Tuesday, November 30, 2004

"Guojun-ought-to-be-scolded" Day

I think today is "Guojun-ought-to-be-scolded" Day.
Dunno why but today is not a very good for me. Maybe all the stars in the universe are aligned in such a way that everything I do, I will be scolded. Or maybe somebody shifted something in my room and the whole cosmic balance of Feng Shui has turned against me. Maybe my 8 characters got mixed up with somebody stupid and I'm cursed with all bad luck today.
It started when I 1st step into my workplace. Somebody left some classified documents around the office and I got blame for it. Sigh... That triggered off a series of events where I got scolded throughout the day.
Lesson learnt: Dun work so hard when the boss is not around; and dun read newspapers when the boss is about to step into the office... And look like you are working hard when the Boss is not in a good mood.
Ok, I admit, I'm not totally focused on work today.. but still, I got scolded for the slightest thing...
So today shall forever be known as "Guojun-ought-to-be-scolded" Day.

Monday, November 29, 2004

The Encounter That Never Was...

This past weekend I was very much in the "Thinking of her" mood. Dunno why.
This morning woke up in that mood also... I miss her very much... When can I see her again?
Worked til pretty late today. Almost to 10pm in fact. And after that went for dinner with my colleagues at Jurong West before heading for home. After dinner, my colleague offered to drop me at Chua Chu Kang (CCK) MRT so that it is faster for me to take the MRT home from there.
As I got off the car and walked towards CCK MRT, I realised something:
Monday night + 11.00pm + Chua Chu Kang MRT = The best timing to meet Her by coincidence!
You see, monday night is the time when she would go for cell group at Bukit Merah, which ends about 10pm in the evening. Then she will take the MRT home from Redhill MRT Station which means that she will arrive at CCK MRT Station at approximately 11.00pm.
That's where I was just now, CCK MRT at 11.00pm
I looked around the MRT Station, no sign of her. Felt a bit disappointed. Well, actually I knew that it was unlikely to meet her. "Guojun," I said to myself, "you are thinking too much..." I kept my eyes closed as I stepped onto the escalator.
I stepped out of the escalator onto the platform at took a look at the TV screen to see when the train was coming.
1 more minute.
The train which I was going to board could be the one she would alight from. My heartbeat began to increase with anticipation.
The train came and a dozen or so people alighted from it.
I looked around.
No sign of Her.
"Guojun," I said to myself again, "you are thinking too much..." and board the train for Bishan MRT.
Was so tired... Kept my eyes closed for a while...
Then my phone beeped.
"Guojun, just now think i saw u but u r going into the mrt. How come u r in cck?"
Yup. It was Her. She was in the Mrt Station. She was in that train. She was alighting when I board the train. She saw me. I did not see Her.
It makes the perfect scene for some cheesy Hong Kong movie, doesn't it?
But if anybody really makes a film about my life, we will get a whole new category in movies.
We had Action, Horror, Drama, Tragedy, Romance, Comedy, Romantic Comedy....
Then we will have a new category, which will be called Romantic Tragedy

Sunday, November 28, 2004


Suffering is something that all of us will experience one time or another. None of us like to suffer. It is something that we love to hate, and a state that no one would like to be long in.
I myself just came out of a low point of my life. Read the entries in my blog a couple of weeks ago and you will know what I mean. During the point of suffering - which can last from hours to days to years - most people, depending on the magnitude of the suffering, tend to focus on very little things else from the pain that they are suffering from at that point of time. Myself included.
During the times of suffering, the most natural reaction of most people is to want to get out of that suffering as much as possible. Just like my friend who is having some financial problems, she does all she can in her power to reduce those problems, to resolve them and to eliminate them. None one like to be in the mist of suffering.
But we also know that through suffering, people became stronger, be it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Just as Calvin's Dad would say:
We grow in the mist of our suffering. We become wiser and more emotionally stable. We learn good habits to avoid going into the rut again. We learn to appreciate what we have when we learnt to survive on what we have not. We went through the valleys of our lives and, with what we have learnt, we can help others who were going through the same valley.
In the words of the Bible,
We "carry the cross daily" so that we "become more and more like Christ"
Herein lies my dilemma: Should I go all out to help my friend who is in need, whom I mentioned a few paragraph earlier, or should I let her go through her problems so that she will grow from it? Does that mean that the more I helped her, the less she will benefit from her ordeal? If I let her be, how much can she take before she breaks down? If I help her with her problem, does that mean that she will grow less because of me? And if we are suffering, do we not want somebody to do everything to help us?
Somebody help me out here.
But this I know:
When we are all crying from out pain, we are not alone. When we cry out in pain, His heart is broken for us. He has experienced all the pains and suffering that any man has experience. He knows what we are going through for He went through the same thing, if not more. And we know that when we are crying, Jesus cries with us.
Jesus wept - John 11:35

Fat Update 1

Last week, in the attempt to lose some weight, I came up with 10 Commandments to follow.

