Thursday, June 30, 2005

The danger of the word "free"

Today is a rare day.

Today is a day of rarity.

There is rarely a day like today.

I finished work at 5.00pm today and went home straight after that. That's the good thing about being on course. You dun have to think about other stuff once the course ends for the day. (Actually, its not true. Usually I have to go back to work after my bike course. But today, I decide to not give a damn about work.)

BTW, I flunk my bike practical test today. Hit a cone when I was doing the Figure of Eight. (So much for the 13km of Figure Eights I did on Tuesday) *Crying Out Loud*

As I was saying, I took time off from work to come home early today. I need a break. For the past 2 weeks, I have been sleeping from about 10/ 10.30pm, cos I really too tired, three tired even.

Finally, I have some time to spare. I read the blogs of all my friends which I have missed for the past 2 weeks. And left some comments in some of them. Except FF's. I read FF's blog even if I no time to bath.

Daily Routine: Came home=> go to my room=> switch on the computer=> read FF's blog=> then go bathe.

Anyway, FF was saying that she dun understand why "free" was a dangerous word. Maybe she had forgotten a little joke I played on her some time ago...

It was the last day of our exams, our last paper for the semester. FF was so happy she finished her papers that the 1st thing she said when she met me was "I'm FREE!!!!". To which I replied,"Really? I always thought you were just cheap!"


She was so mad she wouldn't speak to me for 2 hours. Or issit I couldn't stop laughing for 2 hours? Haha.

Time to play some guitar. Boy! Do I miss my guitars........

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Obviously I'm crazy today

Dear Scarlett Ting,

I am sorry I wrote your name as Scarelett Ting. I didn't do it on purpose. I am very sorry and deeply remorseful. Please accept my sincere apology.



Sent my car for servicing today. Can't believe I have been driving this baby for 3 months already. So far it has been serving me well. Hee. Except today. My car drove me through a frustrating traffic jam today. I hate traffic jams.

Tomorrow is my military bike practical test. After I passed, I will convert to civillian licence. Then I will get a motorbike. Then I will have to endure traffic jams no more. Haha.

Then a few months after that I will die in a freak motorcycle accident.


Gotta look into my will again.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bike Course Day 10

Nowadays, I live a very lifeless life.

I wake up, I go for bike course, I went back office to settle some stuff, I go home, I sleep.

That's it.

Time now is 2130hrs and I can hardly keep my eyes open.

I rode for almost 10 hours straight on the bike today. I think I clocked 10km on the balancing beam itself.

And another 13km doing Figure Of Eights.

All the joints on my fingers are swollen.

Thursday is my first practical test. Hope I can pass it

Yes, I'm copying Ting's format of blogging, only much shorter.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Lot Like Love.

When FF calls me on a sunday morning, it means that she got nothing to do and wants me to watch a movie with her.

Today we watched "A Lot Like Love". It's about the friendship between a boy and a girl and how the relationship is... Er... A lot like love.

The (almost) perfect movie for the 2 of us. Oliver and Emily (the 2 main characters) are just like me and FF, except:

1. Oliver and Emily met about 5 times in 7 years; Me and FF meet every other week, if not every week.
2. The first time Oliver and Emily met, they had sex in the airplane toilet; on the day we meet, the first thing FF said to me was "Do you smoke?"
3. Oliver and Emily had sex in the national park; the closest me and FF gets is to play Dai Dee in her room.
4. I am so much a better guitar player than Oliver.

Suddenly I feel this post is very bo liao.....

On the more blog worthy note, I had the honour of meeting the critically acclaimed Kenny Sia At Plaza Sing today.

Initial D rocks!

Watch Initial D last night. FF was right. It rocks! Totally.

Present for the movie last night was JH, YH, Munic & Sis, Jade, C & Boyfriend. And of course, me, myself and I. FF and E put us aeroplane due to their other commitments.

As I was saying, Initial D rocks. It has the Jap anime formula perfected. First, it start with 15 minutes of sheer comedy. The business of Japanese anime is a very cruel world, more cruel than the world you see in the comics itself. There are so many Jap comics produced everyday in Japan. If you fail to capture your audience is your first 15 minutes, you have failed. So many manga authors choose to use intense comedy to secure their readers. Others use sex and violence but obviously we can't get that in Singapore.

BTW, for the uninitiated, Initial D was adapted from a hit Japanese comic book.

