Sunday, July 31, 2005

Booking in again....

I'm booking in again soon.... So my blog will be at the mercy of my beloved friends again. User ID still the same, password still the same...

FF, Slow, Handsel, Ningx, Gab... and who else got my password? Take it away. Dun have to blog about me lah... Can blog about the economy of China or the politics of U.S.A or why guys are such jerks.... You know, that kind of stuff...

See ya when I come back... probably on friday...

With extreme bo liao-ness

Copied this from my friend's....
New Singaporean Vocabulary:
NKF: (verb) - to cheat, to report lower or higher figures with an intention to cheat, to report false figures. Eg. Ah Beng NKFed his salary to impress that ah lian he was after without realizing that she NKFed her vital statistics by wearing wonder bra.
NKF: (noun) - an organization whose modus operandiare dubious. Eg.Ah Lian left that company because she found that it is an NKF.
TT Durai: (verb) - to secretly take and take money from company, to secretly maximize entitlements or privileges. Eg. Ah Seng regretted not TT Durai'ing as much as possible from his ex-company before hewas sacked.
Peanut: (noun) - a unit of currency equivalent toS$600,000. Eg. The jackpot for the Toto this Thursday is 2 peanuts (S$1.2m).

A very sian weekend...

Theres a lot of things I have to do this weekend.

-I have to go and buy stuff for my Recce Comd Course.
-I have to study for my tests for my RCC next week.
-I have to meet up with Jade to pass her my harddisk cause she needs it for her work.
-I am suppose to meet up with my beloved Maximus cause he just came back from Australia.
-I want to go and watch the finals of the School of Rock competition which is just across the street from my place.
-I am suppose to update my blog to appease my readers for my long absence.
-I am suppose to sort out my songs and delete those repeat songs away.

But I am so sianz. Dun feel like doing anything today. Just want to sit and stare at the computer screen and spoilt my eyes. Just dun feel like doing anything today.


I think I am boring you all with my "sian-ness", but I will continue to do so anyway. Cos I am so sian. And I shall say it again: I am very sian. I dun feel like doing anything today.

I think it got to do with having to attend a stay-in course. Heehee. I very long never stay in already. Have to stay in camp for the whole of 5 days. Then weekend come out no energy to do anything.

Actually RCC was not so bad, now that the syllabus is a bit different from the last time. Officers dun have to go through MOI and Long Walk liao. But the Specialists still have to. Heehee, So I have it rather easy compared to some of them. This whole week is only LECTURE LECTURE LECTURE... And we got to know a "Captian So What", cos the whole lecture (4 hours) he just keep asking us "So What?!" but never teach us anything he is suppose to teach.

"Your primary role as a Recce Commander is to Recce. So What?" - Duh!!

I am so sian. Pretty much depressed this week. Not because of the course, but because of something else. For the past few days, I kept waking up in the middle of the night thinking of Her. I'm lazy to find the link, but you know, that Her... And it makes me very depressed. Not that I delibrately think about her, but she just came into my mind. Sigh... ... I wish she would just get out of my mind.... And I can get on with my life.

But church service yesterday was good. (Although I did not get to see the pretty Gabrielle) Talks about life is unfair but God is good, encountering pain but not choosing misery, God having a plan for all of us.... And Neveeeer Give Up!

Think I'm going to play guitar. Therapy to my soul.....

Thanks Babes!!!!

I would like to 1st of all, before I blog anything, thank all the pretty babes that have been keeping my blog busy for the week that I am not around. And giving such good testimonies about myself. Heehee, like being praised in my own blog.

FF, Handsel, Sharon, Ningx, Gabrielle, Thanks for keeping my readers occupied while I was away. Keep up the good work!! I'm booking in again later tonight, so you all and start to wreck havoc here again. Dun have to write good things about me all the time. Can write like how many times I dig my nose everyday that kind of stuff also can.

And thanks to all my faithful readers who keeps coming back even when I'm not around. Special thanks goes out to Vandice, my most faithful commentor... wahaha. Thanks for your support. And keep on coming.

I am just another woman

GJ asked me to blog in his blog.

Didn't see him in church today.

Actually, what to blog about??? I've only saw him ONCE in actual person, for like 5 MINS!!

First impression?? Cannot even remember what I felt then sia! Only knew that I saw someone that looked like him, then I asked, are you GJ? And he said yeah.

Then he blogged he was shocked that I made the first move.

