Thursday, October 21, 2004

Me, myself and I

I am the most self-centered, self serving, selfish person I know. I would like to think that I am a helpful person but I am not. I would like to think that I do things for the good of others but I do not. I would very much like to live my life for other people but I cannot.

Bryam Adams sings "Everything I do, I do it for you".

But everything I do, I do it for myself. There is no doubt about it. If I am honest enough, if I look into myself deep enough, all my behaviour, every one of my action, each of my motivation, everything boils down to me, Me, ME.


Everytime I set out to do something, I only do it for myself. When I do something to help others, it is also for my self-centered agenda. I help others out of my own convenience, I help others so that next time they will help me back, I help others so that they will like me. I do all the things that I do to gain satisfaction, recognition and reputation. For myself and only myself.

I have not done anything good for anybody. Even if I did, it was a by-product of my self-serving motives. I wish people good day so that they will wish me back. I sms-ed people to ask how they are, so that they can reply and ask me how I am. I call people up so that they will talk to me.

I go all out to help people so that they will buy me lunch... or dinner. (depending on the time of the day.)

To all the people who think that I am a nice guy, I am sorry to say that you are gravely mistaken. I am nothing more than a self-centered bastard, who does things only to please myself.

I live in the pits of my selfish nature, hiding in darkness, shunning from the Light.

God help me. (notice the “me” again)


Blogger シャロン said...

Another predictable but well written article.

Regardless of how you rate yourself, you are still a nice guy.

How manipulative and selfish can you get if you are willing to part with tens of thousands of dollars, knowing you prob will have a hard time getting it back, to help others? That is a lot of money used to buy friends!

If that is selfish, then I really dont know what unselfish.

Dont be so hard on yourself, friend!

2:29 pm  
Blogger Kissy Kat said...

Whoa. I always thought you were nice hor. Now i know you always have hidden motives. Despite your motives, AT LEAST YOU ARE NICE! I'm nasty to everybody! :)

11:48 pm  

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