Sorry I digressed. Initial D rocks. Period.

Except maybe the racing scenes could be a bit better. Ok, now we period.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

My Birthday so far...

Hee... I always enjoy my birthdays, cos its that time of the year when everybody reminds me how much they care about me. Sometimes its a bit hard going through this journey of life alone.

And I got very wonderful presents too. Like the Angel in a Box Jade gave to me last week. That was my first birthday present. I like small and cute stuff (like a girl like that) but Jade was not happy that I classified it as useless... (Sorry babe) Anyway, the small and cute angel is out of the box and on top of the dashboard of my car now...


My second present was by my favourite Feline. A 256Mb SD card for my Canon Digital Camera.


Yeah! Now I can take more pretty pictures of my pretty friends and post their blurred faces on my blog. Wahaha. We couldn't remember what I gave her for her birthday last year, therefore, I believed that I owe her 02 x birthday presents this year. Hmm....

Another lady - lets call her HS - gave me a packet of jelly. Hmm... Er... Eh... I dunno what to say... The packet of fruity jellies are suppose to symbolise fruitfulness in my life. Heehee. I had preferred a gift that would last longer, and not something that is gone once eaten, or otherwise. But all thanks to be God, and modern technology, I managed to immortalize it with this picture.
Update: I was told by Jade that the jelly was not cheap. Hmm....

My tenant, Melz, gave me Colonge for my birthday. Obviously she thinks that I smell very bad. Wahaha. Seriously, that is also one of my favourite present. Had been using it since the next day I got it. (Cos everytime need to meet my friends after training and I got no time to bath... Eww.. ) Personally, I thinks she smell very nice. And she is very cute too. Got chance I show the blurred picture of her face. Wahaha. Meanwhile, here's a CLEAR picture of the present she gave me.

Cell group celebrated for me on the actual day itself. No present from them though.. or maybe they haven't give me yet... I dunno... Wahaha. But got very nice cake. Its Cookies n' Cream from Angie's Choice. Really very nice cake. But I'm sorry to say that after a hard day's training, I was too tired to enjoy the celebration totally.
Update: Actually Cell Group got a present for me, but they forgot to bring... So I still dunno what is it...

Then comes my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE FAVOURITE present this birthday. It was given to me by Miss E. Actually I hinted that I wanted that for my birthday. It was a Initial D ashtray! Complete with tyres somemore!! Wahaha. I know I dun smoke but I think it really really look very cool. I bet FF would want one of those after watching the Initial D movie. E told me it was the last piece in the shop when she got the thing. Heehee. I'm so lucky!! I must say a big Thank You to E here.


Thats all the presents I received so far. I haven't receice the bookmark Ningx did for me. Next week I'm meeting Miss Slow and Cindy so I'm expecting more presents on the way as well. *ahem*

Finally, special thanks to those to wish me happy birthday through sms... I dun want to lose the messages after I deleted them so I copied them onto the blog here, in chronological order, all in its original version:

Yihui: Hey happy birthday.! C ya later! Gee..
Su Jiahui: Blessed Bdae bro! See ya tomolo! May the LOrd be the one tat u wil always chase after...
Munic: Happy birthday... Enjoy man...
Barney: Happie b'day gj. God bless
Elayne: Happy 27 th birthday! wish all your dreams n wishes come true!
Shishan: Hi! Happy birthday! u.
Juni: Yo... Happy birthday...
Cindy: hey dude HAPPY BDAY!!!!
Rensheng: Yo! Happy Birthday!!! You must be on off today. Enjoy and have fun!!! u
Marlin: Hi! How r u? btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish u ol e best in these lifetime.b happy and healthy always.God Bless!
Brian (BRC): Happy Birthday sir!
Debbie: Happy birthday!
Liyong: Yoz!! May u hav a Happy n Joyous Bday!! Gd luck 4 ur future endeavours!!
Stephen Au: Happy birthday! May your wishes and dreams all come true. Hope i am not too late too... Many years of good returns! Cheers!
Caryn: Opps, happy belated birthday! Sorry that i forgot it yesterday. Cheers, it's weekend again soon!
Serena: Happy birthday! Make everyday your birthday and be happy!
Junsong: Forgot to wish you a happy birthday! So... ... Happy birthday!
CPT Alex: Hey Brother, Happy birthday hor. A bit late but still can lah hor. :p
Added: And I forgot to thank Miss Ada for sending me a E-birthday card. Thanks babe. Sorry about it

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Today is my 27th birthday!!