They are:
1. Thou shall run at least 5km 3 times per week
2. Thou shall swim at least 2 times per week
3. Thou shall go to gym at least 3 times per week
4. Thou shall not eat more than 3 meals a day
5. Thou shall not eat anymore ice-cream
6. Thou shall not eat anymore chocolate
7. Thou shall not eat anymore oily and fattening food
8. Thou shall not eat anymore fast food
9. Thou shall not sit on butt all day
10. Thou shall do each and everything written above

(Actually the last one was crap, but I could not think of anything else)

Today has been exactly 1 week since I wrote those stuff, and I think its time for a review of my progress.

1. Thou shall run at least 5km 3 times per week - fail (Ran 1 time 5km and 1 time 3.5km only)
2. Thou shall swim at least 2 times per week - fail (Swam none)
3. Thou shall go to gym at least 3 times per week - fail (Gym none)
4. Thou shall not eat more than 3 meals a day - pass
5. Thou shall not eat anymore ice-cream - fail (Took one spoonful of the Mac's Caramel Sundae)
6. Thou shall not eat anymore chocolate - pass
7. Thou shall not eat anymore oily and fattening food - fail (Ate a lot of fried stuff)
8. Thou shall not eat anymore fast food - fail (Ate Mac 2 times this week)
9. Thou shall not sit on butt all day - pass
10. Thou shall do each and everything written above - fail

Looks like it is more difficult than I thought. Think I gained weight instead of losing them.

Have to work harder next week!

Bridget Jone's Diary

What do you know, turns out I watched 2 movies this week instead of none.

At about 12pm today, FF smsed me and asked if I wanted to watch Bridget Jone's Diary 2, The Edge of Reason with her today. Having not met FF for the past 3 weeks, of course I said yes.

Turns out she brought 2 other beautiful ladies with her to the movie... Heehee...

One is her little sister (which I forgot her name) and her cute NUS schoolmate, Elyane.

BJD2 was a wonderful romantic comedy to watch, (especially with 3 beautiful women together). Expect all the fun you got from BJD1 and more. Lots of Laughs. Sweet romantic ending. Perfect date movie.

I give it 4.5/5


Yesterday, I went on war.
To ensure my victory, I made a deliberate trip to Orchard Cineleisure at 3pm in the afternoon, to buy the tickets for the midnight show for Casshern - I can't make online or telephone booking cos I dun have a credit card. (but dun let the girls know that)
I arrived back at Orchard Cineleisure at 9.30pm, when I was suppose to meet up with my movie buddy. (it is blog-worthy to note that my movie buddy this time is a guy - its been aeons since I watched a movie with a male homosapien) However, he was caught up with some stuff, plus the lack of parking space in Orchard during Sat nights, and only arrived at 11.30pm.
So meanwhile, I spend 2 hours watching movie trailers repeat themselves tirelessly on the TV screen, with 1 hour belonging to the trailer for the new Stephen Chow movie, Kung Fu Hustle. Looks like another typical Stephen Chow movie, which means I have to watch this movie even if I die in the process!
Anyway, back to Casshern. I went expecting a movie with a very simple plot:
Mutant and human war; Mutant more powerful than human; Super hero (Casshern) comes in and save the world; And everybody lived happily ever after.
What I saw was close, but not exactly. The plot was a lot, and I say again - a lot, more complicated. The mutants were a result of a human experiment gone wrong. As the result, the humans became scared and tried to kill all the mutants. Naturally the mutant seeks revenge. The superhero emerge - also as a result of the experimental accident - as the form of the dead son of the scientist heading the experiment and save mankind.
What is heavy on the mental CPU, and what I like about the movie, is that it seeks to explore those crap questions which have no definite answers to. Like the need for war, meaning of life, right of survival and destiny. It was obvious though, that it did not go well with the general crowd, including my movie buddy who fell asleep towards the end. I think most people, like me, expected something more of a simple kill'em all with several mind-numbing, visually stunning and awe inspiring special effects. Sad to say, there is only one good fighting scene, and it could be downloaded in the trailer. Also, you have to watch the entire movie before you can understand what is actually going on.
Still, I enjoyed the mental rollercoaster. (I had a hard time convincing my movie buddy on this) The (only) fighting scene was superbly done and the whole movie has a very good Manga/ anime atmosphere to it. Just dun watch it during midnight cos it needs a lot of concentration and mental agility. Did I mention it is in Japanese also?
I give it 3.5/ 5 stars.
Casshern is only shown exclusively in Orchard Cineleisure.

