Saturday, June 27, 2009

Everybody and anybody with a TV/ radio/ mobile/ Internet would have know that Michael Joseph Jackson passed away 2 days ago.

Death has always been a fascinating subject for me.

My Pastor often quotes this guy that says: "The statistics of Death is fascinating - One in one person dies!"

My Pastor also say "Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship with our Creator God". Which means the next time I fill up a form I can go ahead and put in my religion as "Jedi".

Over the past 2 days, television is filled with news, videos and tributes to the late superstar. And as I see all these shows, I cannot help but realise how much he has influenced our culture and music in the past 2 decades.

Another thing I realised: How people say bad things about him when he was alive and how much people paid tributes to him after he had died.

How... hypocritical...

But I guess I am just as guilty of it. Making fun of him when he was alive and thinking how great he is after he had died, and thinking what a loss the world had experienced.

There are many people whom we loved to hate. Isn't it? Myself included. Some people, I wished I can kill them myself. some, I rather kill myself than be anywhere near them. But maybe, we don't really hate them that much. Maybe, if we had understand that every human is precious despite their flaws which, by the way, we all have. then maybe there will be less fighting, less killing and less hurting. Then maybe we will have a more peaceful world.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Let's try again...

Hi.. Its me...

The 1st time I blogged in almost 2 years... Since then I have gotten married, gained 10kg and started balding... so my wife tells me...

Its amazing what two years can do to a person right...

As I was typing this.. My 31st birthday quietly approaches...

Anyway, maybe I will say why I stopped blogging.. By saying why I started... I started blogging, I think, because I had so many things, unhappy things, stored inside of me that I wanted an outlet. So blogging gave me this outlet. Just take a look at my previous posts and you can see a lot of dark posts.. (partly also because I used a black background for my blog).. a lot of angry posts, a lot of depressed posts..

But since then, I have become a lot happier. I think this has a lot to do with me finding the love of my life, who is of course now my wife. So, slowly, I lost the urge to blog my thoughts. Its not that I stopped having thoughts, neither have I totally given up on blogging. In fact, many times I did have some things that I want to write in this blog.. But I just can't find the motivation. Plus the busy-ness of everyday life just keep me away.

But recently, I met some of my old friends whom many asked about my blog. Seems like many people (like 3 of them) missed my blog rather much. So I am encouraged to start writing again.

So this is it. A blog about re-starting to write my blog... Let's see how long I can keep up on this..