Er... first move... to say hi?? :P
Mr Mr, not like in pub or what leh... in church and saw a familiar face mah!! :p

So nice of him to gimme his password and all. I shall one day, delete all the posts made from the other female bloggers that blogged here!!

And I shall rule as the ONLY queen in here!! MUAHahahaha!!!


Friday, July 29, 2005

ningx is listening to Wang Lee Hom while blogging on GJ's blog

Aiyah, Guo Jun asked me to help him blog. So honoured, he trusts me with his password leh!
See, even the title also so long.

Well, I've never met GJ personally before. Think he's a pretty nice person because the first time I talked to him(on MSN), he offered math tuition for me because I said I was bad at Math! So nice of him, isn't it? And I see him going around giving others rides and treats. Very nice indeed.

Since he is such a nice guy, and guys like that are easy to bully, I wonder what he's like in the army.
"FALL IN!!!!!" And then all the recruits would rush to the parade square and fall in within 8 seconds.
"FALL IN!!" And all the recruits sashay to the parade square while saying, "Aiyah, sir, today weather so hot. Fall what in huh?"
Of course he's the one who says FALL IN lah. He can't be the recruit mah.

I know you go to Tampines Mall sometimes to watch movies! I live in Tampines, haha.


I still owe you your birthday present. You must be thinking how unsincere I am because I'm taking so long! So many apologies for you, heh. I promise I will finish it soon, okay?

How did I get to know GJ?
Through Finicky Feline. I don't know FF and she doesn't know nuts about me but I went clicking on her blog and clicked on one of her friend's blog - Maximus (cannot say his real name, hor. But like whole world know liao leh.) So I talked to Maximus and then after a while I read GJ's blog. And then GJ reads my blog. After that Maximus gave me his email address. So I added him to my buddy list. So we talked a little with lots of hahaha here and there. Oh, lots, lots of Singlish. I use a lot of Singlish in MSN one leh.

Really elaborates the phrase 'six degrees of seperation' huh? Or was that just a really bad example?

Anyway I am quite glad that both Maximus and GJ were not turned off by my age lah. Some people will just go, "So young, generation gap ah. Dowan talk to her." Hahahaha.

That is all I have to say.
Thanks for letting me come to your blog to 撒野/捣乱! (something like, wreck havoc?)

But I think I never wreck havoc hor?
Right right right?

Yes lah, say yes.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Night's Off 1

I'm back! For 2 hours tonight. Cos my instructor give us night's off. Have to book in by 2200hours. Really enjoyed all the entries in my blog so far. Was laughing and crying at the same time when I read it.

Thanks babes, for keeping my blog going even when I'm not around... Hope to see more fun stuff soon.

Btw, Gabs, they are some of my bester friends in life. As for my guy friends wise, not many are bloggers in the 1st place.

Going back already. Will do some more serious blogging when I come back for the weekend.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Possible Future Husband

Chey, thought I was special when GJ asked me to blog in his place. Turns out he also asked 2 other girls to do the same. I is jealous.


Am I allowed to swear here? Yeah, whatever.

GJ is the guy I'm gonna marry if I'm unmarried when I'm 35. Or was it 40? Conditions are:

1) His monthly salary will come to me, and I will give him a small allowance every month. If he needs more, he'll have to fill out an approval form and it'll be approved based on my mood.

2) No er...marital duties are expected of me. If he wants a kid, it'll have to be through IVF or he can buy one off Yahoo Auctions. No worries though, will buy you lots of digital entertainment on DVD to er...satisfy your needs. Or VCD since they're cheaper.

3) He must do whatever I ask without question, like cooking and ironing. I hate ironing. He may employ a maid, but it'll come out of his measly allowance.

Still want to marry me, babe?


ABOUT Guojun

was thinking about what to write in Guojun's blog so that when he returns over the weekend he would get a pleasant surprise.

what better way than to blog about HIM???!?

well... the story goes like this...

I met GJ when I was a year 1 kid in VJC (i merely did my first 3 months there)... during that time, it was a tradition for direct seniors and juniors to exchange letters as secret pals. everyone received letters from a secret pal and everyone was a secret pal to someone else. strangely enough, GJ became my secret pal even tho he was not my direct senior...

as you can see, his letters always came in very colourful envelopes and Bob Dog stickers. honestly i never noticed the Bob Dog stickers until today when i dug out all the letters i had ever received from him! (GJ: were you a fan of BD?)

sad to say, my letters to him were never nicely written nor presented. i'm not a very detailed girl, as you can see. =)

i never knew who he was until the day i left VJ. prior to that, he always maintained "ppl tell me my looks are above average" stance. haha. ok la... in all true honesty, you are really not that bad looking la. i've seen worse. hee. kidding! =P

even after i left VJ, he continued to send me letters and gifts, sometimes dropping them into my mailbox. there was once he even made me a 3D castle!