Friday, November 26, 2004

New addition

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Pls welcome, to my link, Mr Seditionist - Ben Lim.

And the Goddess of Blog herself, Miss Xiaxue!!!!!

I Can't Believe This!!!

In 3 consecutive days, I was denied for all the movies that I wanted to watch.

Something is stopping me from watching movie this week.

Yesterday, I wanted to watch Casshern at Orchard Cineleisure with my Colleguage cum Good Friend cum Brother. We planned to watch the 9.20pm show but at 8.00pm yesterday, he decided that it was too late and not want to watch the movie anymore. We end up eating Mac for dinner.

Today, me and Xenaneres was suppose to meet up to watch School of Seduction at Lido, 9.30pm. But at 6pm today, She called me and said she was too tired from her work.

Tomorrow, we planned to catch Casshern again, but we just cannot find a suitable time slot.

Something is against me this week.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Sob sob... ...
Broke one of my 10 Commandments today. Went to Mac and had a Double Cheese burger meal for dinner.
Plus 1 spoon of the caramel ice-cream...
Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!
Actually I have not been very faithful in this "religon" so far. Only managed to run 01 x 5km once this week and haven't been swimming or gymming at all. I blame it on work, weather and everything else... except myself, of course.
Back to square one. Felt that I gained weight more than I lost weight. But this is not mean I give up! Tomorrow is another day!
Or maybe I shd just go and buy a bottle of Xtreme...
Fell sick today, or else I would have run another 5km... Thank God work was light today, or else I could have died.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Trigger Happy

Its amazing how trigger happy some people can be.

Almost all men in Singapore gets to shoot a rifle when doing their National Service. In fact, I just had my Marksmanship test these 2 days. I'm not a Sniper quality kind of soldier, so I'm happy with my score of 25/40.


Anyway, I still that the SAR21 is not as good as the M16. Particularly the weight of the weapon. It also does not help that I had a bad 1st experience of the weapon. Or maybe I'm just Old-School...

Some people really like to shoot, or what we normally call "trigger happy" At least from what I saw today... Moreover, the bullet's free... so, why not? Its one of the ultimate highs for our testosterone.

FF commented that she would rather be "consumed by testosterone instead of estrogen". Believe you me, dear, you would rather not. Simply because if you are, you will be ruled by your dick (assuming you have one) and that you have to shave every single day. And you will have to do all the stupid things that guys like to do. Trust me, its not so fun.

Think the quality of my blog is getting from bad to worse. Sh*t

Monday, November 22, 2004

Just a few points...

Very tired... so will write this very quickly... and in point form...

Had a terrible day today.

Was suppose to be on leave, but end up working much harder than normal.

Moral of the story: Never go and pick something up from the office when you are on leave.

End up missing my appointment with JADE in the afternoon.

Push the appointment to the evening but still late in the end.

Was suppose to watch The Incredibles @ 7.40pm with JADE and SHAN, but as I did not get the tickets earlier, the tickets were sold out when I went to buy at 7pm.

Had to watch the 9pm show instead.

The Incredibles was great. Really glad I watched it.

We all lived happily ever after.

Or until I next blog so.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

I'm Fat

I sat on my butt all day today.

1. I sat on my butt while I was blogging
2. I sat on my butt while I was chatting on Msn and Icq
3. I sat on my butt while I was playing online games
4. I sat on my butt while I was playing my guitars
5. I sat on my butt while I was eating breakfast, lunch and dinner
6. I sat on my butt while I was watching television

With all the inputs and little output, (except through my butt) I am getting fatter and fatter through the weekends. I discovered, much to my horror, that I had to go down another notch while wearing my belt yesterday.

It is a day of daunting revelation. And it calls for drastic measures.

I have the following few options:

a) Xtreme, Xando, Tummy Trim
b) Girdle (as inspired by Miss Xiaxue)
c) Intense exercise
d) Strict dieting
e) Liposuction

After careful consideration, I decide on option c) and d) .

Because it is the Man thing to do...

Plus it is also cheaper...

