Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Good English?

Most people who know me and read my blog has this comment:

What I wrote in my blog is very different from what I portray myself to be in real life.

Meaning to say, if you read my blog before you know me, you will be very surprised at what you see when you meet me in person. The general consensus is that I write better than I speak. That would be very true. I do enjoy writing much more than I do speaking.

Speaking require confrontation. Writing does not. That's why I thrive under the power of the pen rather than of the tongue. I am very bad at confrontations, not being able to think on my feet. (Writing always sit down wan mah!) Though I have been working on this weakness of mine, I still need some time to fully overcome it. May it come to pass that one day I will speak as well as I write.


Not that I write very well though. I just like to play with words thats all. I know of friends who make my English look like Sesame Street standard. Wait until you see what they write in their school/ work, then you will know what is good English.

Which reminds me, in my blog yesterday, I wrote, "others retaliated in aggressive defense."

I am not very comfortable with that; I think "others retaliated in defensive aggression." sounds better.

There, I feel so much better now.

Anyway, check this out. This is what my good friend, CT wrote in the Acknowledgment part of her thesis:

"From the initial days of swatting in the dark, to the pseudo-enlightenment at the midpoint of the race, culminating in the frazzled tempers during the final splint towards completion, this thesis has been a labour of love for this author"

Is that not good English or what?


Blogger Handsel said...

ah, writing well does not mean using faciful big words. Its the ability to capture the reader and make him want to read on.

Your friend's comment has big words, but it took me a second read to understand what he was trying to convey. That is confusing.

Writing well should be easy to digest, being able to paint your story vividly.

9:12 pm  

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