Sunday, May 29, 2005

Not in the mood....

Feeling kinda sedated lately.

Very sedated. I have no mood for anything. My favourite past times include reading, playing guitar, going for movies and blogging.

Now I got no mood for any of them.

I picked up a book - the newest book I bought by my favourite author - The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis. I read a few lines and I had to put it down. Cannot focus. Cannot continue. Not in the mood for reading.

I picked up my guitar and plucked a few chords. Nothing happens. I put down the guitar and changed to another one. Did a few licks and riffs. Dun feel a thing. Changed another guitar. Played my favourite songs. Doesn't work. No mood for guitar.

Wanted to watch Madagascar. Got put aeroplane by 7 people at the same time. How's that for loser?

Suppose to go for a run to train for my IPPT. But suddenly the sky darkens and the weather chages from bright sunny day to rainning cats and dogs in a matter of 15 minutes. Obviously God thinks that I do not need to train.

So I sat down and penned (keyboarded?) this entry. After which I will go for a nap. Maybe I will find something interesting in Dreamland.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Sorry I have not been updating this blog of mine. Haven't been in a very blogable mood these days.

Monday, May 23, 2005

New Blogs, More Blogs....

Once again, I have added 2 more new blogs in my Blogroll: Miche and Wes Sometimes I dunno why I add so much in my Blogroll. Probably it seems like a good blog to read at that time. (Like the 2 new additions) I have soo many blogs to read now. But the fact is, I dun read all the blogs in my Blogroll. It's just too many to read in a single sitting. So as a result, I only read blogs that mean something to me.

One on the 1st blog that I alway click is is FF's (no surprise). In addition to being a good friend of mine, she does have some interesting stuff to read. But then, I more interested in the happenings of her life than some of the 'rubbish' she puts up. I read my friend's blogs as priority - the rest are secondary. People like 12 Mustard Seed, Cindy, Shishan, Xenaneres, Cyber Fishbone, Maximus and Cliff's Edge will always be my 1st read.

In addition to my friend's, other blogs that continually hold my interest include Ningx, Wonky Tong, Silly Celly (she's so funny!), Princess Gab, Jayaxe and Tripleperiod's. Some I like for their style of writing, some for their personality, their sense of humour and some, for their pretty pictures. =)

Not that I dun like the rest. I'm just saying that after a hard days' work, when I dun have so much time or energy to read on all that is in my blogroll, these are what I go for. Personally, I'm more inclined to read those that I have some sort of relationship with, like my personal friends and those that comment on my blog alot.

Some of the blogs I seldom or almost never click on: Mr Brown, Mr Miyagi, The Big F, Scarlet Ting and Cheeky Readings. I know they are great bloggers in their own right and have many fans that like reading their blogs. But personally, I dun really care what they write in their blogs each day. Even for the celebrated Xiaxue, I have reduced my time on her blog. Maybe once in a while when I really have nothing to read... I dare to write this because I know that they wun be reading my blog... Wahaha. Maybe their fans will flame me.

At the end of the day, what I'm trying to say is that I started blogging partly to share my thoughts with the people out there, and it is for this same reason that I read other blogs.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Musical Baton

I have to honour of being passed the musical baton from FF earlier.

Total volume of music files on my computer:
1350 songs. 5.73 GB. Actually, this is my Bro's computer. My computer is still down now. I got about 2000 songs and 6+GB on that side but some of them overlap with the ones here. So I should have a total of 3000 songs in about 11GB. Actually, songs + Jerry Seinfield jokes.

The last CDs I bought were:
I can't remember whether its Guns and Roses - Greatest Hits or The Greatest Hits of Stevie Ray Vanguah. Bought both at about the same time.

Also, all the guitar magazines I bought come with their own CDs, do those count? =)

Song playing right now:
Bring it on Home - Led Zeppelin

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven. The reason I pick up the electric guitar. Nuff said?
Leslie Cheung - Chase (Zhui). The reason I bought a piano.
Guns N Roses - Sweet Child of Mine. The second greatest intro and guitar solo ever, after Stairway to Heaven.
Bon Jovi - Always. And I will love you, baby. Always.
Jacky Cheung - Love is Forever (Ai Shi Yong Heng). This will be the song for my wedding. Haha.

