me and told me that the management rejected their application and they cannot go for the movie. I was like "what happen?!" And they say it was too late. I asked to talk to the guy in charge, explaining to him that when I talked to lady in charge earlier she says no problem, and that I have bought the tickets. But that dogmatic old man refused to listen, and refuse to accept anything I say.

I was so pissed angry with that old man! He thinks he is right just because he is the management and he is old and so he doesn't have to listen to a young punk like me. I was so terribly upset by his attitude.

A few reaction came to my mind. I could communicate to him my displeasure by pronouncing on him all the curses I have grown accustomed to in the army.

"'Those words' have power!" my Sergeant used to tell me when I was still a chao recruit in BMT.

Indeed, power to bring down and break the human spirit, power to destroy and darken the soul, and power conjure up hell for both the curser and the accursed.

Anyway, my other reaction was to write a 'polite' email to MOE and tell them what kind of bad management they have at the hostel, with testimonies from my SM2 kids as well.

But I did neither of that. Firstly, because I have a more pressing issue at hand, which is how to get rid of the 6 extra tickets. (at press time, all the tickets have been claimed) and also, I did not want to create any trouble which will result in the management making things more difficult for my SM2s. So I left it at that... and went to pray that God will release me from my anger.

So there, I can't remember a time which I am more pissed angry in my life. But I feel much better now. And everything is more or less settled, except maybe I need to find some time for the 6 guys and gals to watch M:I 3 together.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Super Duper Uber Pissed...

I am.

Think I will not say more. Cos I only have evil things to say about them now.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Typical Day

06.39am - Woke up. Woke up rather early today. Dunno why.

07.15am - Have breakfast. The usual: 2 slices of bread with chocolate rice inside. Plus tea with milk.

07.31am - Left for Work.

07.55am - Reach office. As usual, I start my work by checking some meals mails.

09.12am - Second breakfast. Another sandwich. Another cup of tea.

09.35am - Return to office for more work. Dun feel like working. Start sms-ing people to watch M:I 3 with me for this sunday evening. (anybody else interested?)

11.54am - Change to my running gear. Time for my run. 4km around the camp. I am trying to develop a discipline to pray as I run. I thought its a good idea, except that sometimes I get out of breath from all the running + praying together.

12.30pm - Finished my run and cooled down. Picked up a book (A Year With CS Lewis) and read for a while.

01.30pm - In army terms, its 1330 hrs (thirteen thirty). My boss came over and informed me that he is taking the rest of the day off to see a doctor for his knee. So I'm in charge for the rest of the day.

02.55pm - "Official" tea break time. Am hungry cos I ran skipped lunch. One of my guys suggested KFC so I got him to drive there to buy for everybody.

03.30pm - KFC came back. And so begins our Tunch.

03.45pm - Finished tunch. Went back to work.. Boss not around so not much motivation to work hard...

05.00pm - Half an hour more to closing time. Nobody has anymore mood to work and start playing games on the computer.

05.20pm - Had enough of games. All went up to change and get ready to book out.

05.29pm - All in my car, ready to book out.

05.30pm - Book out loh!

06.01pm - Reached home. Happy that I do not have any night appointments today. Watched a re-run of the series Holland V, followed by dinner and just basically lazing around the house.

07.30pm - Start playing guitar. Turn up to maximum volume and waiting for people to complain.

09.00pm - Nobody complained. So I stopped playing and start writing this blog... ...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Blogroll updates.

I have finally decided to take out all the links of the blogs that I dun read. Such as Cowboy Caleb, Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi, as well as XiaXue's blog. Maybe I'm jealous that so much more people read their blog then mine.. Wahaha.

I still keep Kenny Sia's though. I still enjoy reading his entries once in a while.

Added is Joshua Chu's blog, though I doubt he will update it often. Teresa re-started her blog with a new address, so I linked her up also. Youthnet blog belongs to the youth group of my church, but its not updated often also..

My favourite new link belongs to Stickgirl. I think she is really good. It was introduced to me by veii, who said that Stickgirl's blog is like mine, except it is in pictures... Personally, I think she has much more interesting blog than mine. And it gives new meaning to "Picture paints a thousand words".

Monday, May 01, 2006


Someone said that she dreamt about me a couple of nights back...

On the msn:

TS: i dreamt of you driving a lot of sm2s
TS: to this place called stansfield
TS: and you said it's in america
TS: and 2 of the sm2s i remembered in the car were wenhao, and ouyang shixiao
TS: the 2 peeps who went with lijiang with us
GJ: stanfield is not in US meh??
TS: i don't know where's that place but in the dream, you said it's in america
GJ: ok....
TS: is it true
GJ: i dunno.... sounds amex to me
TS: anyways, it's a cute dream because some parts are in cartoon
TS: and i dreamt of many others like SA, Liz etc.