But really too tired to blog.

Probably will blog about it over the weekend.

Thanks to all my friends who sms-ed and wish me happy birthday.

And special thanks to Ben who call me from Aust to wish me happy birthday.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Cave B

Once upon a time, there was 3 caves: Cave A, Cave B and Cave C. Inside each cave, there is a sheep. Then one day, the big bad wolf came. The big bad wolf went to Cave B and ate the sheep inside.

Moral of the story: If you are the sheep in Cave B, you are screwed.

Today I Cave B. During Bike Course, I fell and fell.... and fell. And I also broke the side view mirror... In the end, I had to stay back for remedial training.

Today I very Cave B.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

About Her again

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that there is a girl I like... Her... I haven't wrote about Her in a while..

I met Her for the very first time four years ago, today. Yup, that's right, 21st June 2001. It was during our church camp at NUS, Eussof Hall Hostel. I was on my 3rd year in NUS going to my fourth, she was ih her 1st year going 2nd. The moment I saw her, she took my breath away. She was the sweetest, cutest, most beautiful girl I have ever seen. At least to me she was... And still is.

At that moment, I knew she was special. Very special. But I din believe in "love at 1st sight", at that time, to me, it was just an infatuation. But four years later today, I dun really think it was infatuation anymore. She had a twin sister, who looked very much like her. I saw both of them that day, but it was only Her that made me feel different. Dun ask me why is it different, and dun ask me how I know who is who. I just know.

Anyway, I never forget that moment, the moment four years ago, the very first time I set my eyes on her...


I know the next part will sound ridiculous to many, but please bear with me this time. It is, after all, my thoughts, my blog, my love story.

The next defining moment was about 8 months after that, in 23rd Feb 2002. It was the very 1st of our church's aunnal major conference. (G12 Conference, if you know) It was the last day, the last evening of the conference. The Pastor taught us to give up something that is important to us so that our hands would be free to receive God's new blessing. I gave up my most prized guitar at that time. Then all the guys went forward to be prayed by the Pastor.

That was when I heard God saying that She is the one.

Ok. I know it sounds ridiculous. Ok. Never mind.

Anywayz, I only told her of my feelings for her in June 2003. She didn't feel the same for me. To cut the long story short, to this day, I am still waiting.

I have tried forgetting about Her and going for other girls, but each time either I failed or I realised that I can't find anybody I liked as much as Her. Oh well, I tried my best. Seriously, I've done all that I could, and couldn't do. I really dunno what else to do... except to continue waiting... And pray....

I haven't seen her or talked to her for almost 3 months... But quietly I wait everyday... and pray... That's all I can do...

Monday, June 20, 2005

Today is my lucky day

Miss C gave me a sms hug and later Miss E gave me a msn kiss.

Hmm... E commented that I'm a lucky man cos I have soo many Chio Bu friends... Quite true, all my close friends are chio buz with beeline of suitors... Wahaha. But I'm not interested in them...

My heart only got Her... Heehee... Sadz...

More about her tomorrow...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Another usual Sunday

FF was suppose to come my place for guitar playing today. But (not so) early in the morning she called me and said she's too lazy to come over my place. Haha. Quite typical of her...

But we still decide to go ahead with our plans to watch Batman Begins.. But before that, we went to Harbour Front where she got me my 2nd birthday present. This year she got me a 256MB SD card for my Canon Ixus 40 digital camera. Last year she got me a great looking white adidas polo shirt which I wore 8 out of 10 times I go out with her. Haha.

My 1st birthday present of the year is a cute but totally useless crystal angel; my second is a very practical but totally un-cute memory card... Haha... Can't decide which one I like better... (Cos both of them read my blog... Wahaha)

Ningx will be giving me one of her home-made bookmarks... That will be a very special present indeed... Both cute and practical... Haha..

As I was saying, me and FF watched Batman Begins, together with our fav E. E thinks the movie was not bad; FF thinks it sucked big time. I think it was ok. I like the part where he uses the high frequency ultra sound to summon his bats to create a distraction... But the Batmobile is freaking ugly... Haha

Think I Haha-ed too much on this entry... Haha.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Its Chill Time....

It weekend again. Thank God! How I need this weekend. Its been another long and tiring week. With my bike course and work and all... Finally, it has come to Saturday. Finally, I can do the things I want. Finally, I have time to chill.. I sound like a deprived NSF, don't I?