Therefore, as a guide, I have come up with my 10 Commandments to weight loss

1. Thou shall run at least 5km 3 times per week
2. Thou shall swim at least 2 times per week
3. Thou shall go to gym at least 3 times per week
4. Thou shall not eat more than 3 meals a day
5. Thou shall not eat anymore ice-cream
6. Thou shall not eat anymore chocolate
7. Thou shall not eat anymore oily and fattening food
8. Thou shall not eat anymore fast food
9. Thou shall not sit on butt all day
10. Thou shall do each and everything written above

Wow!!! That’s a difficult list to follow. Let's see how many I can keep. For the sake of my figure, I shall attempt to stick to them as much as possible.

Pray that I can make it!!!


Morning! I woke up and have this obsessive compulsive feeling that I have to blog this! I am going to write a blog on what C.K.J stand for! It is as if if I dun blog this, I will die! So what does C.K.J stand for? I wrecked my brains for a whole 30mintues and I came up with the following 9 groundless, useless and meaningless definitions:

1. Carrot Kiwi Juice - Self-explanatory.
How to use: Auntie! 1 cup of C.K.J! Dun want ice!

2. Childish Kiddish Joker - Used to describe somebody who is Childish and Kiddish, and like to tell lame jokes.
How to use: That guy is such a C.K.J! So childish and bo liao. And all his jokes are so lame.

3. Chinese Kungfu Jelly - Inspired by Alex Munday's (Lucy Liu) Chinese Kungfu Muffins in Charlie's Angels I.
How to use: Just use it to throw at people... ...

4. Captain Kinky Jackass - Used to describe people who are... well... a Jackasses.
How to use: That guy is such a C.K.J! I can't stand him!

5. Cheap Kampong Jewelry - Inexpensive cosmetic Jewelry that doesn't even bother to look like the real thing.
How to use: Wah lao! You mean your Dear dear bought you this C.K.J for your birthday? He is such a cheapskate!

6. Cool Killer Jacket - Self-explanatory
How to use: Hey Dude! That's a C.K.J you are wearing!

7. Crude Kitchen Job - Poorly done job. Lousy workmanship. Sloppy effort.
How to use: If you do another C.K.J on the work I give you, you will be fired.

8. Come Kowtow to Jesus - Self- explanatory
How to use: Those who believe, C.K.J and confess your sins...

9. Chew Kuo Jiun - The One! The Only! Yours Truely! Thats me!
How to use: C.K.J is such a nice guy, C.K.J is such a wonderful guy, C.K.J is such a handsome guy, C.K.J is such a charming guy... etc. You get the idea.

Hope these definitions have been entertaining. Now that I have wrote all these down, I can go back to sleep.... .

Saturday, November 20, 2004

blah blah blah

ME am SO SO SO HAPPY today!! The Cindy wrote a really really sweet and wonderful entry (<= EVERYBODY LOOK AT THIS!!) to me in her blogspot today. No doubt an effort to reciporcate my entry to her a few days ago, but nevertheless, a very sweet and wonderful effort. Head swelled so big I can't get out of my room today.


btw, forgot to add in that blog,

The Cindy loves astromony and star gazing.

OMG, how could I have left that out? Sorry about that babe.

I can't wait to watch The Incredibles. Heard is very good, but I can only get a date on monday evening. Hope nothing will go wrong. *fingers cross + toes cross*. Haven't watched any movies this week (which is a very long time in Guojun years), oh wait, I watched Taxi with 2 pretty ladies on monday. Very funny show but maybe not as good as the original French version.

FF is not available to meet up this week.

Really very broke this month.

Dear God, please let me win money at majhong soon!

Friday, November 19, 2004

I love Hebe

S.H.E is coming this coming January!

This is the only chance I have to tell Hebe I love her and ask her to marry me.

Is she pretty or what?

Heehee, to think an old geezer like me going ga-ga over a pretty pop singer like a 15 year old boy. (Note: To get a life). Lucky for me, I'm too stingy to spend a couple of hundreds to go to their concert. Heck, I'm even too stingy to buy their album. Mine is all Mp3 format wan. Wahaha...

At the risk of being sued by their record company, I wrote this blog with great fear and trembling.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Cindy

As commanded, I will dedicate this particular entry to The Cindy.
I still remember my 1st encounter with The Cindy. It was roughly in the middle of June 1999, during this thing called the The Engineering Faculty Freshmen Orientation Camp. I was a Orientation Group Leader and The Cindy was a freshman (or freshwoman?) in my good friend, Kpoh's group. So at the end of the 1st day of the camp, Me, Kpoh and Des were showcasing our fav freshmen (or freshwoman, rather) in our group. Can't remember whom Des showed but Kpoh pointed us to The Cindy, declaring her as the belle of his group.

The Cindy is Cute.

For those who wanted to know who was the one in my group, I will only say that she is a super hero. Therefore, to protect her identity, I cannot disclose her name, except that many of us know her as The Super Slut.