GJ: must be a very long dream...
TS: yes it is. some parts i can't remember
TS: anyways, you're going to have sm2s to drive around soon!
TS: btw i dreamt of you and the other guys in your cell one day too.. together with SA too
TS: i dreamt that you, LK, SO and JC died in a fire in an attap house

GJ: wah.....
TS: then SA picked up a cola glass bottle (those kampong bottles)
TS: and said, "JC used to love to drink coke when he's alive!"

GJ: eh.....
TS: then suddenly, everything became bright, and you appeared! and i said, "aren't you dead"
TS: and you said, "No, look at me! I'm alive! - with somewhat inspiration from that of Jesus appearing to his discples"
TS: I thnk you did say something like "touch my flesh or something"
TS: then i was very happy for you cos i know you're not dead
TS: then after that, there was a loud alarm, and the starbucks-like armchairs we're sitting in starting moving..... towards a door
TS: then i met a lot of people in armchairs as well and everyone was happy
TS: and i woke up

GJ: hmm.....
GJ: ok....
GJ: quite scary... dunno wat it means

TS: why scary???
TS: actually, tell you the truth, i often pray that God will speak to me in dreams?

GJ: dun u think all these dreams mean something?
TS: you make it sound like they mean something bad?
GJ: scary as in i dunno wat will happen
GJ: and how it is connected to the dream

TS: oh but my dreams usually have positive feelings in it
TS: as i don't wake up feeling scared. unless it's disturbed dreams- i will wake up feeling terrible

GJ: thats a relief to hear
TS: the death dream came before the driving dream
TS: eh, don't be frightened by my sharing.
TS: i thought it's interesting to let you know?

GJ: hmm.........
GJ: i dunno how to feel

TS: maybe you should pray about it now that i've shared
TS: i pray that if God willing, He will reveal the meaning of my dreams to you

GJ: yeah
TS: amen
TS: to add, it's very glorious when you appeared and i know that you're not dead

GJ: wahaha
TS: to be honest, it felt semi heaven. and with the loud alarm bell ringing , and everyone approaching a door
TS: it's really quite bright

(continue chattering...)

How ah? Anybody can interpret dreams?

Down and upper

This morning I talked about my struggle with self esteem and acceptance from friends... and immediately after that I went out and was tested again...

I dunno, maybe I am over sensitive, or my expectation is too high. There is this girl I was teaching guitar to. Today I met her she like she dunno me like that. Did not even say "hi". Dunno. Maybe she dun like me... or maybe she thinks I'm weird....

Maybe I am....

The afternoon was a lot better. I met up with Xie Wei to watch The Sentinel at Lido. It's been a long time aince I came to Lido. Ever since I was able to get $8.00 tickets at Golden Village Cinemas, I have ceased to visit Lido. I think it's been one and half years since then.

The Sentinel was not bad. Plot and pace is good and lets me oogle at Eva Longoria for a while. I thought she was quite pretty, although my friend says she's got a CFM look.

Realised they changed So You Think You Can Dance for Harry Potter. Sianz!! How can they do that? What's so good about Harry Potter anyway? Bleah!

I learnt the word "bleah" from Sharon Low.

Oh ya. Something to cheer me up. I got an e-card from Jen Lee today. At first I thought it was a mass email thingy, but it turns out she sends to me only. Because she found out I was the one co-ordinating her birthday party on friday and she wanted to thank me for it. Actually I wasn't the one suppose to co-ordinate, but I decide to take over in the mist of it cause things were getting... er... not neat... Haha.

Thanks Jen.

TV is showing GE stuff and GE stuff and GE stuff everywhere.. except Channel 5 which is showing Harry Potter now.

Going to start work again tomorrow... this long weekend passed so fast! Wahaha....

Up and downer

Had a very frustrating start to my sunday yesterday.

I spent the whole morning preparing the song "When you say nothing at all" to teach in my guitar class but in the most crucial moment, I cannot get the song sheet printed out. I spend so much time trying to get the printer to work......

As a result, I was late in picking my friends up and going for prayer meet. In the process, I also made a few wrong turns and got lost for a while... ending up even later than I already was. The worst part was, I was suppose to set up my networks banner before the prayer meet... Sigh...

Anyway, I had a good time chatting with LT during our "lost" journey.

Service was good, I think. Once the pastor start preaching I know the word is for me.

"But Lord," Gideon asked, "how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family." Judges 6:15

I can always identify with people of low self esteem, cos I struggle with my self perception all my life, as well as finding love and acceptance with the people around me. But thank God He has brought me a long way, healing my hurts and teaching me to love.

I can't say that I know how to love a person as Love should. There are many times still, that I show love in order that people show love to me back. God is teaching me slowly (though I had wished it would be faster) to love as Love should.

Come taste and see, that the Lord is good.

As I was saying, I couldn't print my song sheet out which I spent the whole morning preparing, but it doesn't really matter, because in the end only 1 student turn up for my lesson yesterday... Wahaha...

Spent the evening playing with my cell group, though I was wiped out within 3 turns... Wahaha..

And this morning, my cheap thumb drive came into pieces...

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