I finally took the time to upload the pictures I took last week. Check out my previous entry: My week long entry during my weekend duty. (Part 2). Lots of interesting photos uploaded.

Note: My birthday is coming. Everybody please wish me happy birthday from now until 23rd June.

Met Jade today and got my 1st birthday present. Its a cute "Angel in a box".


Can see the words? Feel so blessed. I like cute stuffs. Hope I get more cute stuffs for my birthday. (Haha! I sound like a freaking girl!) I'm suppose to put this on the dashboard of my car.

Was re-studying the Highway Code for my bike course. Actually some of the test questions are so funny! Like:

The traffic light turns from Amber to Red. You should:
a. Decelerate and Stop
b. Accelerate and beat the light if there is no policeman around
c. Horn at the pedestrians if you want to go through.

DUH! Who say Highway Code is hard and requires studying?

Friday, June 17, 2005

Bike Course, Day 2

Bike course is tough.... I have no talent for riding a bicycle, less so a motorbike... But all in all, it was fun... The only thing is that I have to re-study my highway code... which I had forgotten since I passed my basic theory 8 years ago. Haha.

Thank God I'm not the worse there, at least I did not fell down the bike twenty hundred times... But the instructors said my body is too tense... Maybe that's why I feel so tired now... Also, I lack the confidence to fully let go and let the bike run.

Petrol is CHEAP!! 23% discount leh!!! I went to top up once I heard the news, even though I still got half a tank full...

Can't wait to finish this bike course. Then I can convert to civilian licence and buy a cheap motorbike... Yeah.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Busy... Tired... No time...

Too tired to blog, too tired to read blogs...

Going to start my SAF 2B riding course tomorrow. i.e. learn how to ride motorcycle.

Should be fun.

Not enough sleep.. Tired.. Headache.. Need rest.

Good night.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

My week long entry during my weekend duty. (Part 1)

Ladies and Gents, Let me apologise once again for the lack of entries this past week. Work has been a little on the physical side this week and I have little energy left after a hard day's work to gather my thoughts and record them down in any coherent manner. (i.e. too tired to blog)

Right now, I doing my favourite weekend duty and I'm using the I-net computer to blog again... Wahaha. Guess I will have to blog this week's events in chronologically, for that sense of completeness. No pictures though, or anything fanciful - the camp's comp is kinda screwed up. I will add in the photos and the other stuff when I get back home..

This entry should be rather long... I will divide it into 3 parts.

Monday - Nothing much actually. Woke up late for work. Boss not happy.

Tuesday - Work as usual. Jade has been bugging me to watch Mr & Mrs Smith with her since last month. Dun think I can make it this week. So I met her for dinner to pass her 02 x movie vouchers so that she can get someone else to watch with her.

Update on Her. She's currently not with any guy now, (she almost got attached to another guy that I know) but is presently considering going out with a new guy. Kinda mixed feelings for me when I found out. Sigh... If only I can rip my heart out and burnt it on a stake. Then maybe I wun have to feel a thing.

Wednesday - Had an eventful work day. After work I went down to church for our monthly prayer meeting. I need God. God have mercy on me.

Thursday - Work as usual. Had a good talk with my S2. He gave me a lot of advice and encouragement. In fact, when I hinted to him that I'm thinking of leaving the force, he encouraged me to stay on... Never expected that he would do that.

End of part one... Take a break... But dun forget to comment!! Haha.

My week long entry during my weekend duty. (Part 2)

Friday - Took IPPT today. But too bad the stop watch cock up. So my test result cannot be counted. Wasted effort. Then again, my result wasn't very good either. Decided to watch Mr and Mrs Smith on Sat after service cos no one in my cell would be going for church. Went to buy the tickets today cos I was scared it would be sold out by the time I want to buy tomorrow.

In the evening was my company's cohesion function. I brought FF, E and C along, for the fun of it. Also a chance for them to google at cute and fit army guys. The only problem for me is that I had to drive all of them to and from the function. Haha. I clocked 150km that night. I arrived almost 2 hours late. Imagine the uproar I created when I stepped into the room full of army guys with 3 beautiful ladies. Haha.


Celebrated my birthday (which is supposed to be 23rd June) during the cohesion. I think this is the 1st time I celebrated my birthday with the army guys. I had to provide cake for myself though. Baked by my mom... =)

*insert picture of cake* <- hope I can find one. Added: Too bad I have no picture of the cake taken...