The baton is now passed to:
Ningx Just saw that she's been tagged too.
Princess Gabrielle
Cyber Fishbone
Dancing Pris

Babe Watch, Guitar Shop.

Time - Friday, late morning to afternoon.
Place - Bedok Swimming Complex

This is the FIRST time I went swimming in a public pool since the completion of my Lasik surgery approximately 8 months ago. Wahaha. Din know there are actually SO many girls to see in the swimming pools at a week day morning. In the end we spent more time babe watching then swimming.

Tsk tsk.

But at least I've got a nice tan.


Time - Satuarday afternoon
Place - Penisular Plaza Guitar Shops.

FF msn-ed me earlier and said she's going to the guitar shop at Penisular Plaza. How can I let pass an opportunity like that? To be in a room with a pretty babe and full of guitars, what more can a man ask for? Haha.

And on the way there, FF's good friend C sms-ed me and asked if I got any recommendations if she wanted to buy a guitar? I told her I'm meeting FF to shop for guitars and immediately she asked if she can join us.

Wahaha. 2 pretty babes and a room full of guitars. I'm in heaven.

Blogger Breakthrough! Meet one of the bloggers in the guitar shop also. Tripleperiod. Actually, he came along with FF to get his guitar fixed up. He seems like a nice quiet kind of guy. Heck. Any guy that likes guitars is a good guy. Wahaha.

By the way, FF did not get her guitar in the end and C got her boyfriend a nice guitar recommended by yours truly.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Really Really Really

A lot of things on my mind the past few days. But din really have the time or mood to sit down and sort my thoughts out. Never mind. Maybe later.

Went out with FF yesterday. She called me in the noon and asked if I wanted to join her and E for dinner. Of course I said yes. The only problem is I did not bring any civilian clothes with me to work and I ended up meeting them in my army uniform.

We met at City Hall mrt and went for dinner at Millennia Walk. We also went to the Harvey Norman there where FF wanted to buy a digital camera. Basically we spent the rest of the evening there. I stayed at the counter for a totally of 1 and half hours (1/2 hour before and 1 hour after dinner) while FF meticulously go through every detail of each camera before deciding on the Ixus 50. (great choice babe!) E was tempted to buy also but in the end decided to shop around a bit more 1st before deciding on which to buy.

Oh ya, I think FF really really really need a boyfriend. Wahaha.

My sis topped her class for her mid year exam this year. So proud of her.

Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm Back.

According to FF, I'm not a blogger. So now I'm back... er... blogging again. About my personal life more anyway...

My boss got a nice birthday present for his birthday two weeks ago. And since I can't afford to buy anymore new toys, I decide to settle for its pictures instead.

Wahaha... Photolog.... Easy to do and fast.... For lazy bloggers people like me.

Gundam1 (6)

Gundam1 (3)

Gundam1 (5)

Gundam1 (8)


Did I mention that my boss (and soon to be ex-boss) loves toys? (Transformers, Gundam... the like) I love toys too. (hint hint!!) And my birthday is coming soon... (HINT HINT!!!!!) Heehee.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Need a break

My initial purpose of entering the blogger world was to create an environment for refuge and condolences, an outlet for my frustrations and oppressions. Now it seems to have created more tension instead.

Why am I always the Loser?

Think I need a break.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Thinking of her again

I cannot stop thinking of her.

It is at or about 3 weeks ago when I finally decided to stop waiting for her. After so many years I finally made up my mind: To give up and move on. 3 weeks later today, I realised I still cannot forget her.

Initially it was not very hard. I had made up my mind to forget and move on. For a while everything was ok. I was able to put aside my feelings. I was able to get on with my life without thinking about her. If you have noticed, I had not blogged very much about her since I came back from Taiwan (except for this time when I did the entry on the kinds of girls I like.) I almost thought I could completely let go and move on.

Then a couple of nights back, (before the "Girls I like" entry) I dreamt of her. I can't remember the exact details of the dream, but I remember that it was a very vivid dream. I dreamt about her - I dreamt about us. Cannot really recall what happened though. But after that night I cannot stop thinking of her again.

