Thursday, October 19, 2006

Revisiting Lijiang

Happen to chance on a documentary on Channel U today on the City of Lijiang in China. The documentary talks about how it came about and how it is surviving now.. And it brings back many memories of the trip that I made last year.

If you check out my enties in December last year, you will see a section where I talked about my trip to Lijiang. The scenes I saw on TV is just like that which I saw in the place itself...

Ahhh..... Memories memories....

The good news is....

I'm going again this year!!! Yes! I will be going to Lijiang again, to teach the kids there some English.. just like last year...

I thank God for this opportunity to go again, because I had seen many many beauitful sights there, and I so want to see it again. Lijiang is very much different for Shanghai, which is so urbanised. Lijiang is more rual and scenic..

More beautiful.

Lijiang is significant for me. It was my 1st step to China (not including Taiwan). It was my 1st service/ humanitarian trip. It marks my 1st night under the stars for a long long time. It was so beautiful. The trip was filled with God's love and joy.

I can't wait to see the Lijiang stars again.


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