2 years later, after he went to army, he ordered flowers and had them delivered to my doorstep on valentine's day even tho he was far far away training in Taiwan! i was touched. and at the same time, overwhelmed.

anyway if you have read his previous post on me, you would know how the story ended.

tho he was sweet... he also scared me with his persistency. =) so i never kept in contact with him... for a long long time. even when we were in the same church ministry in campus, i avoided him as much as i could (oh no! now you know! =().

however, there was a turning point in our friendship. i really cant remember how and why. after that, we became firm friends. we went to church together for a short period of time and met up once in a while to chat and catch up.

and i was once again touched by his sincerity towards his friends. he really knows how to treat them well and make them feel special!

on my birthday last year, he asked me what i wanted. i said "guitar bag"... (ok... i'm not a romantic person. hhaha. i rather have something practical and useful...)... a guitar bag he did give me... i remember wondering why the guitar bag was so heavy... wah lao... put the guitar in bu4 shi4 even heavier???? hee... so mean hor?

when i got home, i put it aside and went about my chores... later in the night, i returned to fit my beloved guitar into the case and was so surprised to see 20 over Archie Comic books stashed away inside the case!!!! =) i was really pleasantly surprised! he knew i was and still is a huge fan of Archie! =)))))

and that became my best birthday gift i have ever received in a lifetime. serious!

there... GJ, my pal... always so sweet... always so considerate... always putting in effort to maintain a friendship...

honestly, it's a blessing in disguise things did not work out between us.. coz things turned out even better for us in a different way!

GJ, when you finally read this, i just want to let you know you are greatly appreciated and loved. maybe i dont show it enough but i really do.

here's a sincere prayer... may God protect and bless your heart, that the one girl you are destined to meet will never break it but treasure it as her best and dearest gem.

Sharon Low

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dear Guojun,

Ever so trustful. Didn't you learn from the recent XX incident that giving out your id and your passwords can be dangerous?

Ain't you afraid that I delete all your post on this blog or shut this down?

Worse still, I could weave a frightful post on how much you hate your boss and get you into deep shit? I know you boss reads this. You could be the next acidflask.

I bet the same password you gave me can gain me access to a lot of other things. Let me try logging into DBS internet banking. 3 more days to payday is an awfully long time. I could make do with the extra cash. I like the iPhoto.

Thankfully, you have accumulated so much good karma by being so nice to me all these years. I am going to delete that sms from my phone immediately.

Miss u,

Guest Appearance

Hello everyone

Guojun gave me the privilege to drop entries in his blog ... yay! =) heard there are other bloggers Guojun invited to drop entries too... wonder who? =)

I don’t own a successful blog so I cant guarantee interesting posts. What the heck… just blog lor? =P

am at work now... so cant write much...

Hahaha… anyway... hope Guojun comes back to entertain you ppl real soon! =P

Miss Slow

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Any last words?

This is my last posting before I embark for my Recce course. Then no more blogging until next Saturday.

Went to watch Island today. Not a bad show, except a bit gross on some parts. Drank too much water though. Went to toilet halfway through the show and then at the end of the show again.

Thats it. Gotta go pack...

I am so sianz.....

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Emergency Blog

Fourth entry today.

Just received an sms from one of my bester, if not my bestest friend. 2 years into the marriage, he is getting a divorce.

Never expect it to happen so close to home. Much less to him.


Love your enemies

Can't believe I'm at it again. It's my third post today. (Anyway, me boss think me blog too little today, considering I'm in the Ops Room the whole day.)

Just a little thought on the session I shared with my cell group earlier this week.

Read about it here

Random Muzings

I'm just blogging for the sake of blogging... Stuck in this room for the past 8 hours. A certain Bedok Camp's Ops Room... That's right, I'm the Duty Officer again. Usually I like to do my duties on Sundays, but this time its a Saturday. So now I keep forgetting that today is Saturday instead of Sunday.

There's a lot of things I'm suppose to do today. Like packing my stuff for my coming RCC on monday, training for my IPPT, email my bike course mates the photos that I took, settle some work stuff....

Of these, I have done none. Yes, I cannot believe it myself. Oh well, there's one thing I did right- rest and recuperate from my week long flu. Then again, the weather's so bad, (Cold! Oh so cold!!!) I doubt this period of rest is sufficent for my full recuperation. God have mercy on me.

