Sunday, October 31, 2004

Mac Movies

Met FF for movie today. Its becoming a weekly affair. As usual, we meet 15 minutes before the movie, grab a Mac EVM + hot fudge sundae before hitting the cinema. I must say that these weekly movies are begining to have an adverse effect on the size of my tummy. Resolve to stop eating Mac's for movies. But then again, its hard to ignore that craving for a Double Cheeseburger.

A: "I feel like a Double Cheeseburger"

B: "What does a Double Cheeseburger feel like?"


Was suppose to watch The Grudge but thank God FF decided to watch it with someone else yesterday (I think that horror movies are... well... horrible). Watched Shark Tales this time round. Slightly disappointed I must say. Not that it is bad though, its just that I had higher expectations. Went into the cinema hoping to watch a 10/10 movie. Its funny and everything, the actors are great and I could practically see Will Smith's face on Oscar (the fish, not the awards). But too bad its a little too predictable. I think the trailer can tell the whole story.

I rate it 8.5/10


Blogger FF said...

On my tummy too:(. Can't see my feet anymore.

10:34 pm  

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