Monday, July 23, 2007


Hi all,

how is everybody? Does anybody miss reading my blog? hands up if you miss reading my blog. Well, I do miss writing, and I do miss writing my blog.

Part of the reason I stopped is due to the lack of time, having kept busy with a lot of things. The other part is that I sort of ran out of things to write. My desire to share with the world has stopped for a while. And my desire to write was buried in the mundane routine-ness of life.

Well, the last post read that I would be flying to Shanghai for Qian Qian Shou Project. This post reports that I just came back. Haha. No, I did no go for 3 months there. Just one week.

Oh yes, in addition to missing my blog, I also missed many of the blogs which I used to read most religously (sometimes more than I read my Bible.. Haha)

Back to Shanghai... as in back to the topic on Shanghai, not back to the place Shanghai... I had a lot of fun there, even though the temperature is about 36 - 37 C. And I learnt a lot of things there as well.. And made a lot of new friends. Good new friends.... Hee..

I also passed a birthday 1 month ago. Exactly 1 month ago... No birthday wish list like last year so not too many presents... Got some Haiggan Daz voucher and some nice stuff from my girlfriend. No "many many" birthday wishes like last year as well.... Heehee... 29 years old liao... Going to the big THREE O's soon... Then people will start calling me "Uncle!" already....

Okay enough for now... Ha... Dunno when is the next time I will blog again....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo GuoJun!

Fate bring me to your blog.. only to realised that you have a Galfrd!


2:26 pm  

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