Saturday, November 20, 2004

blah blah blah

ME am SO SO SO HAPPY today!! The Cindy wrote a really really sweet and wonderful entry (<= EVERYBODY LOOK AT THIS!!) to me in her blogspot today. No doubt an effort to reciporcate my entry to her a few days ago, but nevertheless, a very sweet and wonderful effort. Head swelled so big I can't get out of my room today.


btw, forgot to add in that blog,

The Cindy loves astromony and star gazing.

OMG, how could I have left that out? Sorry about that babe.

I can't wait to watch The Incredibles. Heard is very good, but I can only get a date on monday evening. Hope nothing will go wrong. *fingers cross + toes cross*. Haven't watched any movies this week (which is a very long time in Guojun years), oh wait, I watched Taxi with 2 pretty ladies on monday. Very funny show but maybe not as good as the original French version.

FF is not available to meet up this week.

Really very broke this month.

Dear God, please let me win money at majhong soon!


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