Saturday, October 30, 2004

Meaningless Meaningless Meaningless

Work Work Work. Pressure, Late nights, Deadlines. Advancing in your career, Climbing up the corporate ladder. Storing Wealth and Possessions. Buying a lot of guitars. What will we gain at the end of the day? Will we not be reduced to ashes and dust 80 years down the road? Or even 30 years if we are not lucky.

Meaningless! Meaningless!! Everything is meaningless!!!

What does Man gain from all his labour which he toils under the sun? All things that he gains, he gains for his own pleasure, yet the pleasure is short lived. All things he gathers, he gathers for his fancy, yet his fancy will not last. (You only have to think of your latest handphone to know what I mean)

"In this world there are 2 tragedies. One is not getting what you want, and the other is getting it." - Oscar Wilde

Why do Man work so hard to build something that does not last? All his energy, all his effort, all his time goes to the advancement of his own pride. All that he has created, built, improved, is it not to feed his own pride? Yet pride is forever insatiable, always demanding for more. So what if we become the richest man on earth? The strongest? The most powerful? After that do we not still want a little more?

Why do Man chase after the wind? Spending his lifetime to pursue the certain something that eventually eludes him. Why do I - I! - work so hard for something that only provide temporal pleasure? A new toy (be it handphone, guitar or car) will only last that long. After that it no longer satisfy and I go in search of a new one. And so what if I get a toy that outlasts my lifespan? Do I get to enjoy it after I am dead? And to pass it to my descendent is to pass the dilemma to him. Do I want to teach him to value the temporal like I did?

Somebody help me out here.

Our purpose in life has become more and more self-centered. Everyday we go in search of things to entertain us. It is as if our ultimate meaning to life is to be entertained. If not, why then do we pay entertainers obscene amount of money, just so that they can give us that couple of hours on pleasure TV everyday? We pore over every word they say as though they are holy scripture; we study their lives as if their rich and famous lifestyles echo the melody of heaven; as if they are the gods of lives, we worship David Beckhem, Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue.

And lets not forget the Devil incarnation himself (or should I say herself) Paris Hilton.

Since when has Man worked for a little more love, joy and peace?

The meaning of the existence of the Human Race is, at best, a paradox. It's like we work so hard to create a better tomorrow, and yet we are conveniently destroying the planet. Ultimately, we do not know what we want, and our stubborn efforts only serves to hasten our paths to our Armageddic destruction.

I think I'd make a good Doomsday Prophet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your questions sounds quite ecclesiates.. i believe you already know the answers to them.. anyhow, pray that God will lift your spirits. have a good day, hope to see u soon.=)
Sze Shan

8:10 am  

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