The soles of my shoes are gone. Literally. Both of them dropped off today. Rather, they are so worn that only the heels of the shoe and the soul are still stuck together. So I tore the soles off.

Imagine what my pastor's reaction would be if I told him "I had lost my sole"...

The last time I wore that pair of shoe (which was during Encounter), a cute lady commentted on how worn it looked. I was like "Ya man, it was new when I bought it..." and she was like "Of course when you buy it was still new lah... Duh!" Haha...

I like a girl with a quick wit and a good sense of humour.

I bought a new phone last week. Its amazing that I took 7 days to blog about this. The new toy is a Nokia 6260. I like my new phone. Been taking pictures of all my friends so that their face will appear when they call me. But then again, not many people call me. I'm more of a "sms person". Speaking of which, my 6260 is by far the most sms-able phone I have used, which is not actually a good point- I have probably sent out about 500 smses this week.

The down side is actually the games side, or rather, the lack of it. Been playing this game called Mau Mau (which is like Uno) all day. I miss playing my mahjong game back in my 6100. And the battery runs out really fast. I have to charge at the end of everyday. Or maybe its because I play the game too too often.

I miss church today. I wonder what's the sermon today? Who's the preacher? Every preacher has their own style, y'know. Ps Khong is always full of energy. And his messages are powerfully delivered. Ps Melvin has the fatherly figure. And he always starts his sermons with "God bless you!" and followed by a joke or funny story related to his message. Ps Eugene likes to get the congregation involved in his sermon. And he has this knack of coming up with incredibly creative ways to liven up his sermons - with miniature activities that, when he explains it, is logically linked to the message he is preaching. Otherwise, those activities would have no meaning at all.

I miss playing guitar. I haven't had the time to sit down and just play guitar the whole day long. At this rate, I would never become the guitar god of rock n' roll. NEVER! Tomorrow is the semi finals for School of Rock, battle of the bands (Singapore version) which is to be held in Junction 8. Anybody knows what time issit? I want to go and watch leh. I wish I can play half as good as them.

Tonight's dinner suck! Well, not really. But the lunch sucks BIG TIME!! I din eat lunch lah, actually I heard it from the guys that went. Dinner was ok. But now I'm hungry again. But nobody wants to call pizza... Sianz.

I just ran through my old emails, and I realised that there are some mails which some of you send me after reading my blog, and I have yet to send a reply. I'm sorry leh... If you are readin this, I will try to reply soon...

Note: I'm not Dao ok?!?! I'm just busy... and lazy...

Haven't wrote such a long post in a long time. Heehee..

Tired... but happy...

Have been too busy/ tired to blog lately. And sick...

Next week, I will be on Recce Commander's Course(RCC), which is worse. For the next 4 weeks, I will only have time to blog on weekends. And between my Bike Course and RCC, I have one week of non-rest. Read carefully: it's one week of non-rest.

Tired... But happy... Personal life wise, there's a little more rainbow and butterflies in the sky. The air is a lot lighter and easier to breathe. For once, there's a little sunshine in the sky and my world's a little brighter. Things, or rather, my outlook got a little better after my Encounter Weekend, I think... It's like a good healing session for my soul.

Work wise, I haven't seen the light at the end of the tunnel yet.. Have yet to clear my IPPT. Next week is deadline liao. And a few other stuff need to settle... Need to work hard.... Pray that God will give me strength.

That's all for now. More coming later..

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I have nothing to blog.....

Actually, it is not possible for a blogger to have nothing to blog. If he or she thought that he/ she have nothing to blog, then he/ she can blog about not having anything to blog about.

Like what I'm doing now....


Quite stoned today. The whole day like having a big stone stuck to my face. That's why I look very stoned today. (OK, I know, lame joke...) And somewhat sedated... Can't get myself to do anything today. Too tired... Need rest....

Yet I am here blogging. For my memory? Or for your entertainment? Or for the sake of satisfying my sense of routine?

Spent much of the time read other people's blogs tonight.. but commented on none, except Scarlett's. The irony is: I did not read her blog, minus the 1st sentence. She said that her blog was going to be "darn freaking long". I scrolled all the way down and wrote in her comment:"Yes, it is darn freaking long".

Finicky Feline did not update her blog today, which is a rarity. Must be enjoying the blissfulness of have a boyfriend... Or did she go on holiday? Princess Gabrielle did not update her blog much recently also... Where did she go?

