Monday, July 30, 2007

It's been about 1 and half weeks since I came back from Shanghai. People have been falling sick since we came back from there. My girlfriend just fell sick over the weekend also. Sigh...

Just had an eventful weekend as well... Take-the-City Walkaton and Cell retreat together... as well as BBQ. (My gf went back and became sick after that)... Think I also going to fall sick soon... My mouth is full of ulcers now.... =( Btw, the food from BBQ whole sale taste great. Can get from there if you going to have BBQ next time.

Back to work today again... Things at the office have been different since 2 of my buddies left the place... And everything seems a lot more dull at work nowadays.... Sigh... It's great to have good people to work with, but I guess we just have to work with what we got.


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