I'm inclined to believe that I'm destined to wait for something that will never come to pass. I wait not because I chose to hang on; I wait because I could not let go. Maybe that's God's plan for me: To wait for something that I will never have.

I thought hard for the past few days. Maybe there is really nobody that can really take the place of her in my heart. At least I could not find anybody now... But I really cannot imagine anybody as perfect as her...

Like I said, maybe this is my destiny.

Note: Any I-know-better-than-you-so-you-should-do-this comments are not appreciated and will be deleted immediately.

Bad Day


I banged my car against the pillar at my place.

Plus other stuff I'm too pissed to write.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Qn: Little Black, Little Blue, Little Green and Little White went for a roller coaster ride. Who was most frightened?
Ans: Little White, because Little White vomitted.

If you guys have no idea what I'm talking about, that's because this joke only make sense in Chinese. Anyway, its lame so dun try too hard.

Qn: When going to dentist, who is most frightened?
Ans: Guojun!

Qn: What's the thing that you least want to hear when your surgeon is operating on you?
Ans: Oops!

Haha, I'm sure you guys dun appreciate lame jokes but these are exactly what went on inside my mind when I was going through my wisdom tooth op this afternoon. Silly O' me chose to have Local Anaesthetic (as opposed to General Anasethetic) and so I have full awareness of what is going on during the operation.

Very interesting experience I must say. And since I had my eyes covered, I can only guess what they were doing inside my mouth. At 1st they have to inject the anaesthetic so that was a bit painful, then after that its a lot of shoving and pushing, a little sawing and pulling, then finally I can feel the doctor putting on the stitches.

I think I drank a lot of my own blood. I hope I dun become a suicidial vampire.

Once the anaesthetis wears off, it was PAIN! PAIN! PAIN! So much so that I couldn't drive properly on the way back home. Thank God for pain killers....

And 5 day MCs. YEAH!!!

Anyway, the hospital is kind enough to let me have my tooth back, so that I can get my rebate from the tooth fairy tonight. But before that, here's a picture of it, complete with blood and everything.



Monday, May 02, 2005

Coach Carter

Quite tired, so will make this a short one.

Totally frustrated with driving in town today. Took me almost 45 minutes to get through the stretch of Orchard Rd. I hate driving at Orchard Rd during holidays. I hate parking at Sim Lim Square. I hate parking at Tampines Mall. In the end I was late with my meeting with FF. And after that, I was late for my movie.

Went in almost half an hour late. Missed a good starting part of the movie. BTW, the movie of the week is Coach Carter. Its a really cool and heart warming movie. Must watch. The movie took all my frustrations away.


Girls I like

Was talking to Miss Slow on MSN last night about what kinds of girls I like. Obviously, everybody is beginning to think that I'm getting a little too old and I should not remain single for very much longer.

Anyway, we did not go very much into details, but I thought a bit about it afterwards. To me, I believe that every girl has their own charm and is beautiful in their own way, and given the right opportunity, they will find somebody who like them for just the way they are. (This is obviously written to save my backside from the attacks of angry feminists readers)

On the physical side, I like girls that are slim. I think that is like the No. 1 criteria I see in the physical part a girl. I like girls that are slim, with a waist of maybe 24 or 25". The finest example is my favourite Miss Slow. Heehee. Tall girls are nice but short girls are sweet too. So basically I'm not too bothered by the height of the girls I like.

I also like girls with fair porcelin skin, like silk. A dash redness on the cheeks would be a nice addition. In fact, any girl with this combination of fair complexion and rosy cheeks will definitely sweep me off my feet. In the words of my good friend Desmond, I "like those 'white, white, pink, pink' one". FF has the best complexion that I know. Perfectly fair and flawless. But a bit lacking in the rosy cheek department, unless she's had her fill of beer. Haha.

In addition, I prefer long hair to short, big eyes to small, sharp face to round face, high nose bridge to a flat one. But all these, I realised, are not veto in my infatuations. The most important facial feature to me, for as long as I have liked girls, has to be the lips. I dunno how to describe the lips that I like (definitely not the BIG mouth type), just something I know when I sees it. Almost all the girls I have liked I evaluate how their lips look to me above all else. Ha. Perfect lips? Haven't found anybody yet. Pretty lips, a few.

