Sunday, October 17, 2004

Much a-blog about nothing

I dun know how to use this thing!!!

How come my friends' blog got so many interesting things but mine can only put in words? How to put in pictures? How to link to my friends' blog? How to add comments and Speak Now? How to link music in my blog?

I am the only idiot I know who uses my own name in a blog.

Many have commented, within this blog or otherwise, that my blog has a lot of negativity. True enough. I put a lot of my negative thoughts in my blog. Otherwise I have no place for an outlet. Actually I not a very gloomy person to the people around me. Seldom do I carry the dark cloud of doom when I go out and meet my friends. That is why many of my friends are surprised that I have so much negativity in my life.

Welcome to my world. There is more to come... hang in there.

Went to church today. That's something to blog about. Have not gone to church since that time. Can't say that the service is bad, but can't say that its good either. Pastor preached about the goodness of singlehood. Bet a lot of people dun accept it fully, but most of them will just agree with the sermon.

"If Pastor preached it, it must be correct. I cannot say it out if I disagree with it. What will others think of me? Must pretend to agree that Pastor is correct, even when I'm dying to get attached and married!"

You get what I'm trying to say. Hypocrites. I see a lot of this type of people in church. Then there are the leaders who come and say "Dun agree never mind, just obey!"

Hmm... Think that's enough church bashing for now. Anyway there are nice people in church also, just that I have not met many.

Saw my name in Strawberry's blog today. Hee. Made my day.


Blogger シャロン said...

Hi Friend!

so i guess i'm not one of the hypocrites you mentioned coz i told you i didnt quite agree with what pastor said during svc? hee...

i dunno why you think you have to accept everything the pastor says. because i dont think pastors are infallible. it's always good to bounce thoughts off others (like what we did after svc over lunch!). i dont think that is wrong. in fact, even the bible says we should test the things (prophesies etc) others say. =) but i'm sure at the end of everything, like our parents, the intentions of our pastors and leaders are good, even if they come out the wrong way.

my leader once said, what is non-essential just let it pass. i think that is very true. if you dont think what pastor said applied to you, then just let it pass. =)

have a good day!

10:49 am  
Blogger FF said...

You need to know a bit of HTML to put links and other stuff here and there. Better still, email me what you want to put in and your password and i'll do it for you. you can change your password after that. Or we can have crash course on Wed. Pre-dinner HTML lessons. :)

6:24 pm  

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