Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The ninth Tuesday

Wanted to blog.... But again, I can't sit down long enough to churn out a decent blog. People complain either I never blog or my blog is too short.

Being reading Tuesday with Morrie for a while now. Read quite slowly cos of the lack of time, and also to absorb all this messages. Really nice book to read, especially for people who are searching for something more to their life than just working for money and acumulating worldly possessions.

On this particular chapter, Morrie talks about spending time with your love ones, and giving them all your attention when you are with them. It struck me cos I realise that I always get distracted easily when I spent time with people. Most of the time, I get bored after a while and start taking my handphone out and start playing games.

I always get distracted and almost never give my fully attention to somebody. So I should try and start to change.

We learn something new everyday, dun we?

Thanks to Kenneth for lending me the book.

Tuesdays are for reflections... Issit? Hee...

The haze is really bad nowadays. And it irks me that I am not able to go for my running. Its been 2 weeks since I last ran... And I cannot continue because of the haze. Maybe I will just go into the gym and run the treadmill the next time.

Actually I'm not a running person. My feelings for running borderlines on hate and dislike. Maybe its because I can't run fast. That's why I hate it. Or maybe it's because I hate running, that's why I can't run fast. It's a chicken or egg thing...

Today is Tuesday. Time for cell group. Hope I have more time to churn out entries like this. Cheers


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'wat time liao' * in chinese *
Lend me the book also lehx.I wan to be enlightened too.I dun wan to work for money.I wan money to work for me.yes yes I want to run too but haze / rain / bad weather ruins it all.Lucky still got gym =)
btw,I m Sid. =P ORD lor.

9:27 pm  
Blogger 12mustardseeds said...

Have read the book but dun exactly fancy it...dun mind re-reading my Enid Blyton. Haaa.

10:28 pm  

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