Thursday, October 12, 2006

Of Wars and Rumours of Wars

Had a hard time trying to log into blogger. But now that I am here, I'm not sure what to blog...


I guess most of us are aware of the N.Korea issue with the rest of the whole. N.Korea basically set itself up against the rest of the whole by sturbbonly went ahead with her Nuclear bomb testing. Really, I cannot comprehend what they are thinking in their heads. What do they hope to achieve by making itself the enemy of the rest of the world?

N.Koreans should read the sermon that I wrote earlier.. And maybe so should US.

This is in church, Pastor talked about the reality of the end times. The possiblity of having a device implanted in our hands or forehead, as predicted by the Bible 2000 years ago. So that we can use the device to buy all the things we need, not unlike the EZ-link or Cash Card. The infamous mark of the devil: 666...

Many things are happening as the Bible has predicted. Wars and rumours or wars, earthquakes, mark of the devil.. All these are realities. Of course, many chose not to believe, and expect logical/ scientific explanations to discount the facts. And of course, the mother of all explanations: its all a coincidence.

But there is no more urgent a time than now. To decide for yourself: If what Jesus said was not true, he would be a lunatic and a liar. Such a man has no authority to found a great religion. If what Jesus said was true, then repent. The end is near.

Sorry, I a bit the "religion fanatic" today, but that's what I'm feeling now...


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