There, as you can see, I have nothing to blog about tonight. Now thinking should I go and take my bath or should I head straight for bed?

Monday, July 18, 2005

Back to Work

Today is my 1st day at work after my Bike Course!

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm really glad to be back to work again. Its nice to be back in the familiar environment, with familiar people (and of course my favourite parking space.) What's more, the air condition in my office is fixed. (Finally!!!)

The best part is the people in the company!! So nice to see everybody again. But I'm also missing the people who just started clearing leave for their ORD... Oh well, can only wish them all the best...

For the Love of God, I watched Initial D again today!! This is the 3rd time liao. Must say that I still enjoy most part of it. Anyway, this time round its free so its not as bad as you guys think.

I so want to watch the anime of the Initial D... and learn race car driving... and get my civilian bike licence...

I so want to do so many things...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

F4 is no longer Flower 4

Earlier this week, a friend of mine told me she was going to watch F4. I was like "Huh? I thought F4 died long ago?" To which she promptly enlighten me: "No lah! F4 stands for Fantastic 4!"

Today I watched F4 also. Was lured by the Straits Times' promotion. Cut a coupon from the Lifestyle section and you can buy tickets to the Fantastic 4 movie for $1.60 (selected screening only). So, armed with the coupons cut from Straits Times, me and my friend went to buy tickets for F4.

We arrived at Cathay Cineleisure at or about 1400 hours, only to find that all the tickets have been sold out!! The shows were supposed to be for 1600 and 1900 hours. I thought we would be early. Guess I thought wrong. Can you believe that they were sold out at 1400 hours? I bet they were already sold out by 1100 hours.

The thing is, one person is only entitled 1 ticket per coupon per person. That means all the people came at like 7 am and start queuing for the $1.60 tickets. Think Hello Kitty all over again.

So, me and my friend watched F4 at the full price. $9.50. Per ticket. Not bad, the show. At least never waste my money totally.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Bike Course over!

Finally!!! Today's the day!!!

My bike course is finally over!! Never thought I could make it this far. But I did!! Actually I was quite lucky in the course. If not I will not pass also. But then again, as the Senior Ninja in Naruto said: Luck can also be one of your strenghts. (Rough translation lah)

Heehee. Congrats to me.

That's my cert lah.

Next up, Recce Commander Course (RCC) and of course, my civilian 2B licence. Then I will buy a motorbike!!! Wahaha. I know I say this a lot of times already... Anybody got a good 2B bike to recommend?

Back to work next week.....

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bike Course, Day 3 (Counting from the back)

Third last day of bike course liao. After today, it will be 2 more days before I get my SAF Bike Licence. Haha. Then after that I will convert to Civilian Licence and get a cheap bike to move around.

Today we went for our off-road training at Lor Asrama. It was the most exciting part of the entire course. But it was also not easy. There was one point I fell off and the bike crashed on my leg. It was so painful that for a moment, I thought I was going to lose my leg.

But when the guys helped me up, I have to show the "cool face" because I am the Captain. Actually my leg hurting like hell liao. Haha. But I still show the cool face and say "I'm fine". Then I get on my bike and carry on with the training... I think my leg a bit swollen now... Ouch.

I am a firm believer that training must be tough, but can be fun as well... As we can see from all the happy faces in this picture (with me inside also)

BTW, These are the same guys that "laughed" at me when I fell into the Mud Pool.

After I took the picture, one of the private commented jokingly:

PTE Wang: Sir! You take the picture going to post in your blog ah? Haha..
CPT Guojun: Ya! How you know I got a blog?
PTE Wang *stunted*
CPT Guojun: Why? Captain cannot have blog ah?
PTE Wang: ... ...

Haha. But they din ask for my blog address though.. Maybe if they are lucky they can stumble on this blog by chance.

Monday, July 11, 2005

I Ain't Get No Respect

You know I get no respect when...

During bike course, I have to negotiate through an obstacle called the "Mud Pool". (Think big, wet muddy pool of knee deep water.) And in the mist of it, I fell right smack in the middle of the pool. And my subordinates come and shout:


Captain fall into the pool leh!!!!

Come!! Come and See!!!!

Then all the people come with their camera phones and take pictures of my disstressed state... While I have only myself to help me out of the pool.

I ain't got no respect. Sigh...

Seriously, I always have a good working relationship with my men, just that sometimes they get a bit "no big no small"... Haha.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Encounter Weekend Over

Just came back from Encounter Weekend. If you are interested to know how God met me this weekend, you can read about it here.

