Sunday, October 17, 2004

TGI Fridays

Actually today is Saturday... In fact, 8pm @ Saturday. But yesterday was so an interesting day for me I think I should take some time to blog it down.

First of all, I want to take a minute to thank the people who have been taking the trouble to read my blog. It showed how much you cared about little old me. Special thanks to Finicky Feline (how do you get this nick anyway?) and Strawberry who check on my blog daily to see if I have any new post. Also I know there are few others more who took the trouble to read my blog.

Thank you.

Anyway, back to my TGI Yesterday. Started my day with a 5km fast march. No a great distance but it really shacked me out. Haha. Think I'm getting old. This (Saturday) morning I woke up aching all over. My butt is definitely firmer after yesterday.

TGI Yesterday cos it's a pseudo mini spiritual revival day for me. Went to the Christian Fellowship meeting @ my camp during lunch time. Dun know why but something touched my heart there. I have been avoiding everything Christian since I stop going to church 6 months ago. Not that I stopped believing in God, but I got pretty sick and tired of some of the things I have been seeing in the Church. I know that nobody's perfect but often times, I felt that the Church is some what less humble than what God want us to be.

Actually, a part of me misses Church and the fellowship but then again, I really hate going back now. Everybody will be like "Welcome back! We missed you! How have you been?" and all that sh*t. A lot of noise but little sincerity. And I hate the idea of having to explain myself over and over and over and over again. Then there is the guilt trip they put you through cos you "caused them to worry".

Enough of that for now.

Had a wonderful movie and dinner date with a beautiful lady friend today. Never expect to catch New Police Story after so long. It's a good show. Jackie Chan has evolved. Think because he is older already, so there is less of the high energy action sequence. It is definitely obvious that he has mellowed. The plot's not too bad but my friend felt that it was a wee bit exaggerated. She enjoyed herself googling at Daniel Wu though

Next show to watch would be Sky Captain.


Blogger Handsel said...

i think you write well. You should update your blog more often. I feel you surface in your blog which is a good thing. The negativity is not though. I think sky Captain will be a good show to watch. I wannna watch 2046 too.

2:00 am  
Blogger FF said...

I didn't know you stopped going to church 6 months ago... Some churches are pretentious. It's sad that Christianity has evolved in such a way that their members have to stop and question the purpose of their religion.

I want to watch Sky Captain too! Next week oui? Call me.

5:04 pm  
Blogger Emily said...

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5:17 pm  

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