Unlike most guys, I do not go for ladies with BIG mammaries. In fact, most of the girls I like have small mammaries, due to their super slim body nature. Also, I'm not a very legs person. Long slender legs are nice but also, they are not deciding when I get infatuated with a girl. Yes, butt is not important to me also.

That's all I can think of for the physical department. Now for the character/ personality department. Normally, for a guy, this only comes after he has sufficiently acquainted with the physical part of the girl. But for me, I think the look of the eye and certain body language can tell a lot about a person's character and personality on the 1st encounter. As they say, the eyes are the window to the souls.

My number one pet favourite type of girl is the SWEET and DEMURE type. I would totally kill for this type of girl. Unfortunately, I have only known one of such girl. It is Her. She is the ultimate SWEET and DEMURE type. There is no one more SWEET and DEMURE than her. But too bad, she never reciprocate my feelings.

There's one time I had this fetish for the Sassy Girl type. Haha. That's right, it was after I watched the movie 3 times. I dun know many girls like that though, the closest I get is FF. Hahaha. Other types that I would like:

The Elegant type, like my present cell leader. The 1st time I talked to her I was like "Woah! I feel like I'm talking to a princess!"

The Girlish type, like my present tenant Melissa. Not too girlish though. If not I cannot take it also. A little girlish is fine, not too much. (Mel, if you are reading this, I'm not saying you too girlish k? =] )

Haha. That's about it I guess. Not very hard to meet my criteria right? So why issit so hard to find one I liked?? Haha. Just kidding. Like I said (again), Every girl has their own charm and is beautiful in their own way.

Actually, for the past few days, I have been thinking a bit about her. Yes, I have given up already. But I still cannot put aside my feelings for her. The best I can do is not think about it. But its a bit hard, unless I burn all her photos and stuff... Time will heal all wounds and blur all memories? I hope so. In the mean time, here's a photo I took with her about 2 years ago, during my convocation ceremony...


Boy, I looked so young then.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

New Ipod... and other stuff

Ladies and Gentlemen, Behold!

My new Ipod Photo is finally here!!!!!

I want to take this oppourtunity to thank Miss Xenaneres for helping me purchase this beautiful baby online for the educational discount. Thanks babe. In addition, I bought the car charger and FM transmitter so that I can listen to it while I was driving. But the car charger was out of stock for the moment so I have to settle for the ipod and FM transmitter for now.

Check it out. This baby is so precious that I dare not remove the protective plastic as I have not gotten a casing for it. Haha.


And thanks to Apple's special service, I get to personalize my baby with my name... and I/C number... SWEET!!


The only problem though, is that my mother board is still not fixed and all my 2000 songs are stuck in my hard disk and I have no songs to download into my new toy. *LOSER!* Wahaha. But at least I got the 500+ songs Xenenares downloaded for me before she pass me the ipod. I will have to settle for that now. Thanks again babe!!


Miss Slow brought me to this great Christian bookshop at Kim Seng Rd yesterday, called SKS. It is a heaven for all avid Christian readers! They all all the books you ever want to read there and more! And at great prices too! Wahaha. I sound like they are paying me to say this. Did not buy anything though, because my friend JH now works in this company that sell books and I am only allowed to buy from her.

Since I'm on this, I might as well do a free promo for her also: Anybody who wants to buy any book from any author from any where can let JH knows (through me) and she will help you search for it. For a cheaper price than outside, I think.

Heehee, this is becoming a daily thingy... Here's a picture of me and Miss Slow outside SKS. (Her face is blured cos the photo has not been cleared for posting.) She's pretty, she's sweet, she's slim (very!) but she's definitely not the short type. Haha.


After that I went church and then went for movie with E and WK. (WK is my good brudder and favourite Mahjong buddy cos I always win when I play with him) E wanted to watch XXX so we had no choice but to watch with her. (Just Joking) Personally, I dun like U.S action movies very much. Normally you will just get big guns, fast cars and a lot of explosions. More or less the same for every movie. No pic no Miss E though, she's super camera shy...

Update: ARGH!!!! I accidentally deleted all the songs in my ipod!! Now I got no songs in my ipod!!! Stupid me!!! Now really have to wait until my comp is fixed liao... *sob