I think the girls had a good time. But they did not interact much with the guys though. They all act shy. Haha. After that we went to the newly opened Hagendaz at Bishan Junction 8. I treated the girls ice cream in appreciation for their pressence with me for my company's cohesion. We all had a lot of fun. Its been a very long time since the 4 of us came out together like this.

Ice-cream at Hagendaz!!!

Pardon my "poser" look..

C trying to act cute... Haha

E has been calling me "Sir" ever since.

End of Part 2. Comments!! Comments!!

My week long entry during my weekend duty. (Part 3)

Saturday - Had free Dim Sum buffet lunch in the afternoon. Cos one of my friends signed on the army and he gave us a treat in celebration of his decision. But too bad I cannot eat a lot cos there's a lot of prawny stuff. Can only eat stuff without prawns.

Evening was church as usual. Except that ALL my cell group was not avaliable that night. So I go alone and sit alone, which is not really bad cos I sat beside a pretty pretty lady. Haha. din talk to her lah. I go there to worship God.. *ahem*

I MET PRINCESS GABRIELLE AT CHURCH TODAY!! Wahaha. So surprise that she actually called out to me. (I not used to girls making the 1st move. Haha) Gab is so so so much prettier in real person than her photos. Like "fairy come down to earth" type. Haha. Had a short intro and chat and also got intro-ed to her Desmond. He looks bigger in real life then the pictures she posted up. But too bad I am not quick enough to whip out my camera to take picture with her... Sadz..

After church I went to watch Mr & Mrs Smith. Together with me includes FF and E, Jade and housemate and my good friend Tng WK. Personally I think the show was ok only. Entertaining but not fantastic. I think the ending was not satisfying as well. But quite fun to watch lah.

Wahaha. Finally. This was my week. I apologise again for the lack of update. Hope you enjoy reading them. Will be busy again next week....

Monday, June 06, 2005

Another Random Rumbling

Mental Note: If I had stayed on in the SAF when I am getting married, I will not ask for a military wedding.

Did Sword Bearing for my friend's wedding last Sat. Quite an experience. Imagine 8 of us crossing our swords above our heads along the alsie as the bride and groom walked through them. But the catch is that they have to clear an obstacle each time they passed a Sword Bearer, like getting the groom to sing a song to the bride or the groom to carry the bride up... that kind of stuff...

I dun see the point of getting myself extra tekan on my wedding day. IF there is any girl who is willing to marry me...


Sunday was great! Spend the whole day with my cell group in my Princess Cell Leader's place. Din really do much, but Princess did made lunch for all of us.


Very long never upload picture liao... Looks good eh? Me thinks she got the makings of a "saltish wife and cooling mother". Not that it's got anything to do with me... Wahaha.
Check out our cell blog for the full pictures...

Then after dinner we went to watch Madagascar. Its the 1st time I used my $7 ticket since I bought them... Wahaha. The movie was ok only though... Not fantastic... Monster-in-Law was better...

And Congrats to FF for getting her 1st guitar!!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Hang tough

It's been a tough 2 weeks. I really feel like giving up again. (I'm not a very strong guy, am I?)

Jesus said, "Indeed there are those who are last who will be first, and first who will be last." (Luke 13:30). But its so tough being the last everytime. Nobody likes being the last. But yet, somebody has to be.

Many a times, that somebody is me.

The fact is, nobody likes a loser, or being one. We all like winners and champions and we like being with them. Except Jesus, He hung out with the loserest of the people. It's tough being the last all the time, with little encouragement from anybody, except the reminder that everybody is still "looking out for No. 1".

Sometimes I really want to question my purpose and meaning for existence in this life. Sometimes I feel like I'm not able to do anything right and I feel so useless.

Strange, though, I found encouragement, of all persons, from my Bde S2.


I hate to admit it but I still think of her everyday.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Shacked out.

Totally shacked out today. Have not went through such hard training since my Guards Conversion time. Think I wun be able to even walk tomorrow. Anyway, only have myself to blame for being so slack.
BTW, before I forgot, I want to thank E for helping me get the 7 dollar movie tickets. Now until the rest of the year, I can watch movies for 7 bucks even if its a weekend!! That's quite a deal considering movie tickets at weekends cost 9.50 now. Thanks Babe.