Anyway, back to The Cindy. That's how I got my 1st encounter with her. Then after the O' Camp, she came over to join my group for The Engineering Faculty Freshmen Orientation Week. (Its different from The Engineering Faculty Freshmen Orientation Camp, mind you) That's when I got to know her better.

I think we spend much of the initial part of friendship engaged in tele-conversations. Often into the wee hours of the morning, chatting about nothing in particular, many times talking until we fall asleep.
That is something I will never forget.

5 Things The Cindy Loves

1) The Cindy loves to swim.
2) The Cindy loves to wear bikinis.
3) The Cindy loves chocolates.
4) The Cindy loves Care bears and Smurfs.
5) The Cindy loves the rain.
6) The Cindy loves astromony and star gazing. *Added*

The Cindy is a very sweet girl (That's why so many guys like her). She is always there to receive my whining, especially so when I had just been rejected by the girls I like. She is one of the therapists I would think of whenever I am down. And she will always be there to support and comfort me.

Thanks babe.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I'm back

Hi guys,

Haven't been blogging for a while, cos was a bit affected by the comments on my last blog. Anyway, now, this is more of an annoucement that I will be blogging again.

So keep your eyes on me.

Had a rather dull weekend through the holidays.

Had to go back to work on Friday (most ppl I know dun!) and Sunday (YES! SUNDAY!) so its not really a long weekend for me.

Other than that, I occupied myself with the following:

1) Played 2 sessions of majhong (won $50 in all)
1st session won $140, 2nd session lost $90. Nuff said.

2) Met up with Jade for dinner and shopping (spent $100 in all)
Spend 2 times my earnings at the majhong table, which is a bit heart pain for me. But think she enjoy herself, so I can't complain.

3) Met up with my financial advisor to talk about my plans and policies.
She is the prettiest financial advisor I know, that why I buy all my policies from her.

4) Play guitar until the cow come home.
I have no cows so I pretty much play guitar all the time I'm at home.


But its pretty much back to work now and waiting for Christmas to come.

Christmas come quick... ...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

My fan club

On MC today. Totally bored. Think I am a very boring person. Why can't my life be more like sitcoms?
Actually, I should spend my life doing more important things, like improving myself, rather than playing computer games all day. My life is totally worthless.
Should stop whining and do something about it.
Think I'm getting my own fan club here. People are beginning to come and tell me what I should do, how to be happy, blah blah blah... Some want to meet up and see how I am, some tried to counsel me... etc. Anyways, appreciate all your efforts, but it will not be as easy as that. It took 26 years to become what I am now; you think you can change my world with a few nice sounding words?
I think not.
Anyway, thank you for your concern, and thank you for all that you have done (and will be doing), but I dun think anybody is ready to come down to my hell and bring me up from there. Mostly what I get are a few ropes dangling from the top asking me to grab on.
Thank God Jesus did a bit more than that.

All of us need a little fairy tale

Been trying to download the Hello program to put pictures in my blog. But my IE hangs everytime I try to download it

*curse and swear*

Oh well, I give up. My blog shall be without visual aids.

Any civil minded Singaporean would have been following the missing Huang Na episode for the past few weeks. Well, it is almost confirmed that the 9-year-old China girl has been killed when her decomposed body was found by the authorities. For all of us who have been anxiously following the news and praying for the safety and well being of the little girl, it is a sad and tragic ending. Most of us can only imagine how Mrs. Huang felt.

I was watching Finding Nemo on my computer when the news announced the discovery of the decomposed body. Cannot help but notice the contrast between the movies and real life. In the movie, all things work in Nemo's father's favour when he was trying to find his son back. As I watch the movie, I cannot help but to think that there is a God who is in control of the whole thing. God (otherwise known as The Director) brings all the things the father needs to find Nemo. He leads him to people who can help him and He makes sure that he is reunited with Nemo in the end. And at the end of the movie, both of them learnt valuable lessons in life and everybody lives happily ever after. Perfect ending.

Who will want to watch a movie that has a lousy ending?

Real life is a little less rainbows and butterflies than that. Mrs. Huang did not find her beloved daughter, except the body that is believed to be her. Where is the Almighty God when we needed Him most? If He is able to do all things, why doesn't He save her? Did He want the ending to be such? There are no simple answers to such difficult questions. And there should not be. The only thing we can be sure is that on this side of eternity, there will always be death, pain and suffering.

That is why all of us need little fairy tales, to remind us that there is something more than what we are seeing now, and someday the end will come. Tears will be wiped away. Laughter will fill the earth. Paradise will be restored again.