In the previous post, I requested you guys not to blog too much over the weekend cos I have no time to read. Then FF really never update over the weekend... Hmm...

Just finish watching Back to the Future 2. Heehee. Classic show. I used to watch it over and over again on video... Haha... I love that show.

Yeah, I'm the very boring kind of person.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Going for EW

Going for church's Encounter Weekend.

Be back sunday evening.

Meanwhile, dun blog too much, so that when I come back dun have too much to read.



Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Blog milestones

I've been Kenny Sia-ed!!

Not really, he just briefly mention my name in his blog about his trip to Singapore. (Read about it here.) Checked my counter - it din go up much... Maybe tomorrow? Haha. But then again, I dun have very interesting stuff to attract people to read my blog. So probably It will shoot up for a while then go back down again.

Got a email for a reader though. It was somebody who got the link through Kenny Sia's link. Heehee, 1st time got people email me after reading my blog. I will not disclose the contents of the email in respect of the writer, except that he wrote a personal and encouraging letter in the email. Thanks dude, I will try to find time to reply soon.

By the way, my counter just hit 10000!! Heehee. I know it is not an impressive number by the standards of many - the popular ones can get 10000 hits in a week - but still, its a milestone where my blog is concern. (Of course, dun forget that 30% of the hits are from my own computer.. Haha)

I would like to take this oppourtunity to thank all the people who have supported this blog in one way or another... (Eiyer! So mushy! Haha)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I passed!!!

Wahaha... Finally!!!

Was so stressed last night that I woke up at 4am and couldn't sleep after that. But I passed!!

BTW, I was talking about my bike course circuit balancing test.

Praise to be God.

And thanks to all my friends who supported me with encouragement and prayer. Namely the cell group (Lynette, Jiahui, Yihui & Munic), Miss E, Miss Slow, Shirley and Barney the Purple Dinosaur.

Next up is the public road riding test, which is this coming Thursday.

So sleepy now.........


Monday, July 04, 2005

Sigh... ...

Today I Cave B again.

Flunk my bike practical test. This is the second time. This time I failed on the Figure 8 again.

I am so demoralised.

Tomorrow re-test again.


Sunday, July 03, 2005

Wonderful Wonderful Weekend

Had a wonderful wonderful weekend this week.

We had our cell retreat this weekend, starting from friday evening until sunday morning. We had a great time of talking, singing, sharing, eating and sleeping together. Everybody shared why this cell group meant so much to each of us.

Come Saturday evening, we had our BBQ (what's a chalet without BBQ?) Everybody had a great time cooking and eating together.

The guy on the extreme right is Patrick. He is our Princess Cell Leader's boyfriend, (So he's the Prince Charming? Haha) followed by our Princess Cell Leader and our 2 beautiful guests.

And here's another lovely couple, Yihui and Munic, a.k.a Marcus.

And our unlovely non-couple, Guojun (that's me!) and Jiahui.


And the labour of our love, the BBQ Face Man! Wahaha.

Patrick did most of the cooking...

While Jiahui did most of the eating!!! Wahaha. Just kidding.

Here's one more look at the BBQ pit.

I usually "siam" the fire cos I dun like the heat. (Dun let the others know!) That's why I cannot be a professional cook, or a chicken rice hawker. Haha. Very tiring after the BBQ... slept shortly after... and drooled all over the matteress... Haha.

Went for Sunday service in the morning. This is our first service at the Singapore Expo Convention Centre. So many people there! Thank God I can find a parking space. (It would be easier if the girls did not spend like 2 hours each in the toilet and we were almost late. Haha)


In the afternoon, I went to meet up with Miss Slow (to collect my birthday present. Wahaha.) It's always a joy to go out with Miss Slow - talking to her always makes me feel happy.

I watched Initial D again!

This time its with Miss Slow. I think its a great movie - even though this is the second time I watched it, I still enjoyed it very much.

And here's an update on my birthday presents...

Miss Slow gave me a beautiful box...

Actually, no lah, she gave me a nice blue T-shirt.

Cell group gave me a cool looking wind-breaker. (They finally remember to bring it!!)

Here's a picture of me wearing them...

I think the T-shirt makes me look fat leh... Need to diet fast about this again.

There, that's much better... =)

Happy birthday to me again... Heehee
Added: Miss Slow also gave me a very sweet card. There's nothing like a card filled with heart felt words. Usually, the cards I receive are from my insurance agents reminding me that they know my birthdays... Haha. Haven't received such a heart warming card in a long time. Thanks again babe!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Going for chalet now...

Will